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The Food & Drink issue of Gypsé Eyes magazine promises to be mouth-wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful... wink wink nod nod)!

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Type stickers Styled after a magazine even seedier then ours!  (all our backers get some of these!)


Oh so tasty and just the thing to get you up and going in the morning!  Also inside each box is a custom Pull-back Cock Racer!  Zoom Zoom Zoom! (for our $250 Backer plus a lot of other great stuff too!)

Gypsé Eyes is a printed art publication that explores love and sex and incorporates work from artists, photographers, and writers.  This issue investigates Food & Drink and promises to be mouth wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful... wink wink)!

We are in the process of finishing our fifth issue of Gypsé Eyes and we need your help to make it happen!  Our goal from the start has been to create a well designed, printed publication that showcases beautiful and interesting work, and share it with a wide and diverse audience.  This means we produce Gypsé Eyes with little to no advertising and distribute it for nearly free.  Because of this we rely largely on our wonderful Kickstarter backers to help us raise funds to cover our costs.  Lots of people tell us we’re crazy to make a printed magazine in this day and age, but with your help we can make the Gypsé Eyes dream come true!

The Food & Drink issue,  How it works:

1. Each issue of Gypsé Eyes begins with a theme (This issue’s is Food & Drink).  We envision each theme as a jumping off point for our artists.  One of the most exciting elements of Gypsé Eyes, is to see how each artist uses this theme and interprets it within their own work.

2. We hold open (free) calls for submissions, contact artists directly regarding their works and collaborate with artist’s to create content specific pieces that relate to each issue.  

3. Once we have all our submissions we start the curatorial process and begin editing the content, designing the layout and features and getting everything ready for print! 

4. We drive up to our printer’s in Queens, sneak through the maze of machines and forklifts and give the print proof a double thumbs up!  A week or two later it’s pick-up day! Like kids on Christmas we race back to the printers, fill the car to the breaking point, and start shipping the beautiful new issue of Gypsé Eyes to you!

Some details about the Food & Drink Issue:

This issue will be 8” X 11.5” and printed in full color on #50 white newsprint (that’s the fancy news print)!  Approximately 56 pages in length, Gypsé Eyes features the work of over 20 artists, writers, and photographers and this issue promises to be one of our best and most delectable yet!  We’ll be distributing it for free at various physical locations (book stores, comic book shops, bars & restaurants, artist collectives) around New York City & Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and hopefully beyond!

Where the funds go:

As we mentioned before many people call us crazy to make a printed publication, here’s why:

Our costs for this issue go something like this:

Printing: $4500 (2000 copies)

Distribution:  $1000 Shipping Costs (It costs us about $3.50 to ship one copy in the US and upwards of $10 to ship internationally)

$200 Shipping Materials (to keep your copy safe!)

In addition to this there are numerous additional cost that we eat (pun intended) that go along with each issue.  We’re looking to raise at least $4000 on Kickstarter which is the baseline of what we need to make Gypsé Eyes happen.  Any additional funds raised will go directly towards printing and distributing more copies of the magazine.  We and all our contributors work tireless hours for free because we love making a beautiful publication and sharing it with you! So thank you for all your love and support!

Our mission statement:

Gypsé Eyes is a limited run art publication that explores love and sex through design, photography, art, and writing. Run by a collective of artists and designers this project is a labor of love. Our goal is to create something beautiful and engaging that will incorporate work from artists we care about. For more information on Gypsé Eyes please visit our website at


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    A hand printed coaster invite to the launch party (April 7th in Brooklyn), a Gypsé Eyes sticker, and a Thank You on our website!

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    - An Invite, sticker & Thank You - A copy of Gypsé Eyes the Food & Drink Issue mailed to your door! (international backers please consider adding an extra $3 to help cover the shipping fees, thanks!)

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    - Invite, sticker & Thank You - A copy of Gypsé Eyes F&D issue - A signed photo print from this issue - hand silk screened Gypsé Eyes Chocolate bar! (one bar will contain a golden ticket redeemable for a special prize)!

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    - All of the above - A hand sewn and printed Gypsé Eyes cooking apron - Your name listed in the thank yous section of the printed issue

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    - All of the above - Limited edition hand silk screened Gypsé Eyes Cereal box set! including custom made real cereal and a special custom toy! - Your name listed in the thank you section of this issue

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    - All of the Above PLUS we will shoot a short film of a Gypsé Eyes eating contest between our lead editor and one of our models... In our underwear... with the food of your choice.. and post it on the internet for the world to see (and send you a signed DVD)!

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    - All of the above (excluding the eating contest film if it has been taken by another backer) - A special thank you page in the printed issue designed just for you! - A Gypsé Eyes Food tour of New York with the Editor-in-Chief: We'll take you on a delicious tour of some choice New York and Brooklyn culinary lokals, some swanky - some not so much... but all exciting! And we'll get the check! (sorry but transportation to NYC and accommodations not included)

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