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Update #7

Status Update

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to give y'all a little status update.  The download is now fixed, for anyone who's been having trouble -- I shuffled files around a few days ago on the server and forgot to repost the link.  Cody has done up a bunch of nice models for the game, and I've been working on getting the engine to render 'em correctly...  Right now the poor little dorf is quite discombobulated... =/

Still hoping to get a new Alpha for Monday the 29th -- but in the meantime, here are a few of the models to check out.

Also, to those who have wondered about the TGA format for textures -- the file has to be uncompressed, and use the top left corner as the origin.  I usually use Gimp to do 'em, and that gives the option...


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    1. Tshirt.small

      Creator Thomas McNeill on August 29, 2011

      On holiday, but determined to get the new build!

    2. Mylo1930.small

      Creator Bob Newbury on August 26, 2011


    3. Missing_small

      Creator TheAlpha31 on August 25, 2011


    4. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Josh Curran on August 23, 2011

      awesome. Don't stress the alphas too much as long as you post updates I've got no problem waiting :D

    5. Ocoee3.small

      Creator Marc on August 23, 2011

      Beautiful models! Looking forward to the next alpha release.

    6. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Gomisan on August 22, 2011

      Fantastic! and now I have news for the Wiki :)

    7. Missing_small

      Creator Gabrielle Wuollet on August 22, 2011

      Very nice. Can't wait to see them in action.

    8. Uliwhy.small

      Creator Uli Troyo on August 22, 2011


    9. 15711_373062128861_572283861_3811363_5102756_n.small

      Creator Berin on August 22, 2011

      looks great man, looking forward to trying the next alpha!

    10. Bensutton.small

      Creator BenSutton on August 22, 2011

      Looks fantastic, I really like the style you've chosen.

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Patrick on August 22, 2011

      Just wondering when/if a mac version will be available. Guess I was naive to assume it would exist off the bat. Perhaps it should be written somewhere that it is PC only for now?

      Great concept, I'm eagerly awaiting a version I can try!

    12. Clown.small

      Creator Jacob Marsengo on August 22, 2011

      Can't wait for the new update!

    13. Epicnyancat.small

      Creator Matt Steinhauer on August 22, 2011

      Looks amazing! Cant wait!

    14. Wallpaper_12035.small

      Creator Katie Heysmond on August 22, 2011

      Looks amazing!!!

    15. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ben Bharier on August 22, 2011

      So awesome. Love the art style!

    16. Img_0143.small

      Creator P99 - Aziza - Blue on August 22, 2011

      Lookin' good. =)

    17. Missing_small

      Creator keetz on August 22, 2011


    18. Missing_small

      Creator Jonathan Winstead on August 22, 2011

      Awesome! If you can get torches or saving into the next build, I'll be happy :D

    19. Missing_small

      Creator Alexander Huang on August 22, 2011

      There's shields!? :O
      And nice looking items! Good Job!

    20. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Dylan Robinson on August 22, 2011

      Lookin' pretty snazzy.

    21. Roboroo-icon.small

      Creator Roghroo on August 22, 2011

      brilliant work there!

    22. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Tobiasz Usewicz on August 22, 2011

      Really nice :) I like the comic style and shapes.

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