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Set sail to stop a sequel to the greatest war the world has ever seen in this 16-bit era, console style RPG by the makers of Ara Fell.
Set sail to stop a sequel to the greatest war the world has ever seen in this 16-bit era, console style RPG by the makers of Ara Fell.
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We did it! Here are some stretch goals, finally!

Posted by Stegosoft Games (Creator)

First of all, thank you all so much. Like I've said a few times now, I was not expecting this thing to get funded at all, let alone pull it off with more than a week to spare. So much awesome stuff gets ignored that it was hard not to feel pretty terrified of all this.

But we did it, and I couldn't be more grateful.

In a few minutes, I'll be updating the main campaign itself with info on stretch goals, but I'll be posting the info here too!

And let me acknowledge again that I have been talked into doing this. I hadn't intended to because there wasn't anything I felt we needed stretch goals for, but also because the few things I thought could warrant it were things we were doing anyway. That's still true, but it's spelled out explicitly below. This is, I hope, the most honest and open way of going about this.

Stretch Goal 1: Nintendo Switch Port - $12500

So, as I said, this is something we're definitely going to do anyway. But development gear is pricey. This won't cover the full cost (probably) but it'll make sure we can get most of the stuff we know we're going to need.

I don't recall what I'm allowed to talk about given the NDA we signed with Nintendo, but I will say Stegosoft Games has already been approved for Nintendo development, and all we need is the gear!

Incidentally, we'd also like to port to the handheld systems, but we're not yet sure if this is feasible... I'd add it as a stretch goal, but I'm not sure if this is going to be a funding issue or just a development issue.

Stretch Goal 2: Custom Soundtrack - $15000

We've found a wonderful composer to work with; Jacob McNatt. He's got a great idea of how we want to do the soundtrack and is currently working on replacing some of the pieces we planned to license from AudioJungle with original music.

At this funding level, we'll be able to have more of these pieces replaced. However, I do love the soundtrack I've put together from AudioJungle, and I'd rather the music that I think works best than using an original piece simply because it's original. We'll attempt to convert most of the soundtrack here, but we'll ultimately go with what we think works best for the game.

Stretch Goal 3: Tileset Replacement Project - $17500

So, some of you might have noticed that Rise of the Third Power is largely made with free-to-use tilesets called REFMAP from First Seed Material (or is it First Seed Material from REFMAP..?)

These graphics are what Ara Fell was mostly made from, with lots of custom edits and additions. The same is true of Rise of the Third Power, though our current goal is to not have anything that appeared in AF to also appear in R3P. That's a lot of stuff to replace, but it's doable.

With an extra $5000, we can replace most (maybe all?) of First Seed Material with custom but still essentially matching tilesets. You can see some of our work below!

This isn't quite finished yet; for example, you can see the sparkle effect on the ocean doesn't look right, and some of the windows on the new buildings don't quite match. The more funding we have, the more we can replace. At this funding level, we'll endeavor to replace all of it. But let me make it clear that I won't promise to replace all of it... that's a huge undertaking, and creates a lot of overhead. But I do promise to try.

Old stuff is on the left, new stuff is on the right!
Old stuff is on the left, new stuff is on the right!

 As always, feel welcome to leave any thoughts, comments or questions!

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    1. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Thanks Neil, glad you feel that way! There is just soooo much PR and "truthiness" out there... Nevermind it just feeling like the right way to be about this, but I also was hoping people would appreciate the more human-sounding, down-to-earth approach...

    2. Missing avatar

      Neil Chatterjee on

      Congrats on being funded! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you :)

      Also, I have to say it’s refreshing to see a dev be brutally honest with his views and expectations rather than try to make things more “happy” than they actually are.