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Finally, an electric skateboard with POWER, SPEED, TRACTION, and RANGE. 0-28 MPH in 1.9 seconds
Finally, an electric skateboard with POWER, SPEED, TRACTION, and RANGE. 0-28 MPH in 1.9 seconds
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    1. Scott Bright on

      I love my Gnarboard! Josh's attention to detail at every stage from design to delivery really shows in this product's workmanship, quality, and durability. I can not wait to see what design goal he next chooses to focus his considerable talents!

    2. Carl Tulberg on

      I use my GnarBoard as an alternate commute vehicle at least once per week.
      The ride is approximately 10 miles on the road, one-way.
      I sometime cut through Los Penasquitos Canyon on some very fun and challenging mountain bike trails making the commute ~13+ miles. Besides Penasquitos, I also have explored the Coast to Crest Trail, Black Mountain, SR-56 Bike Path, and various other trails around San Diego.
      While I have fallen a few times, I nearly always wear knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and helmet, so no real injuries ... yet.
      I have had some minor damage to the hand-controller that was quickly repaired with spare parts from GnarBoards. Also, just around 1000 miles, my 600W motors failed and I replaced them with 1kW motors. No difference in max speed, but the torque and uphill power are truly awesome.
      Great Machine!!

    3. Joshua Tulberg 3-time creator on

      Thanks Steve, and thanks Jarrod.
      Glad you are digging the updates, I'll keep 'em coming.

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Meier on

      Just wanted to say I love the updates and all the progress you are making.
      Can't wait to see a completed unit in person!
      Take Care

    5. Jarrod on

      Congrats on a successful funding!

    6. Joshua Tulberg 3-time creator on

      Hey Roger. The charger is a 2-unit system. A power-supply (to power the charger) and the charger itself. They can both be fitted inside a single backpack, but you would want to take great care not to damage them. These "smart" chargers are not as robust (or portable) as most of the smaller "dumb" (couldn't think of a better word for "not-smart") chargers. They are high-tech devices capable of charging a battery at high currents with great precision. As such, I would advise against traveling with one, because in the event of a fall it could be damaged, and a damaged charger could lead to a damaged battery. If the skateboard range itself is not long enough to get to your friends house and back, then I would suggest you purchase a second charging station to keep at your friends location. Shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.

    7. Roger Schofield on

      Hey Josh, what are the dimensions and approx weight of the charger? I am wondering if it's easy to tote along on a ride to a friends hose, where I might recharge for the return trip.

    8. Carl Tulberg on

      8 days to go ... get your pledge in if you want to experience Gnarly Skateboarding at its finest. I wonder how Laird Hamilton, big wave rider born in SF, Shaun White, extreme snowboarder from Carlsbad, and other experts in the carving sports would like the GnarBoard design? So glad that the Project is funded and can't wait to receive my board!

    9. Joshua Tulberg 3-time creator on

      So awesome. Thanks everyone. Update coming soon.

    10. JuliAnn on


    11. Mike Hurowitz on

      WOOOOOT!!!! FUNDED!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      The First Electric Skateboard that can truly "coast" downhill without power! Very Nice!

    13. JuliAnn on

      Very gnarly boards! I'm down to support you by getting a t-shirt. :)