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Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
1,547 backers pledged $22,853 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rhettorical on

      Would be nice to get my money back from a dead project that never delivered but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

    2. Noah Wilson on

      I am backer #1.240 and have not received my reward. Please refund.
      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    3. Limey on

      As Carl said, another year another check-up. Can I have my money back??

    4. Carl Nelson on

      hello from 2018.

    5. Carl Nelson on

      another year, another check-up... and nothing changes.
      I've backed someone who delivered less in this amount of time but has been far more responsive and transparent, this man is neither. "I have kids" is not a reason to disappear, it's a reason to slow down, not disappear. if he had any decency he would refund people, and when he was ready to actually put in the time to finish this project, he would do a patreon or something that requires more punctual rewards and transparency, but this project was handled absolutely abysmally.

    6. Rhettorical on

      The worst $50 I've ever invested. Shame on me for expecting a result in a reasonable amount of time. My only excuse is that this was one of the first failed Minecraft-inspired games to get publicity, and Notch himself backed it. Though I guess to him, it's like giving a buck to a homeless man. Sure, he'll probably just take your money and do nothing with it, but it's just a buck.

    7. Stoned Xander on

      Well ... nothing changed since my last post, a while ago. 100 bucks backer. I guess this could happen.

    8. Carl Nelson on

      aaron's Forum Info
      Joined: 09-14-2011
      Last Visit: 04-25-2016 10:43 PM

      Hasn't visited his own forum in 4 months.

      His last POST was :
      Thread: Uberdark Alpha 0.53 Comments
      Post: RE: Uberdark Alpha 0.53 Comments
      Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much lately -- but my little girl decided to come 2 weeks early, and I've been busy changing diapers... Taking a little adjustment [attachment=155]

      08-19-2015, 10:45 PM

      Which is in 2 short weeks a full year ago
      i'd call that dead.

      Better luck next time guys.

    9. Limey on

      I hope this game is worth the wait!!

    10. Carl Nelson on

      5 years and still in alpha.

    11. Limey on


    12. Evan Northrup on

      I am finally happy with the progress of this project. Latest version is actually a functioning game. Everyone needs to try it.

    13. Carl Nelson on

      "up and working at 3am" isn't an update. i can write that every day till i die but it doesn't mean i'm being transparent with how work is going, and backers ONLY updates are what we should get if we aren't going to get a game :/

    14. Limey on

      Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd waiting.

    15. Missing avatar

      Berend on

      Enjoy the money Aaron, thanks for the great game..... *cough*

    16. Carl Nelson on

      865 weekdays. that is the total number of time this project has been worked on. and we don't even have a working beta. I can't even imagine what the 500$ backer is thinking, because that dedication is never going to be seen.

    17. Stoned Xander on

      Payed 100$. Never received anything. ANYTHING.
      I call it a big scam.

    18. Carl Nelson on

      after 3 years you would think this would leave beta....

    19. Limey on

      "been in development for a while" is an absolute understatement. The time it takes each update to eventually come out is atrocious, and with each update very little if any progress has been made.

    20. Koriar on

      Just to make sure people see it here, since they can see the post against it. Aaron responded to the thread that Carl linked to below with this:

      Hi everybody, and thanks for bringing this to my attention. For the record, I (Aaron Bishop) have had no hand in writing "Earth: Year 2066" -- the games I've built are Egoboo, SoulFu, and now Uberdark (I like that ooo sound). Now, there could be another person out there named Aaron Bishop (it's not too uncommon of a name).

      As for folks thinking Uberdark is a scam -- I can see where that comes from (since it has been in development for a while), but I'm still committed to providing the best game I can. SoulFu was actually in development for about 5 years -- and went through several complete rewrites before I was satisfied with it (at one point it was voxel-based).

      I'll also admit to making several mistakes with Uberdark -- one is using C as the development language (since it's cumbersome at best). Another is doing a full rewrite (I like where it's going, but the effort would have been better spent on other things). Another is not choosing Android as the platform. But it's coming along...

    21. Carl Nelson on

      Apparently there's a "rumor" going around that Aaron made another game called "Earth: Year 2066" and is scamming people and editing and deleting comments. We aren't sure if it IS Aaron...yet. but someone is scamming people and they used the name Aaron bishop. This is all over the internet and was posted to Aaron's own site at… If for some reason this link goes to nothing or has been edited that's a dead giveaway that he IS the same person. Just a public service announcement.

    22. Northspot on

      I've written this off as "Dead", so these updates are pleasant surprises. The latest version runs fine on the multiple machines I've tried it on, none of which are a power-horse. I'd be nice if there was a fly mode for faster exploration at this stage.

      I agree with the comment that it might to be late for this to get to any significant profit margin, also that $22k is not nearly enough to bring something like this to market, without a serious amount of passion from those involved...Anyone with the skills required to do this could make over $22k in 3 months at a corporate Dev job cranking out crap way easier to develop than this.

      I'd honestly be happy if Aaron simply allowed non commerical use of this Voxel engine, I'd like to play around with it on my world generators.

    23. Ryan Williams on

      @Evan Sounds like the issues you're experiencing might be related to your machine, not the update. Even on my work laptop (which is relatively low-spec*) it runs relatively well, and I've not experienced any crashes so far.

      *FYI: Intel Core i7-2670QM @ 2.20 GHz, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GT 525M

    24. Evan Northrup on

      New update does nothing but crash.... from what I have seen before the crash looks decent. but still not happy with this games progress.

    25. Zach Durtschi on

      Believe it or not, he's been keeping to his word of posting to the forums every Saturday, and it's sounding like another build is coming soonish. Still, it's not feeling like there's much hope of it being released before it stops having a chance in the market anyway. :/

    26. Limey on

      Thought I was the only one still checking on this. So excited for this game.

    27. Ryan Williams on

      @Steve $20k is wayy over minimum wage. That's hardly a legitimate excuse.

      I'd say a more likely excuse is the rendering system undergoing a complete overhaul starting with Alpha 45. Almost like going back and starting completely over.

    28. Steve (Smoth) Smith on

      Lol dead project is dead. That is how it goes, you take a chance and sometimes you lose. You should have seen this coming when the guy was going to make less than minimum wage off the project goal

    29. Limey on

      Hahaha, Evan. Poor Evan.
      When is this game ready?

    30. Evan Northrup on

      @Carl Oh yeah... this game has never gone any further than the initial alpha release Aaron gave us at funding goal. Every time I see the shirt I got in the mail I think of how excited I was for this game and remember that this game came to a complete halt and probably wont ever go anywhere.

    31. Carl Nelson on

      @evan that's because it's bee over 2 years

    32. Evan Northrup on

      Feels like its been over a year since this game has gone anywhere...

    33. Missing avatar

      kroxic on

      Well this was a big joke. Glad we paid for your wedding.

    34. Limey on

      Give StarForge a look - it's cheaper like this and is 500 times better.

    35. Carl Nelson on

      the good news is he HAS to keep working on the project and ultimately finish it, because it's in kickstarters requirements that if he can't fulfill the rewards we pledged for he has to give our money back. see:

      Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Give me my money back. What was the contributed money for if not to buy your time? You weren't supposed to work on this project just whenever you felt like it. Now it's been 2 years and you just released a build that's a near restart with tech demo functionality? Are you serious? You should feel bad for not taking this seriously. If you want to do the right thing and contact me to arrange a refund.. then feel free.

    37. Evan Northrup on

      Little less than 9 weeks and this project will be 2 years old... I had hoped my $50 would have gone a little further than this by now.

    38. Joel Metivier on

      Maybe I should make a Kickstarter and scam $23,000 from people I don't know. Seems like a good way to make money.

    39. Carl Nelson on

      it's no surprise it's taking so long, "Will be spending another full day on it this week though." he says that as if it's a lot of time, and well considering he most definitely ran out of money ages ago, he must not have actually planned out how long this would take. at this point even if he gives us another alpha, that's 8 months between them! and we aren't even in beta, so by the time this game is DONE (if ever) i wonder who will be president?

    40. Missing avatar

      Tyler Duncan on

      Well everyone, we got scammed. no game, no updates. well, there are supposed talk of updates, but nothing to show of gameplay. i no longer care about this game, i just want this guy to never be allowed to screw over people again.

    41. Limey on

      Annnnd... nothing.

    42. MauserPT7 on

      You guys do realise they didn't give up on the project they just moved discussion to the forum.…

    43. Missing avatar

      David on

      What a joke of a project.

    44. Carl Nelson on

      i have lost all faith in this project, another kickstarter i donated 100$ to raised 50k and that will only last them 5 months. so i don't know how this 20k could possibly last him almost 2 years...

    45. Carl Nelson on

      also while that link is pretty. there is no way i can think of that what he promised us could possible jump to that.

    46. Carl Nelson on

      @wurzelmann do you mean funded?

    47. Missing avatar

      Wurzelmann on

      I founded Uberdark hoping for something like this:

      The project definitely deserves more attention!

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