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$2,270 pledged of $125,000 goal
$2,270 pledged of $125,000 goal

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    1. Ivan Fleming on

      I'd love to see this happen. But I can't see over $120K being raised in 3 days with the rate which it has gone. Maybe if you patched up the original and got it greenlit on Steam and maybe did a Desura release, you could make a bit for funding the game. Either way, a lot of people would like to see that back on Steam.

    2. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      Thanks! Hope you'll be a good example for all the other guys: we desperately need more 10K backers!

    3. Matthew Smith on

      Backed for 10k. Let's do this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Toyoch on

      Backed. I remember preordering SvM 1 and I laughed it so hard at how bad and hilarious it is.

      Do we get to see StaliNyanCat?

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    6. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      Sure. We took extra time (45 days instead of usual 30) in part because we'll have additional 2 weeks for the campaign, production of extra materials and having more fun.
      We're planning at least one major video update this week. A "Dancing Stalin" type of thing. And even more stuff later. In a way, what we have right now is only a warm-up for the real campaign!

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    8. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      Thanks Mike! Anyway, we plan to introduce a different type of gameplay in SvM3. And much less flawed. Yeah, SvM wasn't about gameplay at all, but the fact that it was very raw (because it was, like, beta) kinda killed all the fun for many people.
      That's why we see Kickstarter as an opportunity to make things right and have a proper budget for that. We're having lots of fun with Stalin games, but we're very serious in our intentions to show some decent gameplay.

    9. Mike Breitkreutz on

      I would back this even if the gameplay weren't improved over the original. The first one was hilarious good fun.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    11. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      Nice avatar, Gabriel! :)
      Thanks for your support!

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joachim Diepstraten on

      Best spoof campaign I've seen in ages! Hats up! Alone for that you should succeed

    14. Sergey Ternovykh on

      ИGORъ, я твой фанат)
      Видео смог досмотреть только из-за тебя...как же я смеялся)

    15. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      Hi Antony,
      Yeah, we're trying to inform people. It depends on the press a lot (and some press is writing about SvM3 now). But there will be some significant updates and hopefully it will increase awareness.

    16. Antony - Hamster of Obsidian Order on

      Scott, do you plan some kind of media coverage of your project? As, let's be realistic, right now nobody knows about your project (i.e. donation speed indicates this)

    17. Eugene on

      Stalin commandeth to dance!
      to Don Reba
      Oh, common, $10, $25... do you really not interested to see this game in life? The World is boring ehough so what does the cost means when we talking about having fun? :)

    18. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      At $25 you actually get 2 games instead of one :)

      And we're not Double Fine or someone like them. We don't have the opportunity to do what they do. Including "grab money from the backers and then ask publisher for funding". We asking for money to actually develop the game. And trying to give away as much as we can.

    19. Don Reba on

      At $25, the game is $10 more expensive than Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2, and $5 more than Project Eternity and Tides of Numenera. Good luck with that…

    20. Scott Cromie 2-time creator on

      We think it is kinda boring to develop SvM2. So we decided to skip this one and develop SvM3 instead.

    21. Missing avatar

      perrie iles on

      my thoughts exactly...

    22. Christopher Glass on

      Soo... Stalin vs. Martians 2?...