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Take control of your health below the belt with kGoal Boost.

Take control of your health below the belt with kGoal Boost. Read More
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kGoal Boost is an exercise tracker that you sit on to help you do Kegel exercises. It connects to a specialized app that helps you to track your progress, set goals and reminders, follow along with guided 5-minute workouts, and play games by exercising your pelvic floor muscles. 

 Whether you're young, fit and looking to unlock your full sexual potential or working on issues around erectile function, bladder control, or prostate health, Kegel exercise can have a huge impact on your fitness and happiness.

Kegel exercises help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, a group of muscles at the base of your pelvis. Many people people think that Kegels are just for women, but this muscle group plays a key role for men in generating, sustaining and controlling erections as well as supporting bladder function and core strength. More specifically, research has shown that pelvic floor exercise can impact:

  • General sexual function, including erectile strength, intensity of orgasm, and ejaculatory control. "[This study] has demonstrated increased pelvic floor muscle strength, erectile rigidity and durability, ejaculation control and force. Additionally, sexual confidence and sexual pleasure were improved."
  • Sexual stamina (for instance, see this study, or this one). "At the end of the treatment, 82.5% of the patients gained control of their ejaculatory reflex."
  • Erectile function / ED (for instance, see this study, or this one). "At 3 months, compared with controls, men in the intervention group showed significant mean increases in the erectile function domain."
  • Bladder control. "Increasing pelvic floor muscle tone, strength and facility can be an effective remedy for combating urgency and urgency incontinence."
  • Recovery from prostate surgery (for instance, see this study, or this one). "Early pelvic floor biofeedback training appears to have a significant impact on the recovery of erectile function after radical prostatectomy."
Pelvic floor muscles (blue) play a key role in sexual function, bladder control and core strength.
Pelvic floor muscles (blue) play a key role in sexual function, bladder control and core strength.

To do Kegel exercises, imagine "lifting up" your muscles as if you're stopping the flow of urine mid-stream, at the same time as you’re preventing yourself from passing gas. That contraction of your pelvic floor muscles that you feel? That’s a Kegel rep. Some guys incorrectly "bear down" (imagine you're trying to have a bowel movement) instead of "lifting up". As with any muscle group, exercising the pelvic floor leads to increased strength and blood flow as well as improved muscle function.

If you're looking for a little light reading with more details, the studies linked above are great. Or, check out these quotes from experts on the importance of pelvic floor health:

You can also read about the importance of pelvic floor health at Men's Health, BBC News, Huffington Post, CosmopolitanEveryday Health, Ask Men, Daily Mail, DetailsNew York Times Blog, and Juliewiebpt.

Actually, you can. But it turns out that doing them regularly is a much bigger challenge than most guys realize. First of all, it’s hard to know if you’re doing them correctly. And since you can’t see the muscles when you look at yourself in a mirror, it’s easy to forget about them and hard to see progress. Finally (and most importantly), these exercises can be incredibly boring and tedious.

That’s why we developed kGoal Boost. It’s a groundbreaking product that makes it super easy for guys to start doing Kegels – and actually keep it up. Last year we successfully launched kGoal, a smart Kegel exerciser for women on Kickstarter and now it's men's turn.

Here’s how you use it:

1. Turn it on, connect wirelessly to the app and put it down wherever you want to sit.

2. Sit on it.

3. Calibrate it for your body and position by pressing the button on the front.

4. Select your 5-minute game or workout in the app and start exercising. kGoal Boost measures and tracks your reps.

It's as simple as that. When you contract your pelvic floor muscles, your perineum moves - picture how your biceps bulge outward when you flex them. kGoal Boost is like a mini bike seat - you sit on it while it measures each Kegel rep and provides proportional biofeedback (both tactile and visual) so you can see what you’re doing in real time. And yes, before you ask, you leave your clothes on - save the naked for later.  

Simplified animation of the pelvic floor muscle contraction.
Simplified animation of the pelvic floor muscle contraction.

The product connects wirelessly to our specialized smartphone app, which acts as the main interface. 

  • Track your exercise history
  • Set goals 
  • Set reminders
  • Dynamic, guided 5-minute workouts
  • Adapted to your exercise performance
  • Games controlled by flexing your pelvic floor muscles

We've been hard at work on new games and interactions that make doing Kegels a whole lot more fun. Here is a prototype that we've developed to show what we're working on and to illustrate how Kegels can actually be fun.

We’re pretty confident in saying that it will immediately become the second most fun thing you can do with your pelvic floor.

But the real game-changer is ease of use.

Most people know that they could do more to improve their fitness. We get it.

And we also know that new exercises can be a tough sell if they add extra time to an already busy life.

That’s what is so ground-breaking about kGoal Boost. It’s incredibly easy to use. Anytime, anywhere - even if you're also doing something else. Just sit down on it and start exercising.

Some of the games don’t require your eyes or your hands, so you can make Kegels part of your workout routine without taking time away from anything else. You can be improving your sexual health and fitness while you’re watching the game on TV (or at work, or on your commute, or eating breakfast at home, or in a hundred other situations).

Another big factor is the potential for better sex for your partner. During our user research, nearly every guy who currently does Kegels told us that he does them to boost his partner's sexual satisfaction as well as his own. So do it for yourself, or do it for your partner.

Backing our campaign is the way to get one of the first ever kGoal Boost units, and at a nice discount from the normal retail price. Check out the variety of backer rewards we’re offering below:

To pre-order kGoal Boost, click the button below and choose a reward that includes a kGoal Boost. It’s almost as simple as using kGoal Boost itself. We’ll collect shipping information when we get closer to our delivery date in July 2016.

One other thing - keep an eye on your email and the campaign page for updates throughout the campaign and manufacturing ramp-up period, and feel free to always reach out to us with any questions or concerns via the Kickstarter messenger tool or via email ( It also helps if you add the email address Kickstarter uses for your pledge confirmation to your non-spam list to make sure you receive future updates.   


kGoal is a smart Kegel exerciser for women that we developed and successfully launched in 2014 with the help of Kickstarter backers like you! It is designed for the female anatomy and is inserted during use. It has helped revolutionize the way women do Kegels. Following the success of kGoal for women, we set our minds on bringing the kGoal technology to men with kGoal Boost.

Let’s review - why is using kGoal Boost such a great way to do Kegels?


We are Minna Life, a diverse group of designers, engineers, and health experts united by frustration with the lack of useful, well-designed sexual health and fitness products. We have a wealth of experience with product development and manufacturing with a proven track record of being able to create (and deliver) great hardware and software. kGoal Boost is our 4th product.

The Minna team behind kGoal Boost: Brian, Jon, Liz, Grace, and Charlotte.
The Minna team behind kGoal Boost: Brian, Jon, Liz, Grace, and Charlotte.

We’ve been living, breathing, and dreaming Kegel exercise for years now, all in the service of building the best possible products to help people manage and improve their pelvic floor fitness. In fact, with the help of Kickstarter backers like you, we developed and launched kGoal, our popular pelvic floor exerciser for women, last year. After creating a Kegel exerciser for women, we realized that there was a major need for a version that guys could use too, so we got to work on kGoal Boost. We believe passionately that pelvic floor fitness is a critical and under-addressed area for everyone and are doing everything we can to create products to change that.

Design. Prototype. Test. Repeat.
Design. Prototype. Test. Repeat.

We’re back on Kickstarter because it offers us an unmatched ability to engage with YOU - our community of backers, users, and supporters, who believe in us and our dream of promoting better pelvic floor fitness and sexual health for all.

The reason we’re so fired up about sexual health and the pelvic floor is because it sits at a unique intersection. It is both a critical quality-of-life driver and also a criminally under-addressed part of health and fitness. Sexual function, bladder control, and other aspects of sexual health have historically been awkward or even taboo subjects, and thus the general level of awareness of how to improve them is low.

We think that’s absolutely crazy, though - and by continuing that status quo we’re all doing a disservice to ourselves, our bodies, and our health (and our partners).

A few administrative details:

1. Will kGoal Boost work with my phone? 

We are developing the smart phone app for iOS and Android devices and the hardware requires Bluetooth 4.0 capability (and, for Android, the ability to run v4.3 or newer of the Android OS). If you’re not sure whether your device is compatible, feel free to ask us via Kickstarter or by emailing us at

2. When will I get my kGoal Boost? 

Upon completion of a successful campaign, we will move forward at full speed into manufacturing ramp-up of the product with a scheduled delivery date of July 2016. Our design is essentially finalized and we are working with a factory and supply chain that we have years of experience with from previous products. So, we are confident we’ll be able to hit that schedule. There is always the possibility for delays to arise but we can guarantee that (1) we’ll do everything we can to stay on schedule and (2) we’ll keep all backers up to date on any issues and the schedule impacts if they arise.

3. What color will it be? 

We are planning to have you, the backers, choose the final product color. Keep your eyes peeled for an email with instructions on how to vote after the campaign ends.

4. What’s the deal with shipping (both domestic and international)? 

International backers who select a reward that includes a kGoal Boost pre-order will have to add $25 to their pledge to cover international shipping. Please note that customs / taxes / etc. are not included in the shipping charge and will be applied (if applicable) when the product arrives in the destination country.  

Do I have to take off my clothes? 

No. During user testing, we found a few pairs of very stiff and very skinny jeans that didn’t work perfectly but everything else we’ve tried has been great (and we’re continuing to make minor tweaks to the geometry to improve it even more). 

How do I recharge kGoal Boost? 

kGoal Boost has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, like in a cell phone or other personal electronics. It comes with a USB charging cable for maximum portability. 

How long will the battery last? 

kGoal Boost was designed for a single charge to last for at least 30 workouts, so you shouldn’t have to recharge it too often. And, as an additional bonus, it arrives fully charged out of the box. 

Can women use kGoal Boost? 

We have designed kGoal Boost to be optimized for the male anatomy. While we are focused at first on men, our initial testing with women has shown encouraging results as well. 

We recommend women to use kGoal, our smart Kegel exerciser for women. 

How does kGoal Boost help me know if I'm doing Kegels correctly?

There are a number of ways that guys sometimes incorrectly try to do a Kegel contraction (flex their inner thighs, abs, glutes, etc). kGoal Boost will not register most of these muscle contractions. Some guys incorrectly "bear down" (imagine you're trying to have a bowel movement) instead of "lifting up" (imagine trying to stop the flow of urine or prevent yourself from passing gas - this is the correct form). kGoal Boost can sometimes sense when you bear down, but generally more weakly than when you correctly lift up. As with any type of exercise, good form is very important. The app will provide instructions to guide you through proper form.

How long does it take to recharge? 

Depending on how low the battery is, kGoal Boost should recharge within at most 2 hours.

Does kGoal Boost have to be used on a specific surface?

We designed and tested kGoal Boost on a variety of common seating surfaces (hard, soft etc).

Is kGoal Boost compatible with my smart phone or tablet?

kGoal Boost is compatible with iOS and Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 capability (and, for Android, can run Android 4.3 or newer). In general this should include most devices that were released within the last couple years. If you’re unsure whether your device will be compatible, feel free to email us at and we can confirm for you. Also, following is a partial list of devices that are compatible:

For iOS:  

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3 and iPad Air and Air 2 
  • iPod Touch (5th generation) 

For Android there are too many devices to list. kGoal Boost is compatible with Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Android 4.3 or a newer.

Can I use kGoal Boost without the app?  

Yes, kGoal Boost can still provide tactile biofeedback without the app, and some workouts do not require interaction with the app after you start the workout. However, the app is required for most of the features.

How does Minna handle my data / privacy?

Minna will never share identifiable data with 3rd parties. Our full privacy policy can be read here.

Are there any studies that address the benefits of pelvic floor exercise for men?

Several studies and researches have been conducted in that area, here are some examples:

Risks and challenges

As with any new product, the potential exists for unexpected hurdles to come up during development. However, we have some great experience with manufacturing fantastic products and getting them where they need to go - this is our 3rd crowdfunding project and the first two both went well. We also know what it’s like to get slammed with totally unexpected issues, and what it’s like to deal with them as quickly and transparently as possible, in a way that leaves all our backers happy with their decision to support us and our vision.

Although kGoal Boost is a brand new product, our factory and supply chain are not - we will be working with the same network of suppliers that we have used for three other products in the past few years and we’d like to think we’ve gotten things running very smoothly. However, there’s always the possibility for delays stemming from logistics, component availability, or other factors.

Our design is at a very advanced stage, though, which should minimize the surprises - we have completed numerous iterations of the design and user testing and so we don’t plan to make major changes as we ramp up manufacturing.

And whatever happens, the one thing we can definitely control is communication. We are committed to keeping all our backers up to date on issues as they come up and on our efforts and progress in resolving them.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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