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Wireless, modular motion tracking system for the most natural and intuitive interaction with video games, virtual reality, and more.
Wireless, modular motion tracking system for the most natural and intuitive interaction with video games, virtual reality, and more.
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STEM System at GDC 2014


We will be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week to demo the STEM System with our latest software. Everyone attending GDC is invited to visit our booth on the expo floor.

GDC booth details: 
March 19 and 20: 10 AM - 6 PM 
March 21: 10 AM - 3 PM 
Moscone Center, San Francisco 
South Hall booth 2515  

We will be showing the following demos with the STEM System: 

Portal 2 VR 

Stop our booth and try the Sixense Portal 2 MotionPack in VR using three STEM trackers and an Oculus Rift where we put you inside Aperture Science Laboratories and you become Chell. This demo showcases our SixenseVR SDK integrated into Valve's Source engine and allows the player to navigate and solve puzzles in the Portal 2 MotionPack using the STEM System’s natural motion interface and body tracking. Come experience VR and Portal 2 like never before! 

SixenseVR SDK Preview 

The SixenseVR SDK provides a skeletal IK solution for the STEM System. We will conduct the presentation hourly during the show to demonstrate how easy it is for developers to get started working with our motion tracking solution inside of VR. We will show our Unity integration and walk a developer through the process of setting up a Sixense avatar with any character model rigged for Mecanim. In just a few minutes a developer can have a custom character interacting inside of VR using a calibration-free, intuitive motion input scheme that projects your upper torso onto the game character. 

The Gallery: Six Elements 

Cloudhead Games will be with us in booth 2515 with an exclusive look at the opening act of The Gallery: Six Elements. Set upon the moody shores of a wind-swept West Coast beach, this immersive puzzle environment begs to be explored with novel control schemes and their new proprietary "VR Comfort Mode". 


Those of you who have not experienced our 3D modeling solution in person are invited to see it with the STEM System. 

Stop by and tell us what you think! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Toby on

      Just noticed shipping is not to far away, July? What is the process in order to get our units shipped to us? Not sure if I have already provided my address details, will this come later? I'm sure I was already charged for the unit, but not sure if shipping was charged (international shipping that is).

    2. Missing avatar

      Regis Kopper on

      Are you guys going to be at the IEEE Virtual Reality conference next week?

    3. badhras on

      Can we still expect delivery in July of this year?

    4. Antonie Bouman on

      I can't find any GDC information / review or anything from you guys? You where there?

    5. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      I am with Ben Lorenz on this one, an update on production and verification of the shipping date would be nice to know (July 2014, end of July is 137 days!). Are you guys on track?

    6. Ben Lorenz on

      Are there any anticipated production delays? Have the units been finalized and submitted for whatever testing and clearence is necessary? It's just that we hear a lot about different Expos around that the unit will be demoed, but little to nothing in regards to manufactoring. So I assume everything is on-track and we should expect no major delays past the anticipated delivery?

    7. frederic tarabout on

      Great news, I ll see you there. Excited to test it!