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Sneak in, find treasures, avoid cats and collect the loot before time runs out! Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on May 18, 2014.

Sneak in, find treasures, avoid cats and collect the loot before time runs out!

About this project

RATS - Time is running out!

RATS is a bank robbery game in which the player progresses in a world where time is of the essence; every second counts!

This game gives you the opportunity to live a bank robber’s life from the strategic management of time to the excitement of a robbery.

The mission? Retrieve the money from the pigs without being caught by the cats or the roosters!

Basically it’s action, survival, cheese and strategy all wrapped up in a small package!

An accessible game with a specific objective

The game proposes short tasks, starting from planning and upgrading your Rat to rob the loot before your time runs out! Our objective is specific : to make you experience the adrenaline rush felt by a bank robber during a heist. 


RATS is a cross between Gauntlet and Pac-Man with a hint of Roguelike elements.

  • Gauntlet (NES) : For its arcade feel, its musical style and the urgency feeling you get while discovering the different levels. 
  • Pac-Man (Arcade) : For the simplicity of its level design. 
  • FTL : We must admit, we have been playing FTL for several hours and we just love the Roguelike genre it brings! 

The Game

RATS puts you in the position of a bank robber and evokes the adrenaline rush of a heist.  You will be consumed by the desire to acquire the loot and have a clean getaway ! You will constantly be pressured to take quick and strategic decisions in order to succeed before time runs out.

Want to try it ?

You can download our first prototype here.

What is to come?

In its present state, the available demo is not complete. That said, the following aspects mentioned will be implemented for the release of RATS.

  • Pigs.
  • Other playable RATS with special abilities.
  • Rat's hideout where you choose which character to play with, mission & tools selection.
  • Array of artistic elements to diversify the next maps.
  • A market to purchase tools & abilities.
  • Achievements.
  • Develop for IPad and Android.
  • And much more!

An original world and story line

The player takes on the role of a fearless and courageous young rat with the mission to take back the accumulated wealth of the Pig empire !  In order to do this, he will appropriate and use items, evade the cats, avoid the roosters and manage is precious time to succeed.  

The goal of the game is simple :  save the planet from an evil plan of world domination! Easy to say but to do that,  the player has 30 days to rob as many banks as possible and reach the financial objective to overthrow the power! Each game contains random events and achievements and new RATS to obtain and discover. 

Since life is unpredictable and unforgivable, RATS proposes a combination of randomness : events which have an impact on your mission, beneficial encounters with third parties who want to help, a unique opportunity to obtain a specific item and many more which will influence the outcome and experience of one game to another. 

Rewards for good moves

Speed cheeses, coins magnets, bobby pins and hats are some of the articles which will help you attain your goal.

The pressure of time and the feeling to be between freedom and prison

Pressed by time ? You have not seen anything yet ! It is pressured by a diabolical countdown that the player will have to fulfil tasks and reach goals.  

Prison if you get caught …

We will not sweetened the pill : once the time is gone, prison is where you will be sent to ponder about what you did wrong! 

Why Kickstarter?

Developing a game requires great creative effort, tons of hours of programming and a huge amount of art resources. Making a game is one thing, but being able to stand out is another.

Until now, we have built an Alpha of the game (main features are completed) thanks to many hours of passionate work, in the evenings, late at night and on the weekends. To ensure the game will be available on multiple platforms, and for the marketing of RATS, we need a substantial amount of money.

Your generous contributions will be used as follows:

  • Equipment costs : The team needs an IPad and an Android to port RATS to both operating systems.
  • Company costs : We still need to pay for license fees(Spine, FMod, etc.) and other administrative expenses.
  • Cost of wages: We are glad to have made it this far, but we would love to be able to completely dedicate ourselves to the project (and eat something else than ramens!).
  • Fine-tuning and Improvements : Develop RATS to its full potential.

Game Access 

  • OS: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8, Mac OSX 10.6+ or Linux 
  • CPU: 2GHz 
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Graphics: 256 MB, minimum resolution of 1024×768, dedicated card recommended
  • Disk Space: <1GB

About us 

After years of development, between day jobs, family, kids and secretly trying to unlock all the ships in F.T.L, our first project Aztaka is now available on all the main platforms.

But now, what can we do next to achieve total independence and go back to our passion of making games? Win the lottery? Rob a bank? No, wait…Make a game about robbing banks!

So, since last October we dove head first into a new adventure: RATS, an innovative and fun game about time and money!

The team

  • Jonathan Mercier – Producer/Programmer : Owner of the company, Jonathan tries to keep his daily life balanced between teaching, family and a passion for programming and making games.
  • Samuel Mercier – Level/Game Designer:As the eldest team member, Samuel harmonises his life by working outside in the fields and expressing is creativity and leadership in the game industry.
  • Joël Montpetit – Music/Sound Effects/Web Master:Joël understands quickly, produces music and is efficient. But don’t ask what he does with his free time late at night… he turns himself into Drackq, hip hop electronic music producer.
  • Alexandre Tapin – Illustrator/Animator : Life, Love & Chocolate!
  • Danny Groleau – Programmer: “Life is way to short. I wish i had time to explore universe, to change the world, to play game and … Oops it‘s already 2 o‘clock.”

Risks and challenges

We have learned a lot since we published our first title Aztaka in 2009. Since then, we have gained more experience in releasing a game. We are now confident in our ability to deliver a product of high quality and ensure that whomever gets the game has a great experience.

Proper content updates and expansion packs will be planned before launch and developed after, based on the input of the community. This will reduce the chances of delay and putting your investments at risk.

If you like what you see, we invite you to join us on this great adventure!

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Funding period

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