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Planting healthy, useful trees, fruit trees and vegetables and creating clean water supply for Lakota at Pine Ridge reservation.
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Koreen Brennan

84 backers pledged $3,220 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you thank you!

And thank you again for your support!!!  We are really excited about what we are going to be able to do with these funds, and are doing.

Today, we planted 25 trees at Earth Tipi and left more for that organization to give out. We trained several more volunteers how to plant the trees and are spreading the knowledge - these volunteers work regularly on the reservation and are interested in helping to do more tree planting projects! They are a great resource which we were unaware of previously. 

We stopped at Wounded Knee to pay our respects and met some residents there who are working on a community garden and want wind break trees to help protect it so we will deliver some there tomorrow. One volunteer also wants to help them create a web site for their beautiful Lakota crafts and jewelry so they can reach a bigger audience. Wounded Knee is a place where Lakota craftspeople can sell their art, as many people stop there. Much of this art is very high quality work and deserves to be more broadly seen. One artist is a single mom and was excited to hear that she might be able to make sales while staying at home with her baby. 

We picked up 75 more bushes - sand cherries, serviceberries and siberian pea shrub. All very hardy for this zone and the berries are also delicious and packed with nutrition. We will plant these in a swale (water collecting ditch) I dug earlier at OLCERI and at Thunder Valley, and also give some away with instructions/care package. 

Tonight we're measuring the area that we will fence off to protect from horses, and tomorrow we'll visit Thunder Valley to work out our tree giveaways and other logistics for the planting there,  and finish planting trees at OLCERI, hopefully!

Thank you so much for your support - we will announce it tonight and I know the volunteers will be excited.