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Update #13

Update#13: Wii U


Hello everyone,

Antonis and Tyrone here!

As you probably know, part of working together brought along the opportunity get '90s Arcade Racer on Wii U (among other places). The development is moving along well and for this update we'll share some details related to the Wii U version of the game and our plans.

Fortunately, moving the game from PC/windows environment to Wii U has been a straight forward process. The project is being built on top of Unity and the team porting Unity to Wii U have obviously been doing a great job; that alone has made our part of getting running on Wii U much easier than expected. Of course, the process hasn't been without it's fair share of challenges. Without getting into minutia that we're probably not allowed to share in great detail, some things that worked on PC couldn't be ported exactly over to Wii U without affecting performance on the Nintendo console--and probably other consoles, too.

However, we're very happy with the results. Fidelity, image quality and a smooth framerate are our priorities. Detractors note, Wii U is proving very capable of running the game at 60fps at 720p with 4xMSAA and FXAA resulting in a crystal clear image. Here are some Wii U shots:

On the programming side these past few weeks our main programmer has been busy working on the AI and creating the type of competition we've discussed in the past--focusing on a fun arcade experience. Our goal is to be able to race against 30 cars in each race. If we hit that number we'll be quite happy.

Many of you have emailed us asking for a release date, unfortunately it's hard to give you a solid date but mid 2014 is our goal for now.

Thank you for being patient and even more thanks for all the support and interest in the project. It's kept us going and we love hearing from all of you!

Update #12

Update#12: New Video, Environments

Hello everyone,

I wanted this update to be a gameplay video but unfortunately the car handling is not ready to show yet. Instead I would like to share a video showing the latest developments for the race tracks. Excuse me for the quite bad youtube compression.

As many of you might have already figured out the game won't be out this year, targeting more platforms as well as creating more cars and tracks than what was originally planned have led to a longer development cycle.

We are working hard to get the physics right and get rid of any bugs and unwanted behavior while also working on the AI and general game structure. It's quite a challenge but every day we are getting closer.

Probably the biggest undertaking for this project, the art assets, tracks and cars are close to 90% done which means there is enough time to polish and optimize in order to get the best possible results.

Thank you!


Update #11

Help a fellow artist..

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Hello everyone,

this is not an update for the game, one will be coming very soon. It's about helping a very talented artist fight for his life.

Taken from another website:

"David Vigil, otherwise known as "That Vigilante" is suffering from Stage 2 Pancreatic cancer. Last year, David was also fighting for his life because of cancer, but with the help of some very generous people and the massive spread of word on twitter and such, enough money was raised to save him. Unfortunately, during a simple check-up, they found out that the cancer has spread and David is now in an even worse state than before. If David wants to get treated, he needs $48,000 before November 18th, which is a hell of a goal."

If you have some money to spare and want to help, you can go to:  

- His GoFundMe page and donate, or

- Go to his website and order any of his products (all the money will go directly towards funding David's treatment) as he has them in stock and can be shipped starting January.


Update #10

Update#10: Car Handling


Hello everyone,

here are a few words from Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis, we've been working together on the car handling among other things.

"At this point some of you may feel like we’ve been working on ‘90s Arcade Racer since the ‘90s. That’s not entirely true, while Antonis and I were indeed playing Scud Race (Super GT in the US) and Daytona USA some 20 years--that was just preparation for the game we’re developing now.

Here’s what’s been happening the last couple of months with ‘90s Arcade Racer.

Physics, physics and more physics!

In the 100+ hours I’ve spent on racetracks combined with the thousands of hours logged playing racing video games, there’s something that feels quite counterintuitive to the genre. You would think super realistic racing games would have super accurate and lifelike physics -- but that doesn't necessarily always make a better product. To really give the sensation of speed, gravity, lateral gravity, as a designer you end up removing many functions that make a vehicle simulation “real”, in the theoretical sense. A driving simulator, more often than not feels like a floaty, unresponsive boat. Part of that is because you can’t feel yourself slinking around a bucket seat, you don’t have the sensation of a vehicle’s weight shift between the four corners; there’s an entirely missing dimension in racing games.

Antonis and I are going for a fun and arcade racing feel, we’ve said that from the start. Those two descriptors are equally important to the project. Getting to the balance of an arcade feel while offering a challenging experience and still giving the car some complex real-world behaviors is where our own challenge begins.

Once you start playing a racing game, especially an arcade-style one, terminology like camber, caster, differentials, toe, torque and drivetrain are quickly forgotten. Initially I spent a lot of time trying to get an arcade feel out of a real vehicle simulation. After extensive experimentation what Antonis and I found was that it just wasn’t working.

In this case it’s much easier to build something from zero and create an experience that perfectly recreates the perception and expectation we all have of a typical arcade racer. Version 2.0 of ‘90s Arcade Racer physics is built within the expressed intention of creating a real arcade racing game. What that means is that the game is really feeling like should. The car reacts in a way that is indicative of an arcade racer, it moves and accelerates properly and now we have a really fun grip and drift mechanic within the game. Although it’s been challenging having to build physics from nothing, this has allowed us to really build the vehicles exactly how we want and how they should feel.

I’m pretty confident that we’re very much in the right direction with the physics and you’ll probably agree once you have an opportunity to play it. Antonis has been doing great work on creating the world of ‘90s Arcade Racer. But I’ll let him do that update in the very near future."


Update #9

update #9

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Hello everyone,

for this update I would like to concentrate on three new cars created by Evan Herbert.

His contribution to the game has been very important, not only by creating great art but also inspiring me to do better myself. You can see his portfolio here:

Here are some renders of the in game models:

Evan is also very passionate about racing games and even more so for classic arcade racers, he even managed to get the game running on a proper arcade machine!

The fotos where taken at:

Thank you!

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