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Help the Global Lives Project document 24 hours in the lives of 10 different transportation workers around the world.

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If we raise $5K more, an ANONYMOUS DONOR will MATCH EVERY DOLLAR!

Only a few hours left  to hit our stretch goal and produce the Lives in Transit: Educator Edition! An anonymous donor has stepped forward who will match every dollar that comes in over our original $25,000 goal by the time our campaign ends, if we make it to our stretch goals. Any extra donations you or your friends make will help to bring our Global Lives curriculum into schools around the world!

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What we’ll do:

If we reach our new $30,000 goal: We’ll produce the Lives in Transit: Educator Edition — a print and online toolkit for teachers around the world to use in their classroom to build global empathy and cross-cultural understanding.

If we receive $35,000 in Kickstarter pledges: We’ll bring our Lives in Transit Video Exhibit to an underserved middle school, reaching hundreds of students with diverse lives across the planet. This work builds on our collaboration with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education and Professor Denise Pope.

Gifts for our loyal supporters!

If we meet our stretch goal and hit $30,000 raised, every project backer will receive -- in addition to their other perks -- a free digital PDF download of the Global Lives Educator Edition, to share with teachers and students in your community!

Thanks to all the donations we’ve received so far, we’ll be able to document 24 hours in the lives of transportation workers like Nepali Sherpa porters, Cambodian cyclo peddlers, Filipino jeepney drivers, and more all around the world.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. (see FAQ for details)

"Global Lives is the ultimate immersive adventure, a completely unique chance to experience not just one, but ten alternate realities, in a single day. You get to really see and feel what it would be like to live another life, every ordinary and extraordinary detail of it, 10 times over. The first Global Lives series blew my mind. Lives in Transit promises to be a wild ride. I can't wait to find out where it takes us. And it's only possible because of a massively-scaled collaboration made up of filmmakers from around the world, and our Kickstarter backers. Please join me and support Global Lives today on Kickstarter and help unlock their matching grant from the National Endowment for the Arts!"

-Jane McGonigal

World-renowned game designer; Inventor of SuperBetter; Author of New York Times bestseller, Reality Is Broken.

The Project: Lives in Transit is a new series to be produced by the Global Lives Project. From bus fare collectors to flight attendants, mule packers to bicycle rickshaw drivers, we will faithfully capture 24 continuous hours of routines and rituals in the lives of 10 individuals instrumental in moving people and goods throughout our world.

This new series will stay true to Global Lives Project’s tenet of unfiltered access in the way that we follow participants, but it will be the first time we use a theme to juxtapose individuals with parallel circumstances, namely occupation, in order to highlight cross-cultural differences and universal similarities.

The production of Lives in Transit will bring together nearly 100 accomplished filmmakers and media artists to undertake a globally-collaborative work of art that raises questions about the relationship of human connection and disconnection, similarity and difference, distance and proximity.

The Complete Project Deliverables Include:

1. Production of ten 24-hour shoots and 10 video shorts.                              

2. Post-production of all 240 hours of footage.                                             

3. Transcription and translation of all 240 hours of footage.                          

4. Uploading full collection to YouTube and the Internet Archive where all footage is under Creative Commons licensing and can be downloaded in full HD quality.        

5. 10-screen immersive Video Installation Premiere (date and location TBD).  

About Global Lives:

The Global Lives Project is a video library of life experience. A nonprofit, volunteer-driven effort of 1000+ filmmakers, translators, and educators, we create and curate films that capture 24 continuous hours in the life of individuals from around the world. We use visual media to cultivate the ethics of global citizenship and cross-cultural empathy for a global audience.

Our first set of 10 films did really well, got a lot of press, etc. Over 100,000 viewers from 159 countries experienced our work at exhibitions and screenings, on our website and DVDs, and in classrooms. Here are a bunch of links for you to go through and see how awesome we are. For more information on how to get involved visit

Ambassadorial Circle

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is our second time producing a 10-country series of 24-hour video shoots. We have learned a lot from this endeavor, which has prepared us to go into this new series with more confidence and knowledge on how to mitigate challenges.

Per our National Endowment for the Arts grant agreement, we are required to match our grant from NEA. The support from Kickstarter will bring our total project budget to $100,000. When we accepted the grant, we created a "worse case senario" budget for only having $75,000 to complete the project. Without Kickstarter funds, we will have to reduce staff time dedicated to the project, and lower the budgets that we give to filmmakers to cover production costs, which would slow down production. However, the Global Lives Project's real resource is our community. Even without additional funds, we have the power to move people--getting them excited to participate in the creation of "Lives in Transit" as volunteers.

Although we have previously coordinated ten 24-hour shoots, this series is on a quicker timeline. We are currently receiving support from a pro bono team at Adobe, who are helping us revamp our production and translation guidelines to streamline our process. The new guidelines will help us manage multiple production teams and translation volunteers across countries simultaneously.

The biggest challenge we have faced over the years is getting 24 hours of footage translated with less common languages, especially in areas where internet access is low. We have had successful exhibitions in the past with powerful imagery and no subtitles. As our network continues to grow, we are hopeful that we will be able to get more people interested in volunteering to translate and coordinate translators in their home countries. Through a relationship with the Rosetta Project (, a global collaboration of language specialists building a publicly accessible digital library of human languages, we will be able to reach translators of less common languages.

Dealing with 240 hours of HD footage is extremely challenging. We are talking about 3-6 Terabytes for each series! We have developed a new file naming system to improve our organizing and processing of footage and metadata, that will make this series go a lot smoother. We have also developed a partnership with the Internet Archive who host all of our footage online. We deliver them a hard drive and they handle the uploading of all the footage. Once it is online, we are able to distribute the footage to other sites like YouTube and DotSub easily.

As for our rewards fulfillment, there is a challenge getting all the rewards delivered by the estimated time, but we know we will deliver everything promised. As a nonprofit, we have years of experience managing donor acknowledgement letters and gifts.


  • Yes, your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent permissible by federal law. The Global Lives Project is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, US tax ID #611524216. You'll receive an official donor acknowledgement letter by January 31, 2013. The amount of the tax deduction excludes the fair market value of gifts received, which will be specified in your acknowledgement letter.

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