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$53,447 pledged of $150,000 goal
$53,447 pledged of $150,000 goal

UPDATE #3 - New55 FILM halts this Kickstarter campaign


Many of you already know about this, but for those who don't, the news is that we need to suspend this campaign because a key part – the pod – may not be available in sufficient quantity to fulfill the rewards. Kickstarter rules are clear about our need for diligence in communicating with you and fulfilling rewards, and when we launched this campaign we did not know that these pods were not going to be available.

Since the time we heard the news, we've been exploring alternatives and costs and revisiting the various pod-making schemes we had in the past. Some of these involve machinery that can be built but at a price well outside this campaign or our own ability to fund.

Another important consideration is that we have no “personal cushion” of cash to bail us out in case something else goes wrong, like it did in the first successful Kickstarter campaign that many of you helped fund. Those who have been following along know that Bob put in an additional six-figure amount to make sure we'd finish the rewards – something we cannot expect him to do again.

Because we have reason to think we will not be able to fulfill rewards, we have canceled this fundraising effort. This means your credit card will not be charged and no money will change hands.

We will also take immediate steps to replenish the New55 FILM online store with the supplies that we do have and continue to supply supporters until the materials run out. We have enough for another 1,000 boxes of New55 PN on hand and of course there are also products such as Atomic-X 4x5 sheet film, 1SHOT ready-loaded sheet film, R5 MONOBATH DEVELOPER and other products from New55 FILM that may or may not continue, depending on demand.

At this time we also want to thank all the enthusiastic supporters who helped bring New55 PN into being. The list of those who have cheered us on would be too long to print! We've also learned much, including the real economic status of the two distinct “peelapart” instant film markets: The 4x5 market is moneyed and viable, just as it always has been – at a higher price of course – something that cannot be said for the smaller formats. 4X5 photography will continue into the future. This is certain.

We are especially proud of our accomplishments in the formulation of an all-new Diffusion Transfer Reversal (DTR) receiver sheet which departs greatly from Polaroid-type materials and instead uses new, environmentally safer materials and nontoxic solvent-free processes. Of course “The Thing,” which is the plywood and plumbing fixture machine concocted by Bob in a dark hour, continues to amuse and amaze with its excellent coating performance. It serves, for now, as an ironic reminder of how innovation may proceed, or not. We have a solid roadmap of how to improve everything we make beyond anything the large companies that exited the market once made. Other areas we feel we have contributed to in the photographic arts and sciences include the potential for an all-new color peelapart process that began when we took Impossible's integral negative and processed it with Fuji's reagent onto our receiver sheet and got a color positive print. Out of that base technology, and IP, we can foresee several entirely new game-changing photographic film products that you have not heard of before. We have never lacked technical ability to see these through to production, but only lacked the money and machinery. Impossible has been an ally, and a good supplier of materials, and we wish them well, along with other very important vendors such as 20X24 Studio LLC, Accutech Packaging of Massachusetts, Shenbei (Group) Co. Ltd. of China, Photographer's Formulary, Alufoil Products, FOTOIMPEX, macodirect, Graphic Composition, Lion Labels, Inc., Retrospekt LLC, Four Slide Spring and Stamp (flawless clips!), Nyacol, Sigma-Aldrich, Sigma Life Sciences, Purest Colloids, Brenntag Specialties, Inc., Masterflex, McMaster-Carr, Flexcon, and dozens of others who supplied often hard-to-get materials and custom-made parts.

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    1. Ralph Brandi
      on July 10, 2017

      This is another dark hour. I hope that you'll take inspiration from The Thing and come up with another amazing solution. I've really enjoyed shooting your materials, including the short-lived color material, which I was just shooting a week or so ago. I would hate to see it disappear, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to shoot it while it's been available. Thank you for that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Gamble on July 5, 2017

      Yes, you've done a great job, this is a real shame ..
      Wishing you every success for the future