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Planting healthy, useful trees, fruit trees and vegetables and creating clean water supply for Lakota at Pine Ridge reservation.
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Koreen Brennan

84 backers pledged $3,220 to help bring this project to life.


Some photos of our journey below

Volunteers Nancy and Dawn are getting bags of nutrients ready for the tree giveaway we are doing. We're adding beneficial fungi, minerals and compost to give each tree a good, healthy start. 

Here is one of the holes we're digging - we're loosening the soil deeply so the roots can establish more quickly. We are putting wood at the bottom of the holes to create a mini hugulkultur effect and build a richer soil. We got to see some of the soil built by pine trees in the Black Hills and we're striving for the same things here.

Here Bob is trying out our watering method, filling up our deep pipe irrigation and we'll monitor how long it takes to soak in. He's stacking functions by entertaining the dog at the same time - definitely part of the permaculture design!

We appreciate the dry sense of humor. This is a statement about the state of shelter for many on the reservation. Your donations can help us drywall and weatherize a cabin at one site (that has gaps in the walls where the wind blows through) and also help us create a greenhouse that is very inexpensive and can be easily replicated from materials found on the reservation for the most part. 

The ground is rock hard in places, we're using a pick ax. 

Some renewal and meditation time for the volunteers at the badlands.

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