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There are over 300 Federal Court opinions with the word "zombie". Let's create a legal studies casebook exploring "zombie" law.
There are over 300 Federal Court opinions with the word "zombie". Let's create a legal studies casebook exploring "zombie" law.
101 backers pledged $6,530 to help bring this project to life.

ZOMBIES - WE DID IT - new goal $6,666 - BONUS Reward PENS

Posted by Joshua Warren (Creator)

WOW - We did it! - THANK YOU!

Zombie Law on Kickstarter now has 72 backers and the pledged amount exceeds the goal by 8%.  That means this is actually going to happen!  Thank you all so very much.

It's not over yet - there are still 5 days left to raise more zombies before we launch. 

If the last day has proven anything, it is that Kickstarter is correct when they advise potential project creators that short fund raising periods can work better than starting with longer time because the pressure of an impending end can really help garner support.  With just five days left there is no reason to stop the marketing push.  Please keep sharing and retweeting the link to your law zombie friends and help us raise more money to produce more books, better books, kickstarting a whole new world of reading law.

Bonus Goals

Some people would like an instructor's manual for this book and the inclusion of secondary source materials from outside the federal courts (state courts, UK courts, patent filings, SEC filings).  That is a bigger project than I can commit to today.  Some of this work is almost certainly going to happen (possibly as part of my pending doctoral dissertation) but not today.

Today I can offer Zombie Supreme Court PENS 

Yes, pens. Everybody needs a pen! Lawyers always need a pen and if you are creative you might even be able to kill a zombie with it -- and besides, it's what my dad wants (what do you want? suggest!) 

As a bonus reward if we get to $6,666 then everyone backing at $13 or more will get one zombie SCOTUS pen. So tell your friends to sponsor and if we get to $6,666 you get a free pen!

Also starting now if you add $4 (or more) to your order I will send you a pen even if we don't reach the new goal. Limit two pens per backer but If we do get to the $6,666 goal you'll also get the free pen so that's three pens!!! Or when the backer survey comes next week you could instead request something else -- 

Don't forget to increase your pledge for extra postcards ($2) and more zombie portraits ($3) - as many as you want!

Postcards can be sent to you as a mailed postcard (sent with postcard stamp) and if you are getting more than one I can send them out for you to multiple addresses wherever you want - But if instead you prefer to get them blank and clean, I can put them in an envelope and give you them unused, the choice is yours.  Send some postcards to your friends.  And take their picture, email me the file and have me turn it into a zombie portrait.

Happy Halloween!

If you are international be sure you've added the requested shipping.  In fact, even if you are U.S. you are getting a steal on shipping (it's included) so feel free to consider that and contribute more.

THANK YOU ALL - we couldn't have made it this far without your help. 

This really is very exciting.  Thank you.

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