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YOU release Kat Parsons' New Album! Get advance copies of a series of three new EPs and be a part of a huge release!
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One seriously serious Update!!!

Hello my dear Kickstarters,

I am so close!  I wanted to share with you where we are in the process!  This email ended up being long, so read on if you're interested in learning about it and big love to you all!  First, the songs/mp3's I sent you are NOT from the new recordings...they were just extras to say thank you!

I am so excited to tell you that I just picked up the mastered copy of the EP entitled, "Talk to Me"!  So many great people worked on this one!  It was produced by Warren Huart, who is currently working on the new Aerosmith record. Here are the songs on it:

Fall for It (co-written with Travis Howard - # 1 hits with Miranda Lambert)
Thinking Through
Differently (formerly known as Tick Tock)
Talk to Me

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, here is my very boiled down three part description of making a record: Tracking - getting all the instruments recorded, programming programmed, etc; Mixing - getting all of the instruments to the right level; Mastering - making sure all the songs work together and sound similarly on different sound, home stereo, etc.  Then...artwork, manufacturing and getting the word out....that is what you all have kickstarted for me!

I've got final mixes of: One Day My Love (produced by Douglas Edward with an orchestra of Doug (seriously, he plays violin, cello, viola, and we brought someone in for french horn!)), Let's Not Be Scared (simple piano & vocal), I'm Still Here (produced by Rich Jacques), Love Changes Everything (the rest produced by Bill Lefler.), What's Wrong, Happy, Oh (it's so lovely).

There are three more songs left to be mixed....I am going in for final tracking of the song "It Matters to Me" tomorrow morning!  My friend, Dan Busta, and I will start working on the artwork next week!

It has been such an interesting process....a lot of it has gone smoothly and some of it has been's hard to know how much of a perfectionist to be and what ends up stunting the process.....and it's pretty funny how much I have started with a certain idea in mind and seen it go in and (let it go...this is a huge achievement for me!! :)) in a different direction which has turned out to be pretty cool.

Can't wait to share the music and success with you!!!  It means so much to me to have you in the process.

Big love,



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