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A racing game inspired by the great arcade racers of the 90's. Updated!
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Posted by Pelikan13 (Creator)
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Hello everyone,

first of all I would like to apologize for the frequency of the updates. There is a lot to be done and development has been talking up all my time. Hopefully I will be able to change that and keep you better informed from now on.

There will be another update very soon but for now I would like to share with you some info and screenshots about the race tracks.

Right now the game contains 6 unique race tracks across 4 environments, there will also be a different time of day for each track to be added later on. Of course everything you see is still work in progress. The tracks are:

Island Short:

Island Long:

Oval Speedway:

Oval Speedway Infield:



Thank You!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      @Davhuit I know it does, but this is also a software development project - delays happen frequently. ;)

      Not complaining if there is a delay, just asking to get confirmation.

    2. Missing avatar

      Davhuit on

      @Lyndon Leverington/Steven W : It's written Nov. 2013 on the kickstarter rewards.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Missing avatar

      Flat Eric on

      I hope that the specs will not be too high. Still playing on an Intel HD3000... :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This looks awesome! Thanks for update. :)

    6. Kevin Bell on

      Looking great! Can't wait to see it fire up on my Wii U!

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      That's looking fantastic, really looking forward to playing this. Is there an estimate on when it might be available?

      Was hoping to see my banner in there this time, unfortunately not, hopefully in the next batch of shots! ;)

    8. Alexander Corrigan on

      Wowzers, Pelikan, you really have perfectly captured the look of a classic Sega Racer. Such a lovely contrast to all the drab, super-boring looking racers that are around these days.

      Great stuff!

    9. Mario Morandi on

      Thanks for the update!
      Love the Island and the Oval too (I think the textures on the hills could be better but I understand everything is in development), the airport is good but it's a bit cold, I hope you can get this setting more lively with one ore two surprising thing.
      Mountain is simply breathtaking.. Take your time, you are doing good! :)

    10. Juan Manuel Sánchez Manzano on

      All tracks looks great, but as everyone is saying, the Mountain Track looks amazing. Congratulations ;)

    11. John Blythe on

      Awesome. As others have said. Don't worry about regular updates, get the game finished first. Loving the shots its all looking amaze-balls. :) Such a strong Sega vibe its uncanny. Can not wait to play it on my PC or Wii-U.

    12. Jens Restemeier on

      (Early morning, before my first cup of tea, and no way to edit comments. Of course I mean "Mountain track")

    13. Jens Restemeier on

      The maintain track looks awesome! I'm looking forward to playing this!

    14. k-max on

      Looks awesome and getting even better! And I even think the amount of updates is just right. Just last week, I asked myself: "Wonder how T90AR is doing...?" and bammo, here's the update ^_^

      Also, the work of the game is clearly way more important than any updates - Don't stress yourself out about those :P

    15. Missing avatar

      Wayne Briggs on

      Looks great, I really appreciate your work so far and am looking forward to the finished product.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      When it will be ready?

    17. Lyndon Leverington on

      That looks gorgeous!

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Emberton on

      Looks fantastic. Hopefully none of your kickstarter-ers are worried. I, for one, still regularly run through Sonic Fan RM. Sometimes good things take time. Any estimate on the system specs it'll take to run this? I've a beast, though I know not everyone does. Secretly it would great if there was a "ubersampling" a la Witcher 2 that would throw in some ridiculous effects for those who can handle it. Water/Fog/Fire/etc. And tesselation! Heh. By all means delay the release if you have to.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hodder on

      Outstanding! These are some great looking screen shots. Looking forward to seeing the mountain stage in motion. This is going to be the exact game I've been wanted for years.

    20. Charles Albert on

      Goddam that first Moutain Stage screenshot <3

    21. Missing avatar

      D14113221 on

      The oval speedway looks awfully familar. :P I love it. Will you need any voiceover done?

    22. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Wow!!!! This is awesome!! You have nailed the Sega arcade style!! Gorgeous screenshots! I can't wait to play this! The airport (night!) and the waterfalls, wow! Please keep up the awesome work!! = )

    23. Vitor Gatti on

      Awesome! Keep up the great work! Can't wait to play this on my Wii U and Linux! :D

    24. Simon Wilmer on

      The game just looks better and better! I was playing some Sega racing games on my Dreamcast just the other day, this really does look like something that will carry on the tradition of great arcade racers with sunny blue skies!

    25. William O'Meallain

      Looks great, can't wait! Hope it arrives in time for the winter doldrums!

    26. Julien JEANROY-BERTRAND on

      Awesome as always!
      Can't wait to play it on my Wii U.
      By the way, how I will be able to get the Wii U version ?
      It didn't show in the pledge choices, so I've pledged the 10£ digital version.
      Is that OK ?

    27. Michael Heald on

      Looking absolutely fantastic! And don't worry about the infrequency of the updates, keep cranking on the game, that's what matters to us backers :) If less updates means that the game gets completed sooner, then that's all good in my eyes.

      Keep up the great work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Aaron Mcilroy on

      Cool, thanks for the update. Would you be able to let us know sometime if there will be an endurance mode same as Daytona USA 1,2 and Scud Race with 500 laps etc and tire wear etc?