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One week after a traumatic experience involving her boyfriend and best friend, Niav returns home to find a party. She wants one thing.
One week after a traumatic experience involving her boyfriend and best friend, Niav returns home to find a party. She wants one thing.
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Recent updates

Finishing Up!!

Hey Everyone,

So sorry it has been too long! The editing phase was a slow and tedious process since the film is going to end up being around 40 minutes long!! We have finished our 2nd Cut and are now working on Post Production sound with our Sound Editor, Andrew Nerviano, who is working long distance with us.

Since our crew has dispersed (Congratulations to our Producer, Melvin Benson for getting a job in Los Angeles!) it is taking a bit longer to get everything together for our Sponsor Rewards. We are trying to concentrate first on the film and apologize for the delay but we promise the rewards will be worth the wait!

All Best,

Sarah Trad

Writer/Director, Niav Is Home

Moving into Post


Last weekend marked the final shooting days for our film "Niav is Home". Sunday, we shot on location atop a windy hill in Syracuse's beautiful Westminster Park. A tall bluff overlooks the city of Cuse and provided the perfect backdrop. The weather proved to be a challenge, but we waited it out and got the shots we needed. 

With production completed, now we are moving into post. Editing, creating a sound mix, color correcting; all steps we need to take before we arrive at the end result. Writer/Director Sarah Trad will be taking lead on the edit. Marla Christiensen will be doing color, and Devon Stewart and Andrew Nerviano will be doing sound mix. We are actively seeking music from musicians to play background during the party scenes. If you are a musician and are interested please send us a message!

Soon we will create an Indiegogo page to gain funds towards festival submissions. We ask that you continue your support and encourage others to take an interest in what we are all about. Below you will find set photos from "Niav is Home"

Melvin Benson

Producer, Niav is Home

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Moving into Production!

As March draws to a close, our production team is gaining momentum in approaching our next challenge. Thus far we have successful surpassed our funding goal (thanks to you all!) and completely cast our film with local Syracuse actors. In addition, we have also secured the location for our film, an important element.

Our main criteria was that the house had character. The rooms and physical geography of the location needed to align with character sensibilities. Niav is isolated in her emotions, no one can relate and she doesn't invite others to try. The house we found offered claustrophobic atmosphere, void of cheer. 

Below you will find some photos of the space. Our writer/director, Sarah Trad, has given careful consideration for set design. Much will be added to each room giving it the exact feel that is intended. 

This upcoming weekend marks our first shooting dates. Currently we are finalizing details to ensure smooth execution. Wish us luck!

Melvin Benson

Producer, Niav Is Home

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We Reached Our Goal!

Hello Everyone! I want to thank all of our backers for supporting this film! It means a lot and is a huge stepping stone that we reached our goal! 

Just some updates: We are officially cast, except for two minor roles, and I am extremely excited to work with each of our actors. They are a mix of professionals, non-actors and filmmakers themselves, so there will be an eclectic array of performances. 

We have our main location, Niav's House, secured and we will have the opportunity to do a lot of art direction with the space so keep your eyes out for a list of props/items that we will need your help securing! 

Again, thank you so much for your support! Please continue to spread the word about this film and keep your eyes peeled for new updates.

Sarah Trad 

Writer, Director of Niav Is Home