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What started as a homemade gift has turned into the world's cutest line of USB flash drives. They save your data. YOU save the wild.
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Doug Stienstra

62 backers pledged $2,681 to help bring this project to life.

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FlashPals Rewards Fulfillment


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And the winners are...

Thank you FlashPals Backers for voting on the new FlashPals packaging and animal designs! Here's what you chose:

Packaging - WILD version

Animal Designs - Leopard and Elephant

We'll post another update as soon as we have more prototypes. In the meantime, we're pushing to have your FlashPals and other rewards sent out early next week! You can expect a request from us tomorrow (Friday) to get your shipping information.

Your drive. Your world.

FlashPals Team

Vote ASAP on New Animals and Packaging Designs!


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Thanks everyone! We've gone above and beyond our goal on the Kickstarter campaign, and I appreciate everyone who chipped in to make it happen. We're so excited to have the funds to proceed on our production and bring you and the world some super cuddly flash drives! We've even been working on a few new animals we hope to offer in the next month or two - keep you posted on that.

Be ready, it's happening!

In the meantime, I'll be sending each of you backers an email over the next few days to gather some information and fulfill your reward. We'll be putting a small batch of FlashPals to final production right away, so all over you $24+ backers can expect your new cuddly Pal in the next couple weeks already.

Thank you once again for the overwhelming support! Whether you backed the project or simply spread the word, each piece of the puzzle was essential in making it a reality, so thank you for your support. I also thank Keegan DeWitt for allowing us to use his song "Thunder Clatter" in the video. His new album Youth just came out and has some pretty awesome stuff, so be sure to check it out!

If you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback regarding FlashPals do not hesitate to contact! THANKS!

Warmest regards,

Doug Stienstra - CEO & Founder


Nope, we're note there yet, but we're closer than ever with just $77 left to go by 11PM (EST) tonight! We are so so stoked by the overwhelming response we've gotten over the last few days and are grateful for the wonderful support you've given. Thanks! Production is set and ready to go, and just a few more pledges will make it a reality. For those of you who pledged to get your very own FlashPal(s), smile! - they're coming soon:).

Just one last little nudge, and we'll be there! Lets finish strong, pass this along, and make it happen!

Your drive. Your world.

FlashPals Team