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A film voyage exploring uncharted territories of Brazilian psychedelic music with Tropicalia in Furs record store owner Joel Stones.


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What is Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie?

A documentary film that follows record store owner, producer and vinyl archaeologist Joel Stones as he explores uncharted territories of psychedelic Brazilian music. Following the success of his sold-out compilation Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, Joel travels to Brazil in search of visionary and chaotic artists that have been overlooked by mainstream culture. Sonic rarities remind us of the great expanse of music history, with unique stories hovering behind every song. Armed with a wild afro, a box of 45s and an infectious personality, Joel pulls these secret histories through the cracks of Brazilian music. Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie contains stories of people known and unknown, brought to life in shocking technicolor sound!

The seed of Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie was planted with the short film "What Are Fuzz Bananas?" This short goes behind the scenes for a making-of the compilation and pairs Joel with L.A. based producer Egon (Now-Again Records) and Tropicalia in Furs' regular Elijah Wood before setting off to Brazil for short interviews with Marisa Rossi and Fabio. The enthusiastic response we received for this short film inspired us to expand it to a full-length feature film.

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie will take place in New York, Los Angeles and Brazil. The Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas compilation will guide Joel throughout the southern hemisphere as he seeks out the musicians behind the record, piecing together a musical kaleidoscope. Some of the characters and stories will be re-enacted in different scenarios, combining fiction with surrealistic sketches and animation. Through his travels Stones will show us a unique vision of Brazilian culture, the multi-ethnic aspect of its people, and the ingenious ideas of these creative communities.

How are we going to make this movie?

Since we made the short film we have spent over 12 months compiling archival footage, conducting research and lining-up subjects, contacting friends, family, DJs, artists, and characters relevant to the themes of the documentary. A successful Kickstarter campaign will fund our initial trip to Brazil for filming interviews and music performances by these unknown creative geniuses! Contributions beyond our goal will go toward production on animation and stop-motion sequences, plus additional interviews and additional footage. We plan to fully complete the project within 12 months after initial funding is obtained.

With your help, $25,000 will get this film started with:

1 Week Filming in São Paulo

  • Suely from Suely e Os Kanticos
  • Tony Tornado
  • Baile Black Scene
  • Downtown Vinyl Scene
  • Studio Session with Lanny Gordin

1 Week Filming in Rio de Janeiro

  • Fabio
  • Marisa Rossi
  • Erasmo Carlos
  • Serguei in Saquarema

Who is Joel "Stones" Oliveira?

Joel came to New York from São Paulo 12 years ago with less than $200 to his name and even less than that many words in his English vocabulary. He soon got a job shining shoes at Goldman Sachs and would spend his extra cash on Brazilian records to sell online and at record fairs. This eventually led him to open his own vinyl store. Now open for 8 years, Tropicalia in Furs has become an iconic spot in the Lower East Side, host to a rotating cast of New York vinyl junkies, weirdos, Hollywood and music industry celebrities, psychedelic artwork, great friends, and amazingly fuzzy music at all times. Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, the Village Voice and a variety of TV shows, Tropicalia in Furs is the place to be! The real meat of Joel's collection consists of extremely rare 7-inch singles released by unknown Brazilian musicians, many of whom never went on to record again. Bringing together a host of these rare tracks, Joel released the mammoth compilation Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas in 2010 to great popular and critical acclaim, quickly selling out of its first pressing.


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    Getting married? Bar Mitzvah? Barbecue? Joel Stones is DJing your next big party!* You will also get an Associate Producer credit. Plus all the above. * If your party is in NYC, great! For the rest of the world, Joel humbly asks for a lift to the party- where he will promptly launch your fest into the psychedelic stratosphere!

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