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The 8th Annual New York Polish Film Festival (NYPFF) is bringing Poland’s latest, most riveting cinematic feats to the United States!

The annual New York Polish Film Festival (NYPFF) is back again! Each year, we bring the latest in sensational Polish cinema to audiences in the New York City metropolitan area. From comedies, to adventures, to coming-of-age dramas, we screen the most creative and exciting selections that Polish directors have to offer, and that film enthusiasts in the United States may not otherwise have a chance to see.
This year, we also need your help to make our festival a success. Our staff is entirely volunteers, and we depend on your generous donations to cover the costs of renting the theater, transporting the film reels, printing the tickets, and advertising to get the word out into the community! Any donation will have a great impact on our festival!

NYPFF 2012 - Film Selection

FEATURE Films invited to the 8th Annual Polish Film Festival:
In Darkness (W Ciemnosci ) - dir by Agnieszka Holland, 2011, Poland
Rosa (Róża) - Wojciech Smarzowski, 2011, Poland
Entanglement (Uwikłanie) - Jacek Bromski, 2010, Poland
Suicide Room (Sala samobójców) - Jan Komasa, 2011
Expelled (Wydalony) - Adam Sikora , 2011, Poland
My Australia ( Moja Australia) - Ami Drozd, Poland/Israel
In the Name of the Devil ( W imieniu diabla) - Barbara Sas - Zdort, 2011, Poland

The Path to Beyond (Droga na druga strone) - dir Anca Damian, 2011, Romania/Poland
Dans les pas de Marie Curie (Śladami Mari Skłodowskiej-Curie) - dir Krzysztof Rogulski, 2011, France/Poland
Pola Negri -Life is a Dream in Cinema - Mariusz Kotowski, 2006, USA
My Notes from the Underground ( Moje notatki z podziemia) - Jacek Petrycki
My Pierestoika (Moja Pierestojka) - Robin Hessman, 2010, USA/UK
Why Competition? ( Dlaczego konkurs?) - Christina Jezior, 2010, Germany/Poland

The Thief (Zlodziej) - Bartek Rainski, 2008
“http://” - Bartosz Kruhlik, PWSFTviT, Poland
Twist & Blood - Kuba Czekaj, 2010, Poland
The Barbican ( Barbakan) - Bartlomiej Żmuda, PWSFTvIT, 2010, Poland

The Festival’s TRIBUTE to Andrzej Wajda Master School of Directing in Warsaw

The 10th year Anniversary Selections of Best Short and Documentaries Films:

Program #1
Aria Diva | 30' | 2007 | Agnieszka Smoczyńska
Bon Appetit | 31' | 2010 | Kuba Maciejko
Telefono | 4' | 2004 | Marcin Wrona
Przyrzeczona | 14' | 2010 | Lesław Dobrucki

Program #2
Trójka do wzięcia | 35' | 2006 | Bartek Konopka
Glasgow | 30' | 2010 | Piotr Subbotko
Za płotem | 12' | 2005 | Marcin Sauter
Andrzej Wajda: Róbmy zdjęcie! | 54' | 2008 | Zespół Paladino


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