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I am trying to make the ultimate in LED Poi. My goal is to make these poi: Insanely Bright, Extremely Durable, Programmable

I have been spinning Poi for about 7 years now. I love spinning fire but alas, some people don't like you spinning fire in their clubs or living rooms. That is why we need glow poi. Over the years I have had many sets of glow poi, but they never lived up to my expectations. They either weren't durable enough, or lacked modes, or weren't bright enough, or just too ridiculously expensive. So, I decided to start designing and building my own poi and OMFG's were born. OMFG's are designed to be the Ultimate poi. My goals while designing them are:

1. Extremely Bright LED's. The RGB LED's used in OMFG's are the brightest in the world and can make 16.6 Million different colors.
2. Extemely durable cases. OMFG's will have Polycarbonate cases with Lexane end-caps.
3. Feature many modes. OMFG's are capable of any fade or strobe combination. The finished versions will have probably 40-60 presets.
4. Have clear sides allowing for another channel of RGB LED's . That way, both the cone for the sock, AND the side of the OMFG itself wll project light.

Why do we need your help?

OMFG Lights are all handmade by me. I designed the cases, made the molds and castings of the pieces. I designed the circuits, and print and etch the circuit boards.

Parts for OMFGs are not cheap so I need your help in placing a bulk order. The goal of this Kickstarter is to get enough funding  to create 20 pairs (40 units) of OMFG Lights.  This will help me scale up operations so that I can continue to produce these lights and make a huge change in the poi world.


Device Specs:

  • 2x Mode Buttons
  • Arduino Nano Processor with MicroUSB port
  • Patterns are fully programmable with Windows & Mac via mini USB
  • All code is open source and available for download
  • Requires 4x AAA Rechargeable Batteries.
  • 3x Luxeon RGB LEDs
  • 4x 5mm RGB LEDs
  • Polycarbonate & Urethane case
  • 2" Diameter   2.4" Length
  • 142.5 Grams with batteries


  • Right now we are using the free Arduino software downloadable from their website. Our code is all open source and will be available free to download from our website. We also have forums where people can share their own modes.

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  • They weigh 142.45 grams with 4 Ni-Mh Batteries. They feel like a set of light fire poi, but in socks. They are very solid though so try not to hit people. I tried to pad the socks appropriately where the light unit is, but they still hurt :-p It's the price you pay for greatness.

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  • They are powered by 4 rechargeable AAA Ni-Mh Batteries. They use an external charger, so you have to take the batteries out to charge them. I wanted the batteries to be swappable while at a show or festival, while also being widely available.

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  • I started by designing the lights on a CAD program. The caps and battery holder I custom made for this project. I took them to a local company that had a CNC machine and had the pieces printed. I then made two-part molds of the pieces using casting silicone and Legos as the mold box. These pieces are all casted from molds of the original printings. This is a great way to do in-home reproduction without having to invest in the high cost of injection molding.

    I also made the circuit boards from scratch. I designed the boards using software in printed them onto circuit printing paper. This paper can be ironed onto copper clad board and then etched in an acid to produce quality printed circuits. I then have to clean them up, drill all the via holes in them (over 100 holes a pair) install chips, components, wires, etc.

    Programming was done by the Remy Schott. He is going to go very far and is the most brilliant programmer I have ever met.

    Then comes assembly of the pieces which involves installing battery springs, wiring, boards lights, and securing the battery holder to the cap.

    OH Yeah, then the socks. Right now I have to sew the socks. I do good work i just take for ever. I'm looking into having somebody local make them for me.

    All together about 3-5 hours of work go into making a pair.

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  • The socks for OMFGs have to be made specially to use them to their full effect. There is foam sewn into a cup to keep the light upright, minimize the effect of impact, and diffuse the sidelight. We use nylon thread to withstand the intense forces involved in poi spinning.

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