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Set sail to stop a sequel to the greatest war the world has ever seen in this 16-bit era, console style RPG by the makers of Ara Fell.
Set sail to stop a sequel to the greatest war the world has ever seen in this 16-bit era, console style RPG by the makers of Ara Fell.
Set sail to stop a sequel to the greatest war the world has ever seen in this 16-bit era, console style RPG by the makers of Ara Fell.
432 backers pledged $14,166 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Stegosoft Games Creator 2 days ago

      No worries! Hi again!

      We're planning to release it for $10.

    2. Missing avatar

      Level 1 Bidoof 2 days ago

      Hey! Glad to hear about the progress on the game. (Sorry, it's been a busy month for me.) Quick question though: What price do you plan to release Ara Fell on the Switch? Just good to know so I can put money aside, you know?

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Atkins on

      Thank you. I love hearing about progress.

    4. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Hey Chris! yes, I actually had this mostly written early in the month, but wanted to make some changes and got side-tracked... I'll have this update up by the end of the month, though!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Atkins on

      Any new updates?

    6. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Thank you everyone :D

    7. Missing avatar

      theloathable on

      f***n' WOOOT! Sincerely, though. Congratulations. You deserve this.

    8. Joshua Workman


    9. Missing avatar

      Tcruz121 on

      Congratulations on getting this funded! I can't wait to see what you all will do with the project as it develops. I assume that you all will email us whenever the time is right to get the information you need on the higher tier rewards. But anyway enough about that, it's your all's day of celebration Congrats!

    10. Blind|Mind on

      Congrats, Stegosoft!! Seeing this game evolve all the way from its humble origins has been truly inspiring.

    11. Ralph Conte on

      Congrats on the successful kickstart!

    12. Shane Butler on

      Down to the final day! Exciting :-)

    13. Frederick on

      @Stegosoft Games
      I'm sure you just made everyone who backed hoping for a Switch port really excited with your last comment.

      I know the Kickstarter is nearly complete but have you thought about posting an update or a revision to the campaign page confirming Switch keys? Might bring more backers :)

    14. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Thanks Meghan and Timothy!

      We finally heard back from Nintendo, and it looks like I do have to buy Switch keys to distribute, but they're deeply discounted when I do that, so my plan is to send out Steam keys when the game releases, and then post an update asking who would like a Switch key and send them out as well.

    15. Missing avatar

      Meghan Miller on

      Late backer as well, but I'm in the same boat as Chris. I'd love to have a copy for my Switch, rather than Steam, since I play on my Switch more than I do my computer. And I would be willing to pay $5-10 more if necessary. Either way, this game looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to play it!

    16. Timothy L McMahon on

      Another late backer here but I am really looking forward to seeing Rise of the Third Power come to Fruition alongside Ara Fell which I also have. I want to also congratulate you Stegosoft on a successful Kickstarter. I hope it reaches close if not to 20,000 dollars for you before the time is up for your kickstarter.

    17. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Thanks Chris! We'll try! Still no promises, but assuming there's nothing preventing us from doing that, we'll try to oblige.

    18. Chris Z.

      Late backer here. Just saying that i want the Switch key and would pay more for a Switch key if it came down to helping to cover your additional cost to purchase, etc. If presented as a choice, I'd pay 5-10 more ;)

    19. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Aww, thank you Szász! :D

    20. Missing avatar

      Szász Gábor on

      I'm pretty excited to see the final product. I've tinkered and played with RPG Maker games ever since I was a kid. It always feels so nostalgic whenever I replay one of my old favorites (though many of them were Hungarian games). Back then I met Ara Fell, an ambitious and beautiful game. I especially liked it for being made with RM2K3, which is still my favorite graphics/design-wise. I know the newer ones often have more possibilities, and some of the XP ones can be quite pretty, but they still can't beat the old school feel of RM2K and RM2K3.
      Unfortunately, the game wasn't finished, and seemed to have gone on a hiatus :( But then, in the summer of 2016 I came across it on steam, and I can't express in words how surprised and happy I was :D I loved it very much, so I can't wait to see how R3P will turn out :) Good luck to you, and don't feel pressured :P Do it at your own pace.

    21. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Fair enough! I'll definitely look into that Skyler.

    22. Missing avatar

      Skyler Campa on

      I would support a patreon for this game. That would also save on the next projects you guys do, as well. Just if you do it make sure you mention that the funds will go towards r3p first, then when that stops making sense you'll put it into the next thing. Otherwise you'll run into a TINY METAL/Project Phoenix situation and people will be all "Where's the money?!"

    23. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Thanks Zachary! Hopefully I'm not being too skittish here, but I do want to stress that we are for sure going to release on Steam and probably going to release on Switch. Again, I don't see what would be stopping us, and Joey (programmer) has assured me the only thing that might prevent it is approval from Nintendo and we see no reason why they wouldn't...

      Anyway, as long as Switch backers understand that and are comfortable with it... T_T

    24. Zachary Holzgen on

      Just backed and cant wait to see this in action, good thing i went with the ara fell backer so i got something to play in the mean time but i love this battle system you guys got in the works. The idea of every character being relevant and part of the action is so needed in these type of story based action adventures, not to mention its got that chrono trigger feel i love! Looking forward to this game, for switch of course :p

    25. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Yeah, and even then, I'm not sure it's feasible... We've been looking into it, but we don't have any good answers yet.

    26. Shane Butler on

      Multiple languages feels like a high stretch goal type thing, since there's a clear cost, and it can be considered optional. You'd probably need to hit like $20k or something, though.

    27. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      @Shane Yeah! We just hit it!

      @derL3r0y We'd like to do this, but don't have plans for it right now. The game is made in RPG Maker 2003 then ported to Unity, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to export/import the script. That means the only way to do this that I know of would be to have a translator actually comb through the game and translate everything event by event.

    28. Missing avatar

      derL3r0y on

      Will there be more languages?

    29. Shane Butler on

      We're just about to hit the first stretch goal, and still 3 days to go. The last few days of the campaign usually see a big spike in pledges, so it's certainly possible to hit the second stretch goal. A custom soundtrack would be epic!

    30. Shane Butler on

      Well, @greenjf, you could always support MY Patreon, I'm one of the artists for R3P. Just saying ;-)

    31. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Hi Yeoryios!

      It really is RPG Maker 2003! We've developed a tool to port Rm2k3 projects to Unity (which we've creatively named RM2k3->Unity for now :V)

      This isn't completely finished, but the basic necessities to get a Switch port working are fully functional!

    32. Missing avatar

      Yeoryios Pantazis on

      Is this really an RPG Maker 2003 game?

      I'm so curious -- how do you plan on putting it on Switch? (Which would be awesome, but I thought RPG Maker games couldn't go on Switch!)

    33. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      I dunno, it feels kinda wrong somehow to be both selling a product and having a Patreon for a company... Like, I don't know, feels like that should be for content creators who don't have a good way to get paid from their work (since ad revenue is kinda meh at best). Maybe I'll look into it anyway, though. I'm always very squeamish about stuff like that, but like with my concern over stretch goals, maybe I'm just being a little too touchy about it?

    34. Missing avatar

      greenjf on

      Have yall thought of creating a Patron Account? I support a few indi companies there. Its a nice way to bring in a little extra funds each month, and hand out little digital rewards.

    35. Ralph Conte on

      Sounds great! Thanks for the info.
      Totally excited to play this game!

    36. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Hey Ralph!

      I'll answer you here too for others who might have that question!

      1) You'll get Ara Fell as soon as the campaign ends and Kickstarter confirms the payment.

      2) I don't know how Switch keys work, but assuming they are like Steam and I'm allowed to give as many as I like to whomever I like, I'll be happy to give a Switch copy to any Tier 2 or higher backer that asks for it.

    37. Ralph Conte on

      Hello, HanShotFirst from Steam, here. Not sure if this is the best way to contact you here (new to Kickstarter and can't find a direct message option).

      I'll just repost my comment from there for ease:
      With the key I'll get for R3P, will that be compatible with/will I also get a key for the eventual Switch port? Or will I have to purchase that as well?
      Also, for clarity, will I be getting the Ara Fell key once the kickstarter closes this month, or when R3P drops? Playing the demo currently and it's great!

    38. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      At any rate, if it comes down to it and the only thing keeping you from enjoying the game ends up being DRM, I'll just send you a DRM free copy myself, Brian!

    39. Brian Pittman LoGiudice

      The disagree about promoting piracy because if you look even at steam games people make cracks and patches for them to run without the need of the steam engine. I dont want to pay for a game and then get an unauthorized waking the legal line from one of these groups.

    40. Rezilia on

      I for one am against DRM free versions - they promote piracy; physical copies also promote it, but their main problem is that they cost more than they earn when a game already has a digital release.

    41. Brian Pittman LoGiudice

      I agree with the other guy as far as Steam being a parasite to me. Any chance of a DRM free version or paying more and getting a physical copy?

    42. Rezilia on

      For those asking for a play-by-play about the development, remember that R3P already has a Steam page and discussions.

      Let's aim for the stretch goals! Woooo!

    43. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      @Thomas I hope so! But I haven't looked into what that will take just yet, or how viable games like this are to Xbox customers. But assuming there's nothing major standing in the way, we plan to try.

    44. Thomas McGarry on

      Will there be a xbox release ?

    45. Shane Butler on

      Woohoo! Goal reached! Let's hope those stretch goals come soon, so newcomers have a reason to back :-D

    46. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Aw, thanks! Hear that everyone? ARA FELL > SKYRIM, GET OVER IT

    47. Missing avatar

      reichter on

      Just learned about this and pledged immediately. I haven't 'pre-ordered' (a preorder and then some . . .) a game since I was disappointed by Skyrim almost 7 years ago, so just goes to show how much I love your guys' work with Ara Fell. Just $100 to go -- looking forward to updates and getting to help with beta testing :)

    48. Missing avatar

      theloathable on

      I just assumed stretch goals were the stretch goal.

    49. Stegosoft Games Creator on

      Well, there's still 11 days to go! I was just in the middle of writing our first stretch goal update, incidentally.

    50. Missing avatar

      Daniel Miller

      yea but kind of pathetic, you had no stretch goals you could of made 2x as much money or got more from other backers if you had them.

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