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Create a CD where Hebrew , Arabic prayers, Sanskrit chants  and English poetry inter-twine in a sacred space of art and community.
Create a CD where Hebrew , Arabic prayers, Sanskrit chants and English poetry inter-twine in a sacred space of art and community.
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It is Ready:)

Hello dear friends and supports, I am happy to say that the CD is ready,
and I will get it next week, thank you for your patience....
Please let me know if you changed your mailing address,
I want to make sure the Cd is mailed to the right place.
If you are in Israel I will send you (or see you and then give  you) the CD
when I am in Israel in September. 
I am planning to have a cd release party in the Bay Area in October.will let you know when as soon as I know, If you are in Israel come to our concert in Levontin 7, Tel Aviv,
Saturday Sept 7 at  7:30pm
(if you want to have a concert next to your home town, send me an email)
Thank you
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Prayer For Peace

Hello friends, I hope you are all well, I am attaching a new song for the upcoming album. The CD is almost ready, we have a few songs ready and we are still in the process of mixing everything, don (who mixes the songs) and I are making sure every thing sounds right. Oshe Shalom is a Jewish Prayer song ,composed by Jhos Singer.

I fell in love with this song at Chochmat Halev, a Jewish renewal congregation that I am playing in. The Prayer Songs Project made their own version to it, I sing the Hebrew part and Bouchaib sings the Arabic, Aharon is playing the Ney Flute and Jami is Playing cello.

It 99% ready. I wanted to share this with you, and hear what do you think, and I would love to get some feedback from you. to get a good sound I recommend playing the song on good speakers or use headphones.

We are hoping it can make peace come a little faster...:)

I am also attaching a picture of Bouchaib and me at the studio, recording the song

the words means:

"The one who makes peace, make peace on Israel, on Ishmael, and on the whole world"

Thank you for your support



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Listen to the first song

Hello friends,

I am excited to share with you the first song of the Prayer Song Project CD. Next week I am sending all the tracks to don benedictson, to do the mix. I plan to release the CD in March.
The song Evening Comes is a 12 minute journey into the night, with the beauty of it, the darkness, the unknown and the nourishment. (I recommend using head phones or good speakers, computer speakers are usually not that good).

In the meantime I am working on the CD cover ...

Thank you for your support

"Evening Comes"/ "Erev Ba"

Link to song:

Lior Tsarfaty - vocals and guitar. Jami Sieber - cello. Yossi Fine - bass.

Bouchaib Abdelhadi - vocals and oud. Aharon Wheels Bolsta - tabla.

Karina Jacinda Small - vocals and shruti box. don benedictson - mix.

still, almost there...

Hello dear friends,

I just returned from the recording studio in Berkeley.In the past month the recording studio has become my second home, where I have been cleaning, fixing, and polishing all the songs so that they sound just right. I realize I may have been a little naive to think I could finish the recording process in two days!

The good news is that the songs are sounding wonderful. The other news is that creative process sometimes takes more then you expect - it was news to me at least. I hope to finish all the recording and mixing in January. Thank you for being patient and thank you for your support.


Almost there....

Hello dear friends,   I want to thank you for supporting and for being a part of this project -- it could not happen without you. I am very happy to say that the CD is almost ready. This was quite a journey for us. A few days before we went to the studio, I found out that our dear cellist, Michael Knapp, who has been playing with me for 4 years, died of a sudden heart attack. It was a big shock for me and the band. We lost an incredible man, a friend, and an extraordinary musician. We are dedicating this CD to Michael, to his funny, beautiful, musical spirit.   On very short notice, I called Jami Sieber -- an amazing, cellist from Santa Fe. She flew to Oakland a day before the recording started and left the day after.She immediately felt like family and we were very lucky to have her playing with us.     We recorded nine songs in two days in a beautiful studio in the woods near a lake. It was a sweet and fun experience. In the hard moments in the studio when things didn't go very well, we thought about the you, the 240 people who are supporting this project, and it gave us strength and energy.   Soon I am going to a studio to rerecord a few vocals and guitar parts. After that I will be sending the songs to Canada, where they will be mixed, and then mastered. By November (with God's help, be'ezrat Hasham, Inshalla) the CD will be ready. If you are in Israel, come see us at our concert in Tel Aviv on September 24nd (details on my face page).   Almost there . . . thanks to you!   Love, Lior & The Prayer Songs Project