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A dynamic exhibition exploring the work of the creative genius behind the Muppets, and his unique contributions to popular culture
A dynamic exhibition exploring the work of the creative genius behind the Muppets, and his unique contributions to popular culture
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    1. Cindy Price on

      I plan to visit the museum next weekend, but I never received information about how to claim my exhibit or screening ticket.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jacquelyn Fowler on

      Just go my tee shirt, well worth the wait. It is so very soft ,printing well done. As for the candy bar will save that for sometime special. Was happy to give money to this cause, hope to get out there some day to see them.
      To others waiting be patient, it is worth it.

    3. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Elphick on

      was any thought put it to how postponing the shipping for heat would backfire on anyone in Australia as ours will sit in the early summer late spring heat?

    4. Joseph Porsella on

      So October's almost over and I still haven't received anything, or even an email about anything being shipped. Any updates?

    5. Museum of the Moving Image Creator on

      Hello from MoMI,

      Since there are a few questions related to the shipment of rewards, we wanted to remind all our lovely backers that all items that come with a MAST chocolate won't be shipped until October, to avoid any heat issues. Everything else has already been shipped!
      Thank you for your understanding and patience with us.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joann Lutje on

      Hi, checking in like most of the other comments, just curious on an update for the shipment of my reward. Thanks!

    7. Joseph Porsella on

      Also would like to know if rewards have shipped. If they haven't yet, is it too late to update the address? I'm moving very soon and at this point if it hasn't shipped I will likely no longer be at the address on file.

    8. Enfys Dickinson on

      Hello, just checking in, not received my kickstarter rewards yet so just wanted to check that they've simply not been sent out yet rather than been lost etc... let me know, thanks x

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Bellocchio on

      Hi, I know I'm very late to this now, but has anyone else still not received their kickstarter gift? I backed for a MAST brother chocolate bar and tee shirt, at the event on the kickstarter day was told it would be mailed out, and still have not received anything. Just curious is there is a backlog on this?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jillian Delano on

      I didn't receive a confirmation regarding the reception and what it entails. Is that somewhere for me to read? Thank you.

    11. Suzie Sims-fletcher on

      Hey there.

      I have sent several emails (impatiently - not your fault) regarding the fiesta on Friday and the two other reservations (screening and exhibition). I believe all sorts of nonsense is going to my spam / promotions -but GAAHHHH! I RSVPed to Friday and seem to have no reply.
      Also - I cannot seem to register for the other two "perks" - please help me - I am alllllllll eager and ready to celebrate!

    12. Museum of the Moving Image Creator on

      Vincent, to answer your question (feel free to message such question directly to us), it is as festive as you want it to me! It is not a formal affair, and we leave it open to everyone to dress as they feel comfortable with. It will be a very warm day.

    13. Missing avatar

      Vincent Vigorita on

      Could someone please elaborate on the dress code for the reception? How festive is festive attire?

    14. Missing avatar

      Lily Meyer on

      Hi MoMI crew! Congratulations on such a successful Kickstarter and an awesome project. I received my perk and I'm so delighted. Meanwhile, since I changed my perk at one point during the campaign, it looks like I'm no longer on the list for an invitation to the opening event. I'd love to be there, though - can I still attend? Thanks again!

    15. Missing avatar

      Stacia Humby on

      I updated my contact email address for the reception invitation, but it went to my old (overloaded) address instead so I didn't see it until now. Am I still able to rsvp for the kickstarter reception?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Phillips on

      Hello, I did not receive information on the reception. I would love to be there. - Jonathan

    17. Andrea Desiderio on

      Hi MoMI, I also just messaged you that i did not receive the invitation email for the opening reception and festivities. thank you so much. I'm so excited for the exhibition.

    18. Jason Walker on

      I've just sent a direct message about an issue, and because I never heard back on a previous message I wanted to make sure it gets seen. Thank you!

    19. Nicole Strawbridge on

      I just messaged you about this as well but I also need the invitation for the opening reception resent. Very excited for this! Thank you, NIcole

    20. Missing avatar

      Barbara Ammirati on

      Kindly resend invitation for opening reception. Many thanks, Barbara

    21. Museum of the Moving Image Creator on

      Joseph, we will email you directly the times you selected.
      Clare: I hope all is taken care of now with your inquiry. For any questions, please message us directly!

    22. Museum of the Moving Image Creator on

      Joseph, we will email you directly the times you selected.
      Clare: I hope all is taken care of now with your inquiry. For any questions, please message us directly!

    23. Museum of the Moving Image Creator on

      Joseph, we will email you directly the times you selected.
      Clare: I hope all is taken care of now with your inquiry. For any questions, please message us directly!

    24. Joseph Porsella on

      It's been a few weeks since the Kickstarter Day registration went out and I was just wondering if we were supposed to receive some sort of confirmation? I want to make sure everything was filled out correctly, and I honestly don't remember what times I selected =\

    25. Clare Wîlsøn on

      Drake, I was wondering the same thing. There hasn't been any notification of this on the campaign. I just did a search and found that it is June 21, but the RSVP deadline for the reception was June 29. So disappointing :(

    26. Drake on

      When is the opening reception for backers?

    27. Enfys Dickinson on

      hello, just wondering when someone might be in touch to check my address details etc, worried I may have missed an email :) Congratulations on a successful kick starter! xo

    28. Jessica Tabin on

      Seeing that the exhibition is selling advanced tix to the public, but I've yet to receive my invitation for opening night that came with my pledge. Can you advise?

    29. Tiffin Filion on

      The link to see the list of backers isn't working.

    30. Missing avatar

      Donna Palmatary on

      Hello...I have written a note to someone in Kickstarter because the link I received in one email is not working. It works in the other but the names need to be different. I don't want to submit the one without knowing that the other link will eventually work. Please advise.

    31. Joseph Porsella on

      Wait the picture is of a character? Can we vote for it to be a picture of the performer? I'd rather have a picture of Dave Goelz holding, say, Gonzo then just Gonzo

    32. Museum of the Moving Image Creator on

      Pat and Tommy,

      We are still working out exactly which pictures we will be printing for both Dave and Karen to sign. If you have a particular character in mind, please feel free to message us your preference and we will do our best to make that happen.


    33. Pat N Colagreco

      I hope we can pick the picture ... I thought that was the case when I signed up ...

    34. Tommy Deibel on

      So excited to be a backer of the exhibit! Will we have the opportunity to choose what character if we chose the autographed photo?

    35. Enfys Dickinson on

      Hello, what a wonderful project! Proud to be a backer :) Please could one of the administrators get in touch please as I have a change of address.
      Many thanks x

    36. Joseph Porsella on

      @Hans Cummings: The Character Encyclopedia has been available for a few years now, this one just stands out because it's signed.

    37. Missing avatar

      Lisa soares on

      I am Very proud to be a part of this project and very glad that it exists. Not only am I very entertained by all the characters And Muppets but I believe Jim had a very good frame of mind to live by. More of us should learn and practice his outlook on life. I hope this part of him is shown in the exhibit as well, so people can take that away from the experience along with all the other great things that will be in there. To anyone leaving comments about the Muppet encyclopedia and other books that were offered. I believe you can still find most of those in print. Except for one of the books that was offered that was published in 1980 that one is out of print. I do personally own a Muppet encyclopedia, they do sell what I have online. Thanks to everyone that contributed as well. And thanks to the people that gave his fans a way to help keep his work alive.

    38. Jay Fisher on

      WOOHOO! The goal was met!

    39. Jesse Oliver on


      I can't wait to be there on Opening Day!

    40. Justin "Squigs" Robertson on

      Big congrats! I live nearby and so look forward to having this exhibit so close! It will be a must-visit for many of my friends!

    41. Missing avatar

      Mary Klein on

      Congratulations on such a successful campaign! It was wonderful to see people from all around the world come together to support this worthy endeavor. It is a tribute to Jim Henson's vision and his heart and a way to thank those who carry on the legacy.

    42. Hans Cummings

      Will The Muppets Character Encylopedia be available for purchase once it's produced, or it is only a very limited print-run exclusive to the 20 backers who managed to get that level?

    43. Missing avatar

      Robert McCarty on

      So glad to be a part of this monumental project and to know the Jim Henson collection will be carefully curated for future generations to enjoy as much as I have! Keep up the great work!

    44. Jimmy Klonowski

      I'll try to come to the Exhibition, but at the very least I want to back this awesome project since it defined my childhood so much! ;J

    45. Missing avatar

      Tiffany Schwamle on

      So glad I waited a little bit to join in on this so I could get the autographed picture from Karen Prell! I wonder what all pictures they have. I really hope to get a picture of Red Fraggle since I loved the Fraggles as a kid and still love them to this day!

    46. Missing avatar

      Lisa Greenberg on

      Does the person who bought the $3,500 private tour of the creature workshop want to take me as one of his/her five friends??? I would pay my fair share, but couldn't find enough of my own friends to go in on it with me :(

    47. Hector Perez on

      I signed up for the Individual Membership for one year. Is this the standard Individual membership or the Film Lover Individual Membership?

    48. James Pierce

      I know its a bit late in the game to be asking, but just out of curiosity, you wouldnt happen to have any Forgetful Jones merch you could make into a reward, would you?

    49. Zachary N. Snyder on

      I am so proud to say that I donated for this amazing Kickstarter Campaign. I am looking forward to attending the grand opening of this incredible exhibition along with the screening and reception. Thank you all and keep up the good work.

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