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$7,612 pledged of $20,000 goal
By Inkd Webcomic Reader
$7,612 pledged of $20,000 goal

The Clock Ticks

We have to admit, it's been a pretty awesome past few days! The article in Wired generated a ton of great buzz, and we learned these statistics about it's performance as of yesterday:

"the wired article posted 1489 page views and 1368 unique visitors, or about 3.7% of the daily flow of all Wired articles. To put it in perspective, our front page typically gets about 7-8% of all traffic.."

Something else that was extremely radical, is that Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots wrote a very complimentary blog post about us! In a really unfortunate stroke of bad-timing, the company that hosts her site had their servers attacked (which are still down) and so it was only up for a day. We just so happen to have a super-secret copy of the text, which you can read:

"Justin and Benedict talked to me about their app ideas at least a year ago (perhaps even earlier?) and their dreams are finally becoming a reality... with your help, that is!  

Ink'd will be more of a comics publishing platform, which means that if you love webcomics, there will be tons to read, and if you create webcomics, you'll have a place to start publishing on mobile devices. Wired recently featured a heartwarming article about what Ink'd could mean for budding creators. I'm offering my own incentive for people who donate; for $125, you'll get an original GWS strip from me (shipping included), personalized as you wish. You can either request a certain character(s) and I'll look for an original with him/her/them in it, or you can request a specific strip and I'll check to see if I still have its original for you. :) There are only three of these, so act fast!

I hope you'll help them out! If nothing else, it'd be nice to validate them for their hard work on this project, which has been created with webcartoonists in mind (they've mined my brain for feedback numerous times while they were designing the app, to make sure it would help us creators rather than hurt us!)."Danielle Corsetto 

The thread we posted on Reddit got some excellent action as well, and had an impact on pledges. Thanks for helping us pump it up! We posted another one today that has not only generated some good up-votes, but also some great discourse. Drop us some Karma if you have a quick second: 

Another cool moment was getting the attention of Andrew Hyde (Founder of Startup Weekend!) who dropped us a pledge and tweeted the campaign out to his people! If you'd be so kind as to retweet it for us to your folks, that'd be super cool of you:

In these last several hours (30 to be exact) it's still important to bring in as many pledges as we can, as all of those who've pledged (you wonderful people, you!) become a support mechanism for us going forward no matter the outcome of the campaign. So, it means a lot to us that you've decided to pledge, and need your help sharing it with anyone you see fit. Here's a direct link to the campaign:

Thanks again for being involved, and we'll talk to you tomorrow! Always feel free to leave comments and/or ask us questions on the campaign page, through twitter, or email via! :)

The Inkd Team


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    1. Bravarian Paw Studios on January 31, 2013

      In time like this it is when I want to win the lottery.