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Growing Food Forests on the rez
Growing Food Forests on the rez
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Some unusual choices

I wanted to share some of the species we are using in the food forest - 

Goji Berry - we don't know how this will do here, but we want to find out. If we can find a healthy food that can also be a cash crop that people can grow at Pine Ridge, this could be beneficial in a number of ways. We think it will grow well.

Linden or basswood tree (tilia americana) - a beautiful, large shade tree and windbreak that also has edible leaves that taste like salad, and many medicinal uses. Bees love the flowers and honey from the tree is delicious. 

Nanking cherry - a tough little bush that survives the heat, cold, wind and drought on the prairie and produces fruit that tastes a lot like cherries. Our Nankings from last year are doing great. 

Serviceberry - another tough plant (native) that produces blueberry like fruit loaded with anti-oxidant. This is becoming a popular cash crop juice drink in Canada and elsewhere. 

Nodding onion - we are including several wild native onions and garlic, but this is my favorite - it spreads by bending over and rooting from its flower. We like onions that replant themselves. :-)

Timpsila - very popular food of the Lakota that is still enjoyed. Harvests are often community affairs and a fun experience for all. 

Blue-eyed grass - beautiful iris-like wild flower

and many more!


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    1. Danielle Costello on May 2, 2012

      Awesome choices, they sound like some good sturdy plants. I hope you have good luck with the Goji Berry. You never know with plants, I've a Calamansi that's native to the Philippines but loves the weather in South GA. Here's hoping it goes well!