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Strategy board game for football lovers. Now playable on an extremely durable high quality playmat.
Strategy board game for football lovers. Now playable on an extremely durable high quality playmat.
43 backers pledged €1,072 to help bring this project to life.


Playmats for Hat-Trick – card-driven soccer simulation



Hat-Trick is a card-driven soccer simulation for 2 players, consisting of 'Hat-Trick' the base game and the 'Players' expansion. It's worth noting that the latter was funded here, on Kickstarter, in July 2016 and delivered on schedule in October 2016. Here is a glimpse of both games.

Some of the game components found in both 'Hat-Trick' the base game and the 'Players' expansion
Some of the game components found in both 'Hat-Trick' the base game and the 'Players' expansion

If you wish to learn more, it is best to check out the following (click to visit):





The last thing you need to know before we move on is that Hat-trick has no playing board, just  cards – and it is those cards that make the pitch (see here). Still, as one of BGG users put it:

"Actually 'card' game sounds misleading, because once you've got all your players on the table it feels more like a board game with all the spatial elements you're considering during play."

So, it is perfectly normal to play Hat-Trick with no board and this is how most people have been playing for some time. Or they came up with some neat ideas for playing surfaces (here's the original photo):

In the end, however, we started getting requests for a professional playmat for Hat-Trick – one that would lift the football/soccer experience when playing the game. 

So today we answer your call by giving you the opportunity to preorder the playmats imitating a football pitch and designed specifically to house all Hat-Trick cards. 

But that's not all. 

Those of you who missed our first campaign have a chance to get your hands on  both the base game and the expansion (see the Stretch Goals section). 

Last but not least, be sure to check out the Early Bird section, which holds a very special surprise we have been keeping secret until today.

And now, let's get to these mats, shall we?

Even before our cameo at SPIEL16 in Essen (read more), we started collecting playmat samples from around the world to bring you the best quality possible. Here's the proof:

...and here’s the result of our research – an extremely durable high quality playmat. We will launch the production right after the final whistle to this campaign provided it gets funded. 

To see a playmat in action, click here (if you are not planning to learn Danish, you may skip to 0.58). Meanwhile, let's take a look at the specs:

Size: 550mm x 750mm

Material: 2.5mm extra-thick ultra-light micro-rubber

– sateen clothing

– high details

– resistant to crumpling and scratching

– washable

– rollable

Early birds watch out!  We’re eager to hand out the early bird rewards to the first 50 backers pledging on this campaign.

The early bird pledge should be appealing to both old and new Backers. As a reward, you will get 

  • a playmat
  • a €20 upgrade when pledging on our simultaneous campaign, where you'll get a chance to launch a Hat-Trick online career with a club of your own creation (see below). 

The idea of the Hat-Trick Live Match Centre campaign – which is running simultaneously to this one – is to unite all Hat-Trick gamers under one banner and have them compete online in leagues, cups, tournaments and friendlies. If successful, this may mark the kick off to the ultimate, borderless and AI-less footballing experience that has not been seen since the Football Manager attempted to launch their FMLive. 

You should definitely check it out. Meanwhile, see what it would include. 


This is where your pledges will go.

The largest chunk; 90% will be used for the actual production of Hat-Trick playmats and shipment.

Kickstarter fees take up 10% of the pledges and include admin and payment handling fees.

The playmat design is virtually ready for production. We will be working with a carefully chosen manufacturer, so there will be no unwelcome surprises.

The 'Hat-Trick' Base Game and the 'Players' Expansion are already in stock. If the demand exceeds our capabilities, we will order a reprint.

Anyhow, you, the backers, are our top priority and we feel communication is a non-negotiable necessity in this relationship. If there are any adjustments or changes you will be notified.

Since this campaign is primarily concerned with Hat-Trick Playmats, we have prepared some nice Stretch Goals for those who already own the game. However, we are not forgetting about all those who may be new to Hat-Trick. We have a treat for them as well. Read on.


All those who already own Hat-Trick will be happy to know that each Stretch Goal unlocked gives you some serious shipping discounts. Currently, tracked shipping worldwide costs you additional €10 which you must add to the pledge. Unlock all the Stretch Goals and shipping will cost you... nothing. You heard it. Share this campaign with other football lovers, and you may save up to the half of the playmat price!  See the stretch goal ladder for more.


And if you are new to Hat-Trick, you will definitely be interested in discounts we offer when shopping in our online store. After the campaign finishes and provided at least one of the Stretch Goals is unlocked, you will receive a corresponding discount coupon (see the stretch goal ladder) and will be able to redeem it within 2 weeks. Great way to start your adventure with Hat-Trick.

And the greatest thing about it all?

These Stretch Goals are cumulative, so you can get both cheaper shipping and the discount.

Oh, and if you were wondering:  all the stretch goals unlocked in the former campaign are already unlocked for the current one!

These include:

- 21 additional national teams (voted by our backers)

- 12 promo style cards allowing backers a peek at some of the content from the upcoming Hat-Trick “Teams” Expansion

- a free Companion App for Hat-Trick made courtesy of the Chilean software development company Wit-Labs.

And remember: you can help unlocking the stretch goals by spreading the word about Hat-Trick. We are far from being overly active social media predators, but perhaps you are one or simply have some friends that love football and would enjoy Hat-Trick as well.

Last time we kept shipping options simple. Actually, there were none. You pledged, we shipped. All-inclusive. We liked that but it turned out it can get even better.

One thing it lacked (as reported by some backers) was a tracking option on the backers’ end. A German proverb says: “Trust is good. Control is better” – we agree! That's why this time you will receive a tracking number, so that you could check the status of your parcel at any time. 

The other thing was the package. Having surveyed our backers after our last campaign, we found out that although all games arrived undamaged, some of the disposable shipping package got damaged during the process. Since a damaged shipping material means a threat for the game material, we will take extra measures to ensure all games reach you fully intact this time.

Besides that, it is still simple. Shipping costs you €10 which you add to the pledge, and if you unlock some of the stretch goals, you will be able to decrease your pledge by the amount given in the stretch goal ladder.

29.03.2017 – 05.04.2017 – Kickstarter campaign

06.04.2017 – 13.04.2017 - Preproduction

14.04.2017 – 12.05.2017 - Production

13.05.2017 – 24.05.2017 – Shipping EU

13.05.2017 – 07.06.2017 – Shipping outside EU

In the last campaign we promised that every backer who would support us with translation would be rewarded with a lifetime support with Hat-Trick-related products. And now it is time to pay off. Therefore, if the campaign gets funded, each translator that helped us with the first campaign will be rewarded with a Hat-Trick playmat.

There are still only two of us, but we are working as hard as ever to provide you with the best quality of products possible. Let the 'Players' expansion serve as a proof. If, on the other hand, you'd rather get to know us 'personally', it is best if you visit either our previous KS campaign or the BGG forum. You can also have a look at our Hat-Trick blog or facebook profile. And if it is still not enough, this is how we look(ed if we were young, strong and could play football). 



Risks and challenges

We respect the fact that you trusted us with your money and we hope that during the last campaign we proved we take it all very seriously. This time will be no different.

In terms of playmats production we have a new party on board now. We have chosen them very carefully. In case they should - against any expectation - not meet our standards, we will throw them overboard during the pre-production process. We would then skip to producers, who already delivered proven playmat-quality for our SPIEL16 appearance, which you were able to see in action on our homepage. However, such circumstance should not couse any delay or be of any disadvantage to our Backers.

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