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An open source tool for hobbyists & professional makers

We are a group of technicians and engineers with the dream of making life easier for all the hobbyists and professional makers! For this reason we decided to create an open source electronic board that allows anyone to create automation and remote controls at low cost and in a short time.

OpenduinoGSM Board
OpenduinoGSM Board

With OpenduinoGSM you have the option of using the Arduino development environment, so anyone, even those who are unfamiliar electronics and circuits, can try to realize the automation they want by writing simple code in C ++ or by using one of the many open source projects published and modifying it according to their needs.

The steps to make a control and/or a wireless automation are few and simple:

1)  It starts from the sample code in C ++, the libraries supplied with the system and the development environment (that works both cross platform on the PC and stand-alone without installation)

2)  You can modify instructions or create new ones by modifying existing ones.

3)  You compile the listing and, if the compilation is successful, the firmware is downloaded directly to the OpenduinoGSM board via USB. At this point you have to test the board.

Not only as a hobby

We also thought about the professionals who see the limitations in programming a 8-Bit in C ++ or in using the bootloader without having a professional debugging platform. Through the JTAG interface of OpenduinoGSM you can connect the Atmel emulator and interface with AVR Studio, this allows you to have a complete development system both for programming in assembler and/or C and performing an extensive debugging with breakpoints and trace.

Technical specifications

* Power supply: 3 versions available (5Vdc - 9-30Vdc - Universal ACmain 90 - 240Vac)

* GSM / GPRS module integrated including antenna

* 1 output relay 1A

* 2 open collector outputs (500mA)

* 2 digital inputs

* 1 USB interface that emulates a COM port that is accessed via any serial monitor pragram like Hyperterminal, Putty or the serial monitor built-in the Arduino IDE.

* 1 RS485 interface

Circuit Layout
Circuit Layout
Circuit Board Layout
Circuit Board Layout

OpenduinoGSM and its applications are Open Source. The final versions of the circuit diagram, parts list and source code of the applications completed ​​by us will be made available under license CC BY-SA 3.0

Possible applications

The uses are limitless : for example you can program the relay to activate together with the two open collector outputs and with these, control the courtesy lights timer; you can control the different outputs with different messages; you can receive an SMS alarm in case of tampering with a device;  you can receive a confirmation message and the execution of the requested command; you can insert and delete telephone numbers allowed to operate by sending a simple SMS.

You can turn on the boilerheater of your house in the mountains while you are still on the road and then find a warm house on arrival; you can receive, by connecting a temperature sensor, a text message if the temperature of your refrigerator becomes too high or too low if you want.

In addition, thanks to the GSM / GPRS library, you have an embedded web server that can interact with the web by using the TCP / IP stack. You can use the simple GET method to send data or you can take advantage of some features such as sending emails or streaming. The satellite tracking will be also possible ( currently by interfacing an external satellite receiver, in a possible future implementation, by using a GSM / GPRS module that also includes the GPS )

OpendunoGSM can also be considered an SMS gateway that will send to the serial port of your PC the text and the phone number of text messages received so that you can process or integrate them into your database. The fields of application are truly endless.

In short, the only limit is your imagination!

OpenduinoGSM Board
OpenduinoGSM Board

OpenduinoGSM_opengate : GSM opengate

The first application that we have implemented with Openduino GSM is a GSM gate opener.

If installed in an automated gate, when it receives a call from one of the numbers in the SIM phonebook, the relay closes the contact for 3 seconds, simulating the pressure of the button that controls the opening of the gate       ( this is completely free because, after receiving the call, the device only reads the caller and hangs up without answering thus avoiding consuming phone units). A simple idea that, relying on the fact that no one goes around without a mobile phone, it avoids the purchase and management of many (in the case of condominiums and residences) uncomfortable and bulky remote controls.

The source code for the basic function is available to all and, if you want to have fun, you can modify it to fit your needs by entering new features for numerous other types of automation.

Circuit Board Housing
Circuit Board Housing

Long Term Project Goal / Fully customizable and Open Source

We would like to continue to build this device so that it can be made even ​​more efficient and versatile by adding new peripherals and new features while also developing software libraries to make it a reference point in remote automation.
There is enormous potential in the development of GPRS libraries to integrate into the system in a wider vision of remote controlled management through special apps for smartphones that would make the system more intuitive and easy to use.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The prototype has already been built and it’s been working perfectly for some time (the resister added to the top was our only hiccup in hardware design, but it was promptly resolved in the prototype stage).
We have therefore the certainty that the product is reliable and robust. Now we want to make it available to all, open source at a low cost, the only way to do that is to start a large-scale production.


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