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                                     Brain Crunch Matching Game


The present invention relates to a matching game with an electronic interface. More particularly, the present invention pertains to a matching game that tests memory as well as enhances mental alertness by stimulating the audible, visual, and tactile senses.


Matching games have been around for many years and provide a means for testing the memory of an individual while providing enjoyment. These games traditionally require an individual to overturn or reveal a card which has an image on the opposing side of the card. The cards are placed faced down within a plurality of columns/rows and an individual is tasked with overturning two cards in a row which match. After a paired set of cards are overturned the cards are removed and the game is continued in this fashion until all cards are paired and removed. This method of playing the game, however, is old fashioned and new technology has provided a means for keeping the attention of individuals playing matching games.

Over the years there have been many variations of the matching games. These games have evolved along with the growing technology of the electronics industry. Matching games have transitioned from relying on individuals to manually overturn cards to utilizing buttons, touch screen displays, and the like to overturn portions of the game. The known games cause an individual to memorize a particular hidden card on a portion of the screen similar to that of the traditional games, but with some improvements. Some games require an individual to remember cards relating to text, drawings, photos, videos, sounds, colors and vibrations, while others are intended as a teaching tool for children by requiring the matching of upper and lower case letters or the matching of adult and baby animals.

The present invention, however, offers an improvement over these games. The present invention provides an entertaining game for stimulating the brain and enhancing the memory through the simultaneous stimulation of multiple senses (hearing, sight, and touch). The game comprises a display screen that can be touched to reveal a hidden button which must thereafter be matched by an identical button, whereby the buttons can be differing sounds, vibrations, or images. Further, the present invention can provide statistics on the ability of an individual to accurately recall the identical vibration, image or sound.

The game can record the name, the amount of clicks (attempts/accuracy), and the time of play for each difficulty level of the game. Further, the game can record statistics on the ability of an individual to match each of the buttons correctly.

This sensory game can be utilized by individuals of all ages and different recollection abilities. The game can include a settings menu for determining level 1, 2 or 3 of gameplay.

Level 1 requires an individual to accurately match one image, sound, or vibration per button.

Level 2 requires an individual to accurately match two different items per button. Each button may have an image and a vibration, a vibration and sound, or an image and sound (not associated with the image). Alternatively, each button can have two different images, two different sounds, or two different vibrations. Similar to the first level, these buttons must be correctly matched with the identical button in order to permanently illuminate the pair.

Level 3 requires an individual to accurately match three different items per button. Each button comprises an image, sound, and vibration that must be matched with the identical button comprising the same effects or image. Alternatively, each button can have three different images, three different sounds, or three different vibrations. Similar to the first and second levels, the third level player must correctly match identical buttons in order to illuminate the pair in order to complete the level.

The game can also features variations of gameplay. One such variation includes a time limit per button for identifying a pair. The player will have a predetermined amount of time to match the correct button or the button will change to another button at the time of expiration. The button can change to a different vibration, sound, or image and the timer will reset and resume once the button is touched again. The length of the timer can be adjusted at the settings menu and the player can provide a time limit or remove the limit for traditional gameplay.

Other features can include providing a time limit for the game in which the player can select the expected time for completing the game.

Further, there can be a feature that limits the number of attempts at selecting each button when attempting to identify a correct pair, whereby the button changes if the predetermined number of attempts are exceeded.

Statistics recorded can include best times, average attempts at a button, ability to recall one button in relation to others (sound vs. image vs. vibration) and can identify which areas need improvement. The present invention therefore, can provide a benefit for individuals from children to adults.

Further, the present invention can provide benefits for many with disorders, such as attention deficit, certain types of autism, Asperger syndrome, mild dementia, and others. Overall, however, the present invention provides an enjoyable game that can be utilized by multiple players on tablet computers, touch screen devices, standalone devices, or can be offered as an application for mobile devices.

The foregoing descriptions of specific embodiments of the present invention have been presented for purposes of illustration and description. They are not intended to be exhaustive or to limit the present invention to the precise forms disclosed, and obviously many modifications and variations are possible in light of the above teaching.

I am raising funds to build the app and for initial marketing costs.

Risks and challenges

Once the app is launched the only challenge will be marketing.

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