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The Starchildren came looking for the home of rock music, only to find it outlawed. Fight back in the RPG of rock & roll revolution!
The Starchildren came looking for the home of rock music, only to find it outlawed. Fight back in the RPG of rock & roll revolution!
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    1. XIG Games Creator on

      @Barak Blackburn: Yeah, we're gonna do a full set of add-on stuff, and the stickers will be in there.

      @Joe Weinmunson: That sounds amazing; thanks for reaching out to her! We'll definitely have to check that book out.

    2. Barak Blackburn

      Is it possible that the sticker packs could be an add-on? I have the 1e of the book, but would also love some stickers!

    3. Joe Weinmunson on

      I asked the author Cat Valente to retweet this yesterday and she did so! Relevant to Velvet Generation because her latest novel, "Space Opera" is about a washed up glam rock star who has to compete in a galaxy-wide Eurovision contest for the fate of Earth.

    4. Tun Kai Poh on


    5. Tun Kai Poh on

      Glad to see the project nearly there... I'll give one last shout on my social media and RPG.NET later on.

    6. Angelic Despot

      Backed just in the nick of time by the looks of things...

      I played a one-shot game of this way back in around 2000 when I was a student at uni. I don't remember a lot of the details, but I do remember it being an absolute blast: cruising around, playing awesome gigs, causing carnage...

      It was hilarious.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cameron Lyle on

      Evening, Gents! Just backed - I've got the original edition and always found it to be a special game. Not a lick of actual musical talent here, so - being a writer-type instead, I always focused my campaigns on the Ministry of Literature ("Gangster MOL"), and disaffected writers becoming lyricists for the Starchildren.

      Looking forward to seeing what comes next! Good luck down the final stretch!

    8. XIG Games Creator on

      @Justin Melton: Yes there is, but we’ll cover that after the deadline if necessary.

    9. Justin Melton on

      So... is there any plan for if the campaign doesn't make the funding goal?

    10. Tun Kai Poh on

      I really liked the Modifier review. You have thought out what you want to do and say with the game and I really appreciate it. I would try to get a playtest going with some friends who are in bands but my schedule is so busy lately I probably can't manage it...not before the Kickstarter is over.

    11. XIG Games Creator on

      @Arthur B: Wow, that's an amazing coincidence!

      And I know how unbelievable this might sound, but somehow we wrote the original without being all that familiar with 2112 at all. But you're right, it would've been 100% right to set it then.

    12. XIG Games Creator on

      @John Fiala: agreed that that would have been ideal, though tight scheduling around con season made the timing difficult. The ashcan is in approvals process at DTRPG now, but backers have access already via the Discord chat.

    13. John Fiala

      Not to be too critical, folks, but I think you should have had the preview ready before you launched the kickstarter.

    14. Missing avatar

      Arthur B

      I actually published a review of this a few days back without any knowledge of this new edition happening! I'm excited for it.

      Quibble: I realise 2073 is appropriate as the centenary of Aladdin Sane... but folks, if we're dealing with a future where music is banned, don't you pretty much have to set it in 2112?

    15. David Yellope on

      I saw this on, thank goodness they brought it up, because I actually own 2 copies of the first edition. I love this (and contributed to the RPG.Net thread)

    16. XIG Games Creator on

      @Nullpunkt: We're putting finishing touches on a quickstart/preview that's going to be up for free on DTRPG, and we'll be posting updates about various bits of the game here, system included.

      We don't have any actual play recorded yet, but we're reaching out to streamers and podcasters who might be interested in doing one, because we'd LOVE to.

      What we can say right now is that the system is more on the traditional side in the sense that the mechanics represent things in the game world rather than the narrative arc of the story. It's not particularly rules-heavy, though, and it's certainly not traditional in the sense that it's not centered around violence (we like to think that the rules for playing a show are to Velvet Generation what the rules for combat are to, say D&D).

      There's certainly a lot more to come, though, so check out the updates as they roll out.

    17. Nullpunkt

      LOVE the concept. The summary had me sold on the world before I even got into the meat of the campaign.

      Are we going to learn more about the system, though? I never played the 2002 version, so have no basis (even though this one is going to be completely different). Any chance we can see some playtest documents, or watch an actual play?

      Does this lean more on the rules-heavy crunch side of the spectrum, or more rule-lite and narrative?

    18. Jesse Burciaga on

      At long last, the revolution has begun!