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Never Enough Hope returns to the studio to make a new record!
109 backers pledged $5,425 to help bring this project to life.

Four days to go!

Hello Kind Backers!

First let me say thank you. It is an incredible compliment to have so many people giving me the thumbs up to make this music.

We're firmly in the home stretch of this kickstarter campaign. It's looking good, about 60% funded.

I'm writing you today to ask each of you a favor (even though you have each already done me a great favor); please pass this campaign along to someone you think would be interested in it. 

I think if new people are turned onto the project by backers, rather than by me soliciting them directly, that it will be both more effective and more connective. That these new folks will be more likely to listen to you than me and it will broaden the base of backers, making the community that much larger. And that's the point of this whole endeavor- kickstarter and the gigantic band- to draw community together. 

So. If you think there's one person in your email list, or in your office, or in your family who might be interested in this project, let them know.