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Carman fans get ready for a once in a lifetime chance to partner with him to make history with a new CD & Music Video project.
Carman fans get ready for a once in a lifetime chance to partner with him to make history with a new CD & Music Video project.
5,043 backers pledged $538,103 to help bring this project to life.

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Something I've been thinking about for a while and would like to know your thoughts: In every murder trial and in every crime drama we all know DNA is the key to a conviction. DNA separates one life from all others on the planet. No two people have the same DNA or even same Fingerprints. If your at the hospital and someone's in a coma, they can't communicate to protest, but you pull the plug on them while there's still a heart beat, it is murder. Separate DNA, separate Fingerprints and a separate heartbeat signifies a separate person. Unique and distinct to all others. DID YOU KNOW: A baby in the womb has separate DNA from the mother, separate fingerprints and a separate heartbeat ? Even separate brainwaves. I DO believe a woman should have the right to do with her body what she pleases. If she wants a facelift, a tattoo, a facial, a ring through her nose or a new set of dentures - she should be able to. It's her body, case closed. However if she's pregnant with a child growing inside her, that's a whole separate human being with its own DNA, it's own fingerprints, it's own heartbeat and it's own brainwaves. We learned from the Holocaust that's it's a crime against humanity to have the "right to choose to eliminate human life". I ask you, based on this, are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life ?


I still believe that "Teamwork makes the Dream work" After 13 years and a Cancer diagnosis, you helped get me from "Terminal" to "Touring". Now In order to have a CD out in February in time for a new tour, I have to start the 3 month process next week. The cost of a quality CD is between 50 and 75 thousand. A promotional budget is about the same. It's overwhelming to me. But all this ramps up to a tour that I believe will win 10,000 souls to Christ. That's twice as many as The "No Plan B" tour. But as of now we only have a little over half of the minimum record budget through GoFundMe. So I'm calling on my Facebook supporters to allow your faith to rise and plant your seeds today. 2 key issues: 1st one is, those who think they gave in May actually did not. We sent you all the rewards up front, on the honor system, but Kickstarter never took it out of your account. So you still have your donation. 2nd is, I need my Big Seed givers to surface. There are life changing reward levels that make you an executive producer, sing with me on the CD and even fly you in as a VIP for a concert. These type of gifts can change the trajectory of peoples lives. Remember, all gifts are 100% tax deductible. I think winning people to Christ is a wise deduction. Watch the video link below. If you will believe with me to take on this "Huge" challenge of winning 10,000 new people to Jesus on this next tour, please type in Amen !



It's been coming for years. Now it's here. Anyone who holds biblical values and beliefs is now is wearing a bullseye. A Baker who wouldn't provide a cake for a 2 man wedding, gets taken to court. Instead if walking down the street to another bakery they use the opportunity to sue him into bankruptcy. Or a woman at a courthouse who refuses a same sex marriage license. This was never part of her job description when hired. Instead of firing her and putting someone else in place, they put the woman in Jail. Several pastors have lost thier churches through law suits because they would not marry same sex couples. Instead of going to another church that would, they seize the opportunity, sue the pastor, drain all his finances and put him in Jail. This is just the start. A gunman bursts into a church service in Charleston WV and kills 9 Christians just for worshiping the Lord. In Roseburg Oregon, a gunman lines up victims at a community college and asks if they are Christians, when they say yes, he shoots them in the head. And there is no outrage from the Whitehouse. This warfare isn't only in the social realm: Kim Clement, Americas premiere prophetic voice, the man who predicted 9-11 and the stock market crash, is struck down with a massive stroke while he was praying. And it hits home. I have won over a million people to Christ, served God faithfully for 40 years, then I'm suddenly struck with terminal cancer. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit is saying". Folks this is an overall well planned attack from the forces of darkness to shut down the Christianity. Render us scared, frightened, take our leaders, take our courage then ultimately take us out of society. Through prison, bankruptcy or death. I remember being turned down for financial support while I was in 9 months of chemotherapy by 600 churches that I previously ministered at. It's broke my heart. But these events are not just meant to break our hearts - these things are meant to break "us". Last year I survived Cancer. But I "survived to serve". Since then I've been on 112 stages across America and lead 5,000 people to Christ. We did an outdoor outreach at Biker Week. Going to minister in places no one wants to go to. Yes I'm fortunate. I survived but I need to be doing this again. In more places, with new music, winning more souls to Christ. It's what I'm called to do. But I can not do it without your help. I need your support. "God provides through the hands of men but the heart makes the choice". Our Society is at war with Christianity. God restored me for a purpose. And I need you to support me in that purpose. Without your support I can not fight this war. Please check out the video link below. Ask God what part you are to play. Then in this world of problems, join me in being part of the solution. I need you. Can I count on you ?

A Personal Message From Carman


Dear Friend and Partner in ministry: As you can see I've come a long way from the left the right picture. I want to give you and update on the kickstarter campaign you participated in last May. As you might know by now I had to shut down all activity from June to September due to over exhaustion through touring too much. So, even though you registered to give and did receive links for the downloads, the money was never transferred from your account. So actually no one gave anything because on Kickstarer, the withdraws are only made at the end of the campaign 2 months later. Since we operate on the honor system, we still sent you the reward package of downloads. However we did not receive any donation for it.

I was so excited to tour again after 14 years that I got on the road 4 weeks after 9 months of chemotherapy. I know it was too soon, but I felt like I owed it to you after being so faithful and generous. 1 year and 100 concerts later, it caught up with me and I had to shut down everything. The kickstarter campaign, The tour, The recording and just rest. Now I feel like I'm 21 again, lol and ready to go. We started touring Sept 9th and also started a new Fundraiser but this time with A more Christian friendly site.

I'm going to ask you to click on the link below and re-send your gift again. The 1st one never went through. Also watch the video and see the vision. Gods work is not done. This past year we've seen over 5,000 people come to Jesus for the first time and its because of you and your gifts to this ministry. These gifts are 100% tax free so you'll get another gift package anyway. On top of the one you have already received. Hopefully you'll get the ticket reward package so I can meet you personally on tour . God Bless and thank you once again - Your friend Carman

Special Announcement From Carman


The ALL NEW GoFundMe "TEAM-WORK MAKES THE DREAM-WORK" Campaign has officially started. I've come a long way from the top to the bottom picture. 2 Years ago I was quickly dying of Multiple Myeloma Cancer. I hadn't toured or released a CD for 13 years and with a diagnosis of terminal Cancer, I assumed this was how I will exit this world. But Jesus and You said "No, He's not done". So we did our own fundraiser and raised enough to record a new record, Jumpstart a tour and with a renewed fighting spirit, I went through 2 years of chemotherapy in 9 straight months. 18 months later I've done 110 concerts, lead 1,500 people to Christ and sponsored over 3,000 underprivileged children into a new life. And its all because you donated and proved that TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. 

I tried to start another campaign but was exhausted from a year of solid touring having started 4 weeks out of chemotherapy. So in May I had to 1. Stop 2. Rest and 3. Listen to God for a fresh vision. So everything paused for 3 months. The fundraiser, the tour, I rested my body and my mind. Now God is leading me to continue the work that his people started. 

The concept for the New CD and Tour is THE HISTORY OF WORSHIP PT. 1 Classic Hymns mixed with new worship songs and produced for ear of the passionate 2016 music fan. I will be adding a BONUS "2 Background tracks" to each release so you can perform these New Recordings on your own too. We are also going through GOFUNDME now. A Christian Friendly fundraising site. 

Click on the link below and watch the video I made and check out all the GREAT REWARDS coming to you for each donation level. I need you now as I needed you before to make the music, that creates the tours that brings New people to Jesus. Help me continue this movement bring healing to Our nation. It's Team-work that makes this Dream-work. Join the team now - Your friend and brother in Christ, Carman