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Carman fans get ready for a once in a lifetime chance to partner with him to make history with a new CD & Music Video project.
Carman fans get ready for a once in a lifetime chance to partner with him to make history with a new CD & Music Video project.
5,043 backers pledged $538,103 to help bring this project to life.

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NIGHT OF VICTORY: History series 2


God has given me the new vision for THE HISTORY OF WORSHIP PT. 2: On Sunday November 27th, in Little Rock Arkansas, I'm presenting this new Cinema Sonic concert experience for all the U.A.M.S. Cancer patients, Their family's, the Nurses and the Doctors in a FREE Event I call "A NIGHT OF VICTORY".

When I was diagnosed with incurable Cancer, I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of prayers and support from you, my friends in this 35 year journey of music and ministry. After 14 years without any touring or record releases and fighting through a life battle with cancer, we did a fundraiser to bring this ministry and this minister back to life. There are so many online fundraisers that raise money, but afterwards, you never hear about the project. But I more than fulfilled the promise I made of doing 100 concerts in 100 cities, by doing 160 concerts, sponsoring over 4,000 children through child fund and seeing over 6,000 people come to Christ.

As you know I love to take Jesus to places where Jesus is never expected to show up. Like when we did a concert in the dangerous gang infested territories of the Bronx in New York or set up on the insane parade route of Mardi Gras. Last year I did an outdoor concert at Bike Week during spring break in Daytona Beach.

With your contributions you have literally resurrected this ministry. I am in 100% remission and I'm asking you to help me fulfill Part 2: of this project. I will release the complete Cinema-Sonic CD and DVD this fall and open the doors to once again doing FREE concerts. So we need to purchase the equipment to create this CinemaSonic experience.

On our "NIGHT OF VICTORY", ( I'm going to ask all the cancer survivors in the house and online to stand and pray healing over those fighting this dreaded disease. Through our ALL NEW REWARD SYSTEM You can witness this event LIVE on our streaming broadcast. All Reward levels include the NEW release plus a 10 part Personal picture diary where I tell the true stories behind my private family photos.

Also the New SUPER 7 Song collection. Each 7 songs following a specific theme. And two TIME 2 TV shows on Hot Topics. with a variety of special guests speakers, authors, musicians, Videos, comedy and drama skits. Collect ALL 10 Picture albums and all 20 TV shows. There's no waiting because all are downloadable right away.

For me it's the final leg of a 15 year journey of trusting God. Join me today. This "NIGHT OF VICTORY" can be a success for cancer patients all over the world. And with your donation I believe "TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK". Click here to join me -



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18 Months To Live


The picture above is a living breathing miracle. I was supposed to be dead 6 months ago. That's was the original doctors verdict to my cancer diagnosis in February of 2013. Another 18 months of down time with chemotherapy but only 18 months of productive life. This was the end. It had been 13 years since I put out a national CD and toured but I wanted to record once last record for the fans. However no record company would touch me now. A dying artist is not good for business. But you, the faithful fans, supporters and prayer partners said "Well, we'll see about that. We believe God isn't finished with you". And with that the miracle started.

The online fundraiser raised enough money to make a new CD, promote it and even jumpstart a new tour. The first one in 13 years. All I had to do was stay alive. Then my prayer warriors started bombarding heaven. Dr.Bart Barlogie and The UAMS treatment center suddenly surfaced, specializing just in my type of cancer. They gave me an opportunity to be treated there before he retired. The remission rate was 8-10 years and possibly was inches away from a cure. But I had to leave today. The prayers and support of the saints. Long story short, 9 months of treatment, and 18 months of touring later, together we jump started a ministry that has lead over 5,000 people to Christ since May of last year.

Now I need you support to continue this national miracle story through our "Go Fund Me" campaign. I've improved the rewards. Made them so you don't have to wait in the mail but can download them right away. The the gift packages all just in time for Christmas and especially those YEAR END TAX DEDUCTIONS. Since all of this goes into Carman World Outreach you can deduct all your 100% of your pledges from your taxes. Take a look at a great way to package dozens of Christmas stocking stuffers. Make your own CD compilations as one of a kind gifts to friends and family. And help me to create more worship music to go on winning people to Christ as you have expected me to.

"You gave so I could live, for such a time as this" Lets continue this "Miracle Story". Click on the link below to see the video I made. Check out the PLEDGE Packages printed below and see what God would have you to do. The world needs Jesus more than ever before and I'm ready to go.

PLEDGE $10.00 You will receive the Full download of the New album EP History of Worship Pt. 1 (on the actual day of release) plus a download of a "Live" concert video. It's the Halloween 3:16 TV Special including 6 new video premieres. It became the biggest musical soul winning event in TV history, where over 70,000 people came to Christ in one night. The perfect video to win someone to Christ with.

PLEDGE $25.00 You will receive everything from the $10 pledge: The concert, the new album, plus downloads the 3 Classic Albums. Carman’s 1st - 3 Gold records that changed the course of Christian music. "Radically Saved,” "Revival in the Land,” and "Addicted to Jesus.” "Revival in the Land" still holds the worlds record on Billboard Magazine for most weeks at #1.33 weeks. These 3 Albums have never been available in their entirety for download until now.

PLEDGE $ 50.00 You will receive everything from the $10 and $25 levels, the concert, the 3 Album originals, the new album plus a download of Carman's unforgettable 30 Classic Hymns TV Special on video. This has been a family favorite and a "must have" music project ever since it was released. If you ever wanted to give Mom, Dad or your Grandparents a surprise you know they would absolutely love, this is it.

PLEDGE $75.00 You will receive everything from the $10, $25 and $50 levels, the concert, the 3 album originals, the new EP album, Hymns video, plus the New "Game Changer" album. This album contains "18 Brand New" re-recordings, updated from the 80's and 90's for the new millennium sound, never released to retail outlets. It includes remixed, re-recorded and updated versions of Carman’s hit songs like: "Who's in the House,” "I feel Jesus,” "Sunday School Rock,” "Lazarus Come Forth,” and "The Champion.”

PLEDGE $100 This includes everything from the $10, $25, $50 and $75 levels, the video, the concert, the 3 Album originals, the new album, the Hymns Video, the New "Game Changer" album, plus 2 “GOLD concert tickets" in our GOLD pre-reserved, up close seating section. Good for any of Carman's concerts during the NEW 2016 tour. These GOLD reserved seating tickets include an "after show meet and greet" so you can meet Carman in person, say hello, take a picture, sign a T-shirt and make a personal connection. (NOTE: This does not include travel or accommodations).

PLEDGE $500 This includes everything from the $10, $25, $50 and $75 levels, the concert, the 3 Album originals, the new album, the Hymns video, the new "Game Changer" album, PLUS 2 "GOLD ELITE" concert tickets in our up close reserved seating section, an after show meet and greet. Plus a Concert Bonus package when you arrive. This BONUS is a collector’s tour tote bag filled with one of every item on the merchandise table. "One each" of any of the T-shirts, CDs, DVD's, bracelets and any merchandise available that night. This is that once in a lifetime royal treatment for the long time fan.

PLEDGE $750 This includes everything from the $10, $25, $ 50, $75 and $500 levels, the concert, the 3 Album originals, the new album, the Hymns video, the new "Game Changer,” album, 2 "GOLD ELITE" concert tickets PLUS plus An official lifetime Carman TOUR JACKET.

PLEDGE $1,000 This includes everything from the $10, $25, $50, $75, $500 and $750 levels, the single, the video, the concert, the 3 Album originals, the new album, the Hymns Video, the New "Game Changer", 2 "GOLD ELITE" concert tickets, TOUR JACKET PLUS 2 unique bonus’: #1 You will also get a PHONE CALL FROM CARMAN personally to thank you for helping us restore Carman back to health and reactivate this touring and recording ministry.

PLEDGE $2,000 This includes everything from the $10, $25, $50, $75, $500 and $750 levels, the single, the video, the concert, the 3 Album originals, the new album, the Hymns Video, the New "Game Changer", 2 "GOLD ELITE" concert tickets, TOUR JACKET PLUS 2 unique bonus’: #1 You will also get a phone-call from Carman personally to thank you and #2 We will send you an actual 21" x 17" GOLD RECORD to place on your wall forever. Thanking you for helping us win this generation to Christ.

PLEDGE $3,000 These next levels of commitment are what takes an album from good to great. And if your giving at these next 4 levels then your name should be associated with this production. So for anyone who gives $3,000 you not only get everything from the $2,000 level, but you will also get your name listed on the CD cover art as an "EXECUTIVE PRODUCER.” Yes that's right! From now and forever you will actually have a record producer credit to add to your resume.

PLEDGE $5,000 Get ready for the bonus where everything changes. For anyone who gives $5,000 you not only get everything listed in the $10-3,000 levels but you will also get to sing on the new record. Yes that's right. Don't worry about how good you are, we will find a place custom fit for your talents. So for the rest of your life you will become a bonafide PRODUCER and RECORDING ARTIST. (NOTE: This does not include travel or accommodations).

PLEDGE $7,500 This is the royal treatment for the PRODUCERS and RECORDING ARTISTS. Get the feel of what it's like to be a music big shot. This level includes everything in the $10 to $5,000 levels PLUS we WILL take care of all the travel and hotel accommodations within the USA for you. Then meet you in the studio for a true adventure. These types of opportunities only come around once in a lifetime. Somebody close to you might just need a gift like this to change their life forever. (NOTE: This DOES include travel costs )

PLEDGE $10,000 And the one the biggest Carman fan will flip over. For anyone who makes a $10,000 investment into this Worship Project, they will not only receive everything listed in the $7,500 and below, but we will fly you, as our VIP guest to a concert in a major city of your choice within the USA that is closest to you. Just in case we aren't booked in your town. You will also get the full VIP treatment. (NOTE: This DOES include travel costs



Something I've been thinking about for a while and would like to know your thoughts: In every murder trial and in every crime drama we all know DNA is the key to a conviction. DNA separates one life from all others on the planet. No two people have the same DNA or even same Fingerprints. If your at the hospital and someone's in a coma, they can't communicate to protest, but you pull the plug on them while there's still a heart beat, it is murder. Separate DNA, separate Fingerprints and a separate heartbeat signifies a separate person. Unique and distinct to all others. DID YOU KNOW: A baby in the womb has separate DNA from the mother, separate fingerprints and a separate heartbeat ? Even separate brainwaves. I DO believe a woman should have the right to do with her body what she pleases. If she wants a facelift, a tattoo, a facial, a ring through her nose or a new set of dentures - she should be able to. It's her body, case closed. However if she's pregnant with a child growing inside her, that's a whole separate human being with its own DNA, it's own fingerprints, it's own heartbeat and it's own brainwaves. We learned from the Holocaust that's it's a crime against humanity to have the "right to choose to eliminate human life". I ask you, based on this, are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life ?


I still believe that "Teamwork makes the Dream work" After 13 years and a Cancer diagnosis, you helped get me from "Terminal" to "Touring". Now In order to have a CD out in February in time for a new tour, I have to start the 3 month process next week. The cost of a quality CD is between 50 and 75 thousand. A promotional budget is about the same. It's overwhelming to me. But all this ramps up to a tour that I believe will win 10,000 souls to Christ. That's twice as many as The "No Plan B" tour. But as of now we only have a little over half of the minimum record budget through GoFundMe. So I'm calling on my Facebook supporters to allow your faith to rise and plant your seeds today. 2 key issues: 1st one is, those who think they gave in May actually did not. We sent you all the rewards up front, on the honor system, but Kickstarter never took it out of your account. So you still have your donation. 2nd is, I need my Big Seed givers to surface. There are life changing reward levels that make you an executive producer, sing with me on the CD and even fly you in as a VIP for a concert. These type of gifts can change the trajectory of peoples lives. Remember, all gifts are 100% tax deductible. I think winning people to Christ is a wise deduction. Watch the video link below. If you will believe with me to take on this "Huge" challenge of winning 10,000 new people to Jesus on this next tour, please type in Amen !