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Wireless, modular motion tracking system for the most natural and intuitive interaction with video games, virtual reality, and more.
Wireless, modular motion tracking system for the most natural and intuitive interaction with video games, virtual reality, and more.
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    1. Antonie Bouman 6 days ago

      So Sixense did you already choke on your plastics? hope that is the reason everything is so quiet here.

    2. Peter Sassaman on

      Anyone want a Cilia instead? I am about to send out a 3rd and soon after a 4th dev kit and I have not even been payed any money so far and am a startup pretty much just consisting of myself. I know three doesn't sound like much but hey it's coming out of my day job's, as a software engineer, paycheck.

    3. Antonie Bouman on

      Nope the morons at Sixense are not working on this project anymore and used you to get capital invested by some other parties and you are not important anymore in any sense.

      It is criminal offense and Kickstarter is supporting that kind of things.

    4. Robert Silva on

      is this still a thing ?

    5. Antonie Bouman on

      So? how are the plastics going Sixense? Still not able to fix that?

      OR.. should I ask how the vacation is going? spending the money on fun and drinks?

    6. Craig Delancy on

      @Playhouse Entertainment
      I was under the impression nobody actually received the prototype units they were supposed to get. How was the tracking on it?

    7. Tumor on


      Buckle in, it will probably be your Grandson that will follow up....

    8. Ray on

      Can't believe it become five years, cheers up Sixense, unless u want to leave the market.... I already told my 8 years old son about this story.... he will follow up incase i ......

    9. Airborne Gonzo on

      I just saw the video from @playhouse and to me it seems that the shells on the controllers fit together well, what are we waiting for...

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh Lama on

      For those who don't know, kickstarter doesn't care. I have contacted them many times about this project. Sadly this project has broken me and I will not fund any other projects.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven Chu on

      Looks like others are doing electro-magnetic tracking for controllers:,37344.html

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph Renna on

      Came by hoping to see some sort of update. I'm not really surprised that there isn't one.

      I backed this thing way back in my first semester of college, and something tells me I'm going to graduate with a masters before I ever see this thing.

    13. Tumor on

      @Antonie Bouman

      Kickstarter isn't reacting to inqueries because they don't care. The only thing they are worried about is the fee they charge for successful campaigns. Once they get that, they are done. Their TOS is non-binding. That is why it is incredibly successful to scam people on Kickstarter.

    14. Antonie Bouman on

      It makes me sad to see other companies still do business with Sixense.

      Did for examples the people from kickstarter ever contact them? Why are they ( not reacting on inqueries?

      Well I stopped using Kickstarter because of this project guess thats the only thing you can do as a backer.

    15. Missing avatar

      Vadim Soloviev on

      Another Kickstarter project that never lived up to the hype. Sadly, this would be the last thing I back because of this disappointing experience. I hope that people who scam their backers will live short and terrible lives.

    16. PlayHouse Entertainment on

      @CraigDelancy I've had a prototype STEM System since 2015. Posted a link in the comments when I received it with video proof. Here it is again:…

    17. Craig Delancy on

      @Playhouse You can't sell something that doesn't exist.

      White-collar criminals like Amir Rubin almost never face justice, but we need to change that.

    18. Antonie Bouman on

      We should be receiving 3D printed samples of the updated geometry next week, before we initiate the tool change to do an assembly level check fit to ensure the design update. Assuming that the fix works, the tool change and samples, should not take more than four weeks. We are getting close to be able to start production, so please stay with us through this final phase.....

      so?? update?

    19. PlayHouse Entertainment on

      @everyone I'm looking to sell my STEM System Prototype. If anyone is interested please send me a message.

    20. PlayHouse Entertainment on

      Not sure if you've all read this article or not, as it's from May 2017, but has some questions answered by Rubin regarding the delays and refund situation.

    21. Tumor on


      I hope you all don't expect refunds, or anything at all because Kickstarter washed their hands of this 5 years ago once they were paid. Their ToS is obviously not a legally binding contract.

      Sadly we all got shafted. As much as I would love to get my $150 back (and would probably be cheaper than actually building these controllers) I know it's gone and I will get nothing in return. At least Bloodstained will actually come out (the last Kickstarter I ever did and will ever, back).

    22. Ray on

      my son is 8 years old now, and little already 3 years old..........

    23. maarten van grinsven on

      These guys even had the guts to produce MakeVR ( a failed kickstarter project as seen here (…) Who paid for the development of this software? Thatby the way uses controlers like the vive or oculus touch.

    24. Antonie Bouman on

      It is sad it still display a big ‘success’ if you look at the project...

      Well it is the project that made me stop using kickstarter because how they handled it.

      I really don’t mind failed kickstarter projects but they should be forced by kickstarter to communicate about it.

      It should be made clear that the crooks at sixense didn’t succeed.

    25. Rob Welsh on

      this project is from FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO and they have delivered NOTHING.
      Swindler Took Everyones Money

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on

      Two weeks exactly from my post below. Nothing. So now two weeks since they should have started production. All emails to them during this time ignored.

      What a total embarrassment of a company - with the likes of HTC / Oculus / Prusa and others thriving, these pathetically inexperienced little minnows have no business at trade shows or in this industry full stop...

    27. Antonie Bouman on

      So how is the 'updated geometry'? any news on the plastics?

    28. Richard Lee on

      Another year, another fail, sixense just admit your incompetent, and issue those refunds, this is pathetic

    29. Missing avatar

      burleybrawler on

      I've been patient for a while now. But to find out money is still being thrown around on GDC events rather than refunds is quiet quite maddening. Why would you continue working on anything else at all until you get this handled? I backed this because it was the promise of high end tracking when there wasn't anything out yet for DK1. Now Vive trackers have made the product completely redundant, and all you have left is bad will. Half a decade wait for a technology product is absurd in a rapidly developing field like VR. Save some face and refund us ASAP!

    30. Antonie Bouman on

      I know it is hypothetical (as this hardware doesn't exist) but IF there would be such a thing as what the Sixense idiots promissed wouldn't that be a excelent addition to a headset like the Oculus GO?

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Jarram on

      It is now 6 weeks since the March update, where it was stated:-

      "We should be receiving 3D printed samples of the updated geometry next week, before we initiate the tool change to do an assembly level check fit to ensure the design update. Assuming that the fix works, the tool change and samples, should not take more than four weeks. We are getting close to be able to start production, so please stay with us through this final phase."

      This means production should now be starting. Sixense - can you please confirm this and provide a clear shipping schedule to KS backers... no more excuses. Thank you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      Thanks for the update maarten van grinsven. Kinda good to hear that they actually replaced your prototype at some point.
      Is their software usable? Can you use the controllers with the odyssey, vive or rift?
      Not sure if they gave you a stem pack of some type, could you stick it on gear vr or somthing else?
      Just wondering how compatible they are with other products and how user friendly their software is.
      So far they sting us along with updates about plastic but no status on anything else.

    33. Antonie Bouman on

      So Sixense scam artist where are we? working on the plastics?

    34. maarten van grinsven on

      My original prototype broke down. i got a replacement version which works doesn't seem to charge the controllers. so I need to charge them with additional usb cables. kinda sucks. also the connection now runs with an additional router, it feels like a step back. I never got the same results (which were pretty good) as with the previous prototype. I have lost faith in this product or it's creators.

    35. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      Maarten van grinsven, any updates on that prototype they sent you?

    36. maarten van grinsven on


    37. Antonie Bouman on

      :( My guess is head crook Amir is not wanting to show his head on the floor. Afraid of the questions that will be asked.

    38. Missing avatar

      Steven Chu on

      Way to pivot and become an archery vr gaming company. Maybe they'll offer up SiegeVR as a consolation prize.

    39. Missing avatar

      Yutaka Hirata on

      Hi all,
      STEM does not exist in the Sixense GDC booth. They seem to promote e sports.

    40. Missing avatar

      Yutaka Hirata on

      Their updated topic at pre GDC week is also plastic again.
      This is a business model that will be exempt the pledge from forever if updating the 3D model of slightly modified plastic every few months.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alberto Torres Ruiz on

      Someone go to the GDC booth and tell them I want STEM without plastic case! DIY kit! I'll print my own case!

    42. Missing avatar

      Bobby Congdon on

      How are we still waiting on these almost 4 years after estimated delivery? I no longer have any use for this. A refund seems very unlikely, but I'd really like my money back on this one... left me with a bad taste for Kickstarters.

    43. Sean Concannon on

      Sixense, the smartest thing to do here is offer the legacy drivers you said you'd provide. You've lost major revenue not taking advantage of the fact that Oculus never provided touch support for the DK2 and Vive. There's still a handful of people using the Razer Hydra with SteamVR Hydra driver integration to play the latest VR games (myself included). If you offered current legacy driver support for SteamVR and Oculus Home or at least integrated it with Revive at least people could continue using the Hydra for now and you'd build a driver backbone for Stem integration. We don't want to hear about plastic updates, it's an expected issue and something that should have been rectified a long time ago. The clock is ticking, Oculus and Valve are taking all your potential controller revenue while you continue dragging things out in vaporware fashion.

    44. Missing avatar

      Josh Lama on

      This kickstarter is the reason I have lost faith in Kickstarters. I have contacted Kickerstarter a number of times about this project but they really don't care. Considering Sixsense is not a new company and has made many other devices, if they cared at all they would have given our money back a long time ago.

      SO shame on Kickstarter for letting this continue
      Shame on Sixsense for dragging this out


    45. Missing avatar

      Poz on

      Is it possible to get an update on the development of the tracking technology - both on the hardware and software - side of things?
      As well as an update on the internals of each item (base, stem packs and controllers)?
      What about the mobile version of the base station or those other stem packs that plug into your phone... ??
      Why always updates about the plastic?

    46. Michael Banks on

      The more we post to Reddit the more it will be noticed... Amir Rubin needs be be taken down

    47. Michael Banks on

      @ Kirk Morgar ... totally agree with you post regarding Posting to Reddit about Sixense & Amur Rubin.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kirk Morger on
      2400 sqf = $223200, and that doesn't even get you artwork, union labor for lights and truss, or a booth babe. So yeah, real money, lots of it.
      This of course immediately reminds me of how proud they were in their June 23rd, 2016 update when they shared their Eureka moment, tapering the coil housing to cut shipping costs of the plastics from China. Ah, good memories...
      I won't be attending GDC, which is probably for the best. I do, however, wish them well.

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