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$66,294 pledged of $250,000 goal
$66,294 pledged of $250,000 goal

Re-booting MakeVR


Hi everyone,

After carefully considering all of the feedback we’ve received over the last few days from the Kickstarter community, as well as from our partners and our endorsers, we’ve decided to suspend the MakeVR Kickstarter project so that we can make some adjustments. We then plan to re-introduce MakeVR as soon as possible. Your comments have already resulted in some improvements, and the attention we’ve received has opened opportunities to create an even better offering.  

In the meantime, we welcome your continued support, criticism, comments, and advice. That’s why we came to Kickstarter in the first place. Keep following this page as we’ll continue to respond to you and post updates. And look for an even better MakeVR soon!

Also, a special thank you to our current backers for your willingness to embrace new technology that will benefit many people across many disciplines in the near future.  

-Amir Rubin & the MakeVR team

Creating a 3D scene using MakeVR


We’ve shown you several videos of individual models being built in MakeVR. In the video below, we show a slightly different type of build. For this, we challenged one of our interns to select one of his favorite pieces of art and then to use MakeVR to re-create it in the virtual environment. He chose a stage set designed by a well known artist for the opera Turandot. The video shows the build as well as the very efficient navigation through the newly constructed 3D scene using MakeVR’s intuitive interface. We look forward to hearing more about how you will use MakeVR.

Kickstarter backers will be entitled to lifetime software updates


CORRECTION to Update #4: "Expanded beta program and new backer levels"

Kickstarter backers will be entitled to lifetime software updates for MakeVR and Collaborate3D.

Thanks for supporting us and we appreciate your continued feedback.

MakeVR Team

Expanded beta program and new backer levels


In reading your messages and comments, we have been (pleasantly) surprised by the willingness and desire of MakeVR backers to participate in the beta program. 

Based on this, we have made some significant adjustments to our development plans in order to expand the number of beta participants, and also to make it all more accessible. Today, we are introducing two new reward tiers that include beta access. 

Here are details of the new rewards:

  • $295 – MakeVR with beta access plus two-controller STEM System 
  • $95 – Software-only MakeVR with beta access 

Beta launch is scheduled for August 2014. In addition, each of the new reward tiers will include Collaborate3D (with beta access in August 2014), a limited-edition avatar, and MakeVR and Collaborate3D software updates through 2015.

We are sending this information as an update so that current backers can have an opportunity to switch reward selections as soon as possible. 

Thanks for supporting us and we appreciate your continued feedback. 

Helicopter built in MakeVR and exported to .OBJ for Maya


Here's a video showing a helicopter being built in MakeVR and then exported in .OBJ format for Maya. This gives a good glimpse of how MakeVR can be a powerful tool for the experienced user. We also added this video to the main page.