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During my stay at, I will be creating collages and a video/sound installation, both dealing with perception and memory!
During my stay at, I will be creating collages and a video/sound installation, both dealing with perception and memory!
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Update #3

Hey everyone!

I can't believe I leave in 16 days! A little more than 2 weeks. I've been preparing with a few German lessons (so I'm not some rude American!), getting my Visa, getting plug adapters, preparing and making collages, and also (somehow) getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

I recently received an email from the Leipzig International Art Programme asking when I'll be arriving and telling me to be prepared to show work on January 14th, only 2 weeks after the day I arrive. They also included a flyer that's been posted around the town that displays the galleries participating, and the artists! You can find my name under LIA-International Art Programme. There's an expected 4,000 viewers coming to the Winter Gallery Tour.

I am so incredibly thankful and inspired by the amount of support, both financially and through speaking with people, and can't wait to start creating and showing!

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Hello internet world full of family, friends and the anonymous!

In the summer when I found out that I'd be heading to Germany for an artist residency, I immediately started looking up what's in store for the trip. There is one lovely website solely dedicated to the community I'll be living in, the Spinnerei. There you can find out the fascinating history, the different galleries and community spaces, and the gallery tour dates! I'll be participating in the Winter Gallery Tour, on January 14th (only 13 days after I arrive) and in the Spring Gallery Tour, on April 28th and 29th!

Another link to a website that is dedicated to listing the galleries available at the Spinnerei and the map, so you can get around easily!

The whole thing is coming up so quickly, and I'm getting very excited! I leave the 31st of December, and will be celebrating the new year in the air. A new year, a new place, new faces, and some new art!

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Hello everyone!!

How wonderful it feels to have such a support system! I got home early this AM (from an art-trip in NYC) and felt inspired and motivated. First things first, take care of pets! I opened Yumi's (my bird) cage and he got so excited he flew out!

 I felt along with the beginnings-of-my-collage-process photos, I would include my little Yumi. He's very proud and loves my bed. 

I'm very excited about these new collages - I'll give a sneak peak when I have a finished and polished piece!

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