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Finally, an electric skateboard with POWER, SPEED, TRACTION, and RANGE. 0-28 MPH in 1.9 seconds
Finally, an electric skateboard with POWER, SPEED, TRACTION, and RANGE. 0-28 MPH in 1.9 seconds
39 backers pledged $18,840 to help bring this project to life.

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"'s a zero-local-emission vehicle with supercar performance... a Ferarri for your feet." - Mike Hanlon via Gizmag

"...a worthy investment for a fun, fast and pretty green way to get around town." - John Roach via MSN

"...better acceleration than virtually every car on the road today." - Andrew Tarantola via Gizmodo

"If you think today's electric skateboards are a little too tame to make it to your 'to buy' list, then the Gnarboards Trail Rider might just change your perception." - Mike via Mike Shouts

Hello Kickstarters! 

Thanks for checking out this project. I hope you enjoy these electric skateboards as much as I enjoy designing and building them.

I'm about half way through the first batch of 8 skateboards but have run out of funds and need your help to generate some sales and get this awesome product out the door and under your feet!

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What are Gnarboards?

Gnarboards are the best electric skateboards ever made! Ok, that may be a little biased, but here's the deal: Gnarboards were designed to out-accelerate, out-climb, out-speed, and out-drive any other electric skateboard, and so far they have done that with flying colors.

Not convinced? Check out the Why Gnarboards section of our website, where you will find a gnar-load of information about what makes our boards so great.

These aren't your typical electric skateboards. These definitely aren't the ones you buy for your little kids. And no, you can't "do a kickflip" with one, So...

What are they good for?

Putting a big grin on your face. If you like things that go fast, or climb mountains, and you like skateboarding, then you are sure to like Gnarboards.

Commuting. I ride mine 3 times a week to get to and from volleyball practice. Gnarboards are great for running small errands or getting to and from work.

Exploring. Google Maps is a great place to look for new areas to explore. Then you can hop on your Gnarboard and go for an adventure.

Cruising. Carve up and down your street like you would fresh powder. Gnarboards are a blast to ride but prepare to be stopped by onlookers to answer questions.

Hurting Yourself. Gnarboards are only as crazy as you make them, so be sure to pull that acceleration trigger "gently" and ride responsibly.

How do you ride a Gnarboard?

If you know how to ride a skateboard, then you shouldn't have any problems learning to ride a Gnarboard. You just need to learn how to control all that power, which is done through the use of a very intuitive Hand Controller:

What models are available?

The following Gnarboard models are available for pre-order through Kickstarter:


How do I get one?

To get a Gnarboard you are going to have to pre-order through this Kickstarter campaign. Priority will be given to those that order first. Gnarboards will be constructed in batches, one batch at a time.

What is the pricing?

Since Kickstarter does not allow drop-down selections for individual rewards, you are going to have to do some math and add the appropriate amount of money to your pledge.

The standard pledge amount is enough money to get you a base-model COMMUTER. In order to add optional features, or change to another model,  please follow this chart when deciding how much money to pledge:

How much is shipping?

Shiping within the contiguous United States is typically between 80 - 110 dollars (per Gnarboard). Shipping is NOT included in the pre-order pledges. You will be billed for the actual shipping costs at a later date, upon completion of your Gnarboard. Pick-up or drop-off may be possible for California residents. 

For international orders, please contact us before pledging. Shipping Gnarboards internationally can be very expensive due to freight, duties, and taxes. Some countries have very strict import restrictions and as a result we are not able to ship there.

How do I pay sales tax?

If you are a California resident, you will need to add in the applicable 8.75% sales tax to your pledge. To do this, take the sub-total pledge value (this includes any money that you may have added to the base-model pledge) and multiply it by 1.0875. Then pledge the resulting total.

When will Gnarboards be shipped?

We anticipate shipping Batch #1 in November. All of the manufactured parts have already been completed for Batch #1, so it's just a matter of purchasing expensive parts and then wiring and assembling each skateboard. The manufacturing process is often the most time-consuming, but since we have already been through that process, we feel like we already have a huge head-start.

Other questions?

Please see our FAQ page.
or scroll down to the FAQ at the bottom of this page.




  • Our skateboards are made from top-quality parts and materials that take a lot of time and money to manufacture. Gnarboards may seem expensive at first, but once you look at the performance specifications these skateboards are actually the best "bang for the buck" you can buy. Please be sure to check out the Why Gnarboards section of the website if you are not convinced.

    Last updated:
  • Our electric skateboards are MADE IN THE USA.

    When you buy an electric skateboard from Gnarboards, you are supporting local machine-shops, powder-coaters, laser-cutters, water-jetters, as well as other small businesses (Gnarboards LLC included).

    Some of our "off-the-shelf" parts had to be sourced overseas, but all of the manufactured parts are made at local shops, which allow us to keep a tight quality control over the construction process while also supporting local fabricators. We believe it is important to keep Manufacturing alive in the United States and we wish more business (and customers) felt the same way.

    Last updated:
  • Wireless works great for toys, but not for electric vehicles. Wired hand controllers offer better performance, reliability, and safety than wireless hand controllers.

    Our shielded cable offers a direct connection between the hand controller and the motor controller, eliminating any chance of electrical interference.

    All of our electric skateboards come equipped with a "dead-man's brake" safety feature. In the event of a fall, the hand controller is pulled and released from the cable, which instantly engages the skateboard brakes. This feature prevents the skateboard from hitting a fallen rider.

    The wire length is also adjustable for taller and shorter riders.

    Last updated:
  • Gnarboards have an audible fuel-gauge that will start to beep when approximately 40% battery-life remains. The fuel-gauge was designed so that you can take off in a single direction, hear the beeping, then turn around and still make it home. We have found that 40% battery-life is just enough to cruise home at a moderate speed.

    Last updated:
  • No, but they are "water-resistant".

    The electronics are all encased in .125" thick Aluminum battery-box, and tucked under the .250" thick Aluminum Deck. The only place for water to enter would be where the battery-box meets the deck. And even then the water would have to make it past the thin layer of protective plastic and tape that is used to seal the top of the battery box. Gnarboards should have no problems riding on wet-pavement, through small puddles, and in a light rain.

    If the chains and motor bearings are exposed to water they will need to be lubed more often to prevent rusting.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. Gnarboards are able to coast.

    Coasting is a function of the motor-controller, and since Gnarboards use a motor controller designed for an automobile, our skateboards behave like automobiles. When you let off the accelerator, Gnarboards are in a "coast" / neutral position. There is a small amount of drag from the motors and chain, so it won't coast as freely as a typical skateboard, but it is still able to glide down hills and be pushed like a regular skateboard when necessary.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. The skateboard deck will come oriented to whatever riding position you prefer. We did not want to drill and tap any more holes in the skateboard deck than necessary, so in order to change that riding position the skateboard deck would need to be removed from the skateboard and rotated 180 degrees. If you aren't using foot-bindings, then it does not matter what stance you are riding with.

    Goofy foot riders may also want to adjust the hand-controller cord to a longer length if they are right-handed. This can be done easily by cutting a zip-tie, un-winding some cord, and then putting on a new zip-tie.

    Last updated:
  • If you know how to ride a conventional skateboard then you should have no problems learning to ride a Gnarboard. The same basic "lean to turn" principles still apply, you just need to learn how to control all of this awesome power.

    New riders should take it slow and not hit top speeds until they are comfortable and confident enough to do so. These skateboards will leave you on your ass or in a face-plant position the instant you get too cocky. (Trust me... I know). Gnarboards are the only "electric skateboard you won't grow out of", and for that reason they are an excellent investment. They will only be as "wild" as your trigger finger desires.

    Last updated:
  • No.

    Last updated:
  • Gnarboards kick-ass up hills because they come equipped with an abundance of power.

    If your car can make it up, so can a Gnarboard. If your car can't make it up, a Gnarboard probably could.

    Last updated:

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