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A racing game inspired by the great arcade racers of the 90's. Updated!
700 backers pledged £16,039 to help bring this project to life.

Update #22

Posted by Pelikan13 (Creator)

Hello everyone, 

this update is mostly for the backers and I would like share with you an new gameplay video showing the progress made in AI and functioning gameplay mechanics.

All gameplay elements are now in and working, including AI and GUI elements, we are now in the proccess of polishing, optimizing,bug fixing as well as setting up the two player splitscreen and the championship mode.

Bellow you can see the cars that will be playable in game.

For the backers that pledged for a logo on a billboard please have a look below to see if you are happy with your logo. If some of you can't find your logo please send me an email, it's very possible that I've missed some in these screenshots. There will be another update for the car logos.

With 90s arcade racer's development coming to an end I decided to spent some time on another project i started a while ago. It is still an early prototype but if the interest is there when released it will be free to all backers as thank you for your support and understanding through all the delays. You can have a look at the game and play the PC demo here:


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    1. Alexander Corrigan on

      "Be respectful and considerate", shouldn't that work both ways? What about a bit of consideration and respect for the people who funded this project 4 FUCKING YEARS AGO!

    2. Missing avatar

      Pizzaman on

      Pelikan, I've followed your work since the Sonic Fan Remix days, and that's why I committed money to your developing this. I was very excited about this project, but you haven't updated or shown any progress in a long time. Is this going to be released?

    3. Bruno Fonseca on

      "With 90s arcade racer's development coming to an end I decided to spent some time on another project i started a while ago."

      I respect your desire to dedicate time to a new project, but please finish this one first?

      It has been 6 months since this last update (were the game was almost finished)...

      Would you kindly dedicate 1 week of your time to wrap it up and release it?

      Thank you.

    4. N13770.U2 on

      Antonis Pelekanos and Tyrone Rodriguez (Nicalis, Inc.),

      I, Marcelo Nietto and all others 699 supporters, we believed in the game "The 90's Arcade Racer" on kickstarter.

      "The 90's Arcade Racer" promised to be a beautiful and exciting racing game, but unfortunately, became a vaporware

      after these 3 years and 3 months have passed.

      The game was backed since 02.17.2013 and release date was Nov / 2013.

      Now is may / 2016 and we do not have the game, we do not have updates, we do not have demo, we do not have no

      answers and no release date!!!

      We want a firm positioning of you about a release date or about the refund all of us.

      The world does not need more people like you, the world needs better people.

      We are tired of this lack of respect...

      Marcelo Nietto

    5. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      So, six months without an update and six months ago Antonis wrote above that the game's development is finished. Only optimization and bug fixing was left.

      Seriously wtf is going with this project?

    6. Miguel Araneta on

      Will the game make it out before July at least?

    7. TARANTINO Yoann on

      Don't worry. We'll have the game this year. "That's still the plan", remember ? :/

    8. Missing avatar

      TheDriver79 on

      Any news? It's again nearly two month ago that the game content was named "in and working, including AI and GUI". Of course, polishing needs time, but there should be some more info about a nearly finished game after all the delays.

    9. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      Even though it is written above that the development is being finished, I am still very worried about this project. PC will get it globally on launch, but how about the Wii U version? Since the developer is from Greece I hope it will actually be released in Wii U eShop in Europe. The publisher Nicalis doesn't exactly have a solid track record regarding European releases on consoles.

      The video looks otherwise great and has that Daytona USA feeling, except it looks a bit strange that all AI cars are almost like standing still or moving very, very slowly compared to the player car.

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Mcilroy on

      This whole kickstarter is a big joke. The last video looked crap. Pretty poor for a video which was meant to show off AI when they look like they are going at 20mph

      Not a single word has ever been spoken with multiplayer, what's going on there?

    11. John Blythe on

      Looking very very good. As I knew it would be. Hopefully it plays as well too. It's been delayed yes, but I was willing to wait. Bring it on, can't wait. :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark D Ambrose on

      Wow! looking excellent! Is that a video of Wii-U or are we seeing PC footage?

    13. Missing avatar

      Flat Eric on

      What about the platforms? Android? PC/Linux? Hardware requirements?

    14. Barry Patrick on

      Looking good and I would love a copy of The Takeover as well please

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      Really cool to finally see something new!

      But what about the backer reward to be a part of the crowd? Can't remember how many months/years ago I sent a photo for that now...

    16. Kevin Bell on

      I'm pretty sure my Kickstarter reward was my company logo on a car and not a billboard - has this changed? The car placement cost more than the billboard

    17. Missing avatar

      frostwork on

      yeah, looks great, thanks for the update! And good to see linux already listed on the "The TakeOver" platform list :)

    18. Missing avatar

      AM2Model3 on

      Thank you for the update! The game looks fantastic and beautiful! I cant wait to play!!

    19. Datayum on

      Thanks for the update. Looks great but the gameplay does not :
      - Track too wide, feels boring
      - Drifting feels unnatural. Screeching sound must be changed, it's just aweful. :)
      - Opponents AI looks like civilian cars AI in this vid. They are twice slower as you. We can't judge it based on that.

    20. 2dforever on

      This is brilliant! Hopefully there's release date on the horizon? Can't wait to play (and great to see a Rally car inclusion)

      The Street of Rage-style game looks great fun too, always on the lookout for more side-scrolling beat-em-ups. The characters are *very* similar to SoR - if that's intentional then it's all good!

    21. Johan Lejonborn on

      Wow. It looks really really good now! I definitley get that Arcade feeling with the speed and the drifting.

    22. DaEvil1 on

      Glad to see development wrapping up. I'll be really interested to try this out when it's ready. In terms of the delays, I think it's better to take your time to make a great game rather than rush the game out. Especially if development time is a limited resource. So while this may be a couple years late, it's still very worth it if the end product is good. Also, that fighter game looks dabes.

    23. k-max on

      errrm… wait… and on the side, you've been making a '90s Arcade Brawler called "Streets of Final Dragon" or something?!? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY 8D

    24. k-max on

      wow once again, this looks soooo awesome… can't wait to play it :D
      And there even will be 2-player-splitscreen?!? w00t! Pelikan for President!!!

      Keep up the great work, I'm keeping my fingers crossed you'll have a great future in the gaming industry =)

    25. Missing avatar

      TheDriver79 on

      Finally - an update with a gameplay video that shows AI opponents. Thank you very much!
      It's always hard to talk about a game you can only see on screenshots or videos, so I'm not willing to tell much about it, I'd rather like to play the final version and argue afterwards.
      However, the video looks nice, the tracks are beautiful and seeing working AI is great. But, the tracks are so wide. I know, it's an arcade racer, I know it will be like the classics, nevertheless it looks so easy to pass the opponents and they are so slow, that I'm a bit scared, it could be too simple. Hopefully this is only an impression based on the video and feels much different while playing myself.
      Beside this, the list of available cars is also very good.

      I appreciate the idea to give the backers a free copy of the also old-school-looking fighting game/beat 'em up. It's very kind of you!

      Is there any estimated release date?

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      Glad to hear that you are now on the home stretch.
      Is there any estimate on the release date? I'm assuming it's going to be in 2016?