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SEND THE SAUNA TO NEPAL!!!!'s video poster

I have been invited to represent the U.S. in Nepal at the Kathmandu International Art Festival and I need your support! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 22, 2012.

I have been invited to represent the U.S. in Nepal at the Kathmandu International Art Festival and I need your support!

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GREAT NEWS!!! I have been selected as one of the artists to represent the U.S. in the 2012 Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF) EARTH | BODY | MIND! The mission for this year's event is "to educate and make people aware about concerns related to climate change and its impact on human beings and nature. Using art as a tool for social change, the festival hopes to examine how artists view climate change issues and offer innovative approaches to unite and inspire society." I must admit, I am incredibly flattered to be invited to this event.

THE RUB: The Siddhartha Foundation wishes for me to travel to Nepal and build my sculpture Portable Sauna but cannot fund transportation for participation. 

I will be in Hungary on a Fulbright Scholarship (which I am so excited about!!!) and am looking to harness the powers of Kickstarter to make it to Kathmandu in November in order to build my sculpture! Seriously, how often are you invited to Nepal??? 

Now to tell you a little bit about my art and how it fits into all of this madness... I create sculptures, site-specific installation art, and performances in an effort to socially engage the communities I encounter. Portable Sauna draws inspiration  from my experiences in Finland and the social situations created by the sauna. In many cultures the sauna becomes the location for social exchange and a meeting place for a range of matters. I am interested in understanding this role deeper. During the exhibition in Nepal the viewer/participant will be able to enter the sauna and listen to a conversation between a Finnish couple discussing personal accounts, memories, and traditions revolving around space and environment.

My goal for Portable Sauna is to install it in as many locations, cultures, and environments  as possible in order to engage the largest amount of people inside and outside of the traditional white cube. YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT will allow me to continue my project (Portable Sauna) in lands never before imagined! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


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