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Hand-finished prop scrolls suitable for framing or use in tabletop RPGs and LARPs.
Hand-finished prop scrolls suitable for framing or use in tabletop RPGs and LARPs.
Hand-finished prop scrolls suitable for framing or use in tabletop RPGs and LARPs.
508 backers pledged $37,442 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dominic reilly on

      Got my scrolls today. ....something something virtue. :)

    2. Kimberley haigh on

      Very cool thank you! I’ll keep looking on the next campaign then I see it just funded already! Might have a go and see how I get on then hehe......

    3. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      Hi Kimberly, The short answer is yes, the symbols have meaning. No gibberish. However, I have decided not to give out decoder rings for the text. I will say this, each scroll has it's name featured fairly prominently on it. For instance, in the new Kickstarter, the WEB spell title is pretty easy to spot. You can start translating from there. But there are a few tricky areas where multiple letters are represented by a single symbol. I'll go into a bit of detail in one of the updates on the new campaign.

    4. Kimberley haigh on

      I must ask, I bought mine for the art and will be framed as I’m not a gamer - I’ve pledged on the level 2 already as I do think they’re so beautiful and would like a few to make a set - but can I ask, do the symbols have any meaning can they be translated at all or are they just for the art? Thanks :)

    5. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      Yep! 22min :)

    6. Hella101 on

      T minus 30...?

    7. Dominic reilly on

      Am I one of the people who didn’t fill in my deets....I feel like I did, just concerned with new KS starting and no evidence of scrolls. I don’t wanna be ‘that guy’.

    8. Missing avatar

      adam on

      Hello, i didnt get my scrolls. How can i get a tracking number?

    9. Kimberley haigh on

      Happy to say mine came to me in the uk today :) thanks so much!

    10. Missing avatar

      purpledragonwitch on

      Just got mine in the UK and they are gorgeous.
      Also loving the scroll fragments they are perfect for larps.

    11. RGC on

      The scroll I ordered arrived here (SPAIN) this morning. Looks great, very pleased with the quality. Great KS!

    12. Samuel Chiang on

      Received mine on Friday. They are awesome!

    13. Rico - Editor extraordinaire

      Saturday I received the Chromatic Orb scroll that I ordered. Very happy with it. Can't wait for KS 2.

    14. Ben Wasserman on

      Got mine. They are beautiful. can't wait for the next one

    15. Missing avatar

      John Kwiatkowski Jr. on

      Just got mine today, and they look awesome. I think I'm going to frame my favorite ones (Identify, Find Familiar) first, and maybe make the rest into game pieces for D&D!

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Pharris on

      Got mine yesterday. Looks fantastic! I did not receive a tracking number. Just showed up. Excited for level two spells!

    17. David Morgan

      I just got these today, and WOW! I'm definitely in one the next set. This artwork is wonderful and I'm already getting ready to use them in multiple games.

    18. AxisMundi

      I received mine today and they are amazing looking and actually have sort of an old musky tome smell. I love them and can't wait to find a way to display them all.

    19. Joshua on

      Got a D&D session coming up this Sunday. Hoping the postal service doesn't let me down so I can whip these beauties out. Love having props to show off.

    20. Aaron on

      Hi there, could you tell me if I’m one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t fill out the survey? I’m pretty sure I did, but I honestly don’t remember, and I haven’t gotten a tracking email yet. Thanks, and sorry if I’m one of the few!

    21. Rico - Editor extraordinaire

      I got a pleasant surprise today. In my Inbox was an email notifying me that the Chromatic Orb scroll and the extra scroll fragments I ordered, has shipped. I honestly was not expecting it so soon.

    22. Hella101 on

      Looking forward to May 1 = next campaign.

    23. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      @Jared - I sent you a PM. You are good.

    24. Jared Brewer on

      I just realized that all my emails from KS have been going to my junk folder. Did I miss a backer survey for shipping or anything? I don't recall if I filled one out. Thanks!

    25. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      There are only two waves. We should be shipping the final batch of the Kickstarter in about three weeks. I expect to be stuffing packages on April 6th.

    26. Kimberley haigh on

      How many waves are there, is there a place to see which we are in at all please? Thanks :)

    27. Missing avatar

      James Oliger

      Now that's some of the first wave backers have theirs, do you have a general idea of shipping times?

    28. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      @steve - Your scrolls are part of the second wave of shipping, scheduled for the end of the month.

      Cheers - Ed

    29. Missing avatar

      steve hitchcock on

      ,,starting to wonder if delivery guy read my scrolls and they dissipated as effects took hold,,,,

    30. Missing avatar


      Wow. these are awesome!!!

    31. Jason

      I've been Kickstarting for years now, and this was definitely one of my favorite campaigns. Such great work. Look forward to the next one!

    32. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      Hi Joseph,
      I have sent you a private message. Long story short, you are good and your amazingly awesome scrolls should ship in late March. It will be awesome :)

    33. Joseph DeSimone

      So I'm /that/ guy. Just realized I never looked into how to get my rewards. Been going through the updates and I'm still not entirely clear on the process. What should I do at this point?

    34. Ruben W.

      Got mine yesterday and they look awesome!! I already started reading the spells and managed to decipher one :D :D

    35. Angel

      My parcel arrived this week in Vancouver and everyone I showed them to was completely blown away with the art, the detail, and all the little touches.

      I shall follow your future work and ventures with great interest!

    36. Hand Of Cthulhu

      Wizards Library received last Saturday in Southern California! Looks great!

    37. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      Great! Went over them. In detail with my wife and she was impressed with the quality. Can't wait to inject them I to my campaign :)

    38. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      @ Robert - One fragment for Wizard's Library. Glad to hear you are liking them!

    39. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      I couldn't see it, but was there 1 or more fragments on wizards library? I got one but can't remember if there was supposed to be more. But they are AMAZING! <3

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Stevens

      Got mine today and they look absolutely AMAZING!!

    41. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      @DMW Kickstarter - That's great news! We had quite a few international orders and I'm happy to hear they are arriving.

    42. Dice4hire Docent of Valoria on

      I HAVE THEM!! They arrived here in Japan today and look great!!! 14 spells and 14 fragments, and all the fragments are different.

    43. Dice4hire Docent of Valoria on

      Without the love etc, I hope though.

    44. Dice4hire Docent of Valoria on

      Well, I plan to display a couple backs where I do not like the front too much, and am hoping to get a collage style frame like the link below.…

    45. Missing avatar

      Richard Ramage

      Just received mine in the mail and they're beautiful! Now the conundrum is how to display them. Anyone have plans or suggestions on that?

    46. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      Second Level Spells should go live in April.

    47. Rico - Editor extraordinaire

      Thanks. I will order it. Also want to get more fragments.

      Oh, and when is the next KS? 😉

    48. SkeletonKey Games 3-time creator on

      Hi Rico,

      Yea, to get the Chromatic Orb with your pledge you would have needed to order it from the website by January 31st. But it is available as a pre-order to ship in early April after the KS has been delivered.

      I'm thrilled to hear that you like the scrolls! Thank you for the support.

    49. Rico - Editor extraordinaire

      One question. I probably missed it somewhere, but was there something extra I needed to do to get the
      Chromatic Orb scroll? I guess I can just order it from your website.

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