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Scam encourages people to live the best life they know how! Punks in the street, fun, and how-to in memoir! Coming soon from Microcosm Publishing!
Scam encourages people to live the best life they know how! Punks in the street, fun, and how-to in memoir! Coming soon from Microcosm Publishing!
129 backers pledged $5,002 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Another Florida punk legend hits the stacks: Crate Digger by Bob Suren

Hi backers!

Thanks for backing Scam back in the day. Hope it's inspired you to tap into stuff that still matters.

We're getting in touch to let you know about our the newest book we're Kickstarting: Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records

Set mostly in Florida, Crate Digger is Bob Suren's story of thirty years immersed in punk music and culture. From the founding—and eventual dismantling—of Burrito Records and Sound Idea, to touring with bands in busted vans, to seeing the last ever Dead Boys show as a teenager, to weathering the storms of the music industry and his personal life. It's a slice of life as seen through all the vinyl Bob amassed, and then sold off.

You've got just over a couple weeks left to back Crate Digger and get a whole bunch of extra stuff like ex-presidential endorsement stickers, original art, a mix of music from the book, facebook insults, and more.

Thanks and rock on,


Getting your rewards


Thanks to all of your funding (which covered nearly half of the printing price), the Scam book has finally been printed!

Erick is on his book tour with Jeff Miller right now:

The good news is that we will be shipping out all of the rewards packages in the coming week!


Aftermass documentary

Thanks so much for all of your help with funding SCAM.

I'm pretty amazed that we were so successful.

I'm 2/3 of the way through another project that has not had nearly as much luck.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Pardon the mild lapse

Sorry about the passage of time. My computer's power jack fried out and I was without it for most of last week.

But Scam lumbers on and there's a new issue here:

and despite the computer crash, the book is finished with pre-press and ready go to go print. Much deliberating occurred about which photo would grace the back cover.

Here's some samples of what's to come. Some of these will print in the book; others are outtakes.

The full cost of the printing just went up another $300 so the paper could have enough "dead metal" space for the gripper to hold the page. Essentially, you need to have enough white space around the edges for the printing press to hold the paper. And anyone who has seen Scam knows that the printing goes to the edge. So we had to purchase larger parent sheets which will then be trimmed down and the edges recycled.

But Scam is imminent and the price just goes up so if you have friends or enemies who could make use of a copy, please send them this way.

We also now offer a sweet bargain for retailers (or just anyone) to purchase 5 copies @ 50% off with free shipping.

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Scammin' America

Hello helpful friends:

Thanks so much for all of your kind words, contributions, willingness to help us out, and excitement about this book.

Scam's Erick Lyle is on tour right now with his band Black Rainbow. (Photo by Erin Tobey). If they hit your town, check 'em out if you have the chance!

Saturday-Sunday, May 29th-30th at Crabb Fest in Athens, OH
(with tons of bands, workshops, wildness, all your friends, etc. including ADD/C, Future Virgins, Rag Rage, Snarlas, Black Rainbow, Shellshag, and TONS more!)

Monday, May 31st, 10 PM at Carabar in Columbus, OH
-Black Rainbow
-You'll Get Yours

Tuesday, June 1st 8 PM at House Gone Wylie in Bloomington, IN
-Black Rainbow
-Twat Sauce (Chattanooga)

Wednesday, June 2nd at Idapalooza Fruit Jam in Ida, TN!

Next update--previews!

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