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After four years of farming vegetables organically on rented land, Rhizosphere Farm has found a permanent spot to grow amazing food!

Rhizosphere Farm is setting permanent roots...

In 2009 two youngish farmers moved back to the prairie to try out their new organic vegetable growing skills....

We moved on to rented property and began tilling the ground and sowing seeds with the hope that we could grow sustaining and nourishing food for ourselves and our community. On less than an acre in our first year, we discovered we could supply two markets, a small CSA, and a couple of restaurants with veggies grown with only the soil, the sun, a tractor, and our hands. It didn't take long to feel the support of our local food community.

Since then, we have been motivated to innovate and improve our farming abilities. We are devoted to the nurturing of land and people.

After farming for a few years on rented ground, it became all too clear that for this endeavor to sustain our lives we would need a permanent location. This would enable us to invest in a farm that would continue to evolve and diversify. So we began our search for the future farm where we could build infrastructure and introduce perennials.

After much searching and a lot of time and money, we made it! We found the perfect spot in the Loess Hills of Iowa just 25 minutes from downtown Omaha. We now have 5.5 acres, a house, a barn, an outbuilding and a chicken coop, not to mention beautiful, rich soil.

Now the real work has begun. Just buying property is an investment, but to really invest in the future of Rhizosphere Farm, we have to start off right. Our vision is big. We intend to grow the same amazing vegetables as before while evolving our systems to increase efficiency, productivity, and the overall health of the ecosystem we are a part of.

We intend to introduce new perennial systems to the farm that will create diversity and a more holistic design, including chickens, bees, berries, and fruit trees.

Just as important, we would like to include education in our vision for the future. We realize that what we are doing is bigger than us and we hope that we can teach what we are learning to others so more and more quality food becomes available locally. This can be done through apprenticeship programs, classes and workshops.

Our vision IS achievable. With our community, we want to build a model of sustainable agriculture in the midwest that provides both food and opportunity for learning. Please join us in this adventure...

The 2 ways you can help:

1. Donate- every bit counts. A small donation multiplied by a lot of support turns into something huge. We are thankful for anything you are willing to give.

2. Tell everyone you know. Word of mouth is simple and powerful. Please help us spread the word. 

Below is a list of what the farm will be investing in when we reach our Kickstarter goal:

Irrigation- well pump/lines

Organic amendments for the field

Greenhouse supplies

Tractor repair

Fall crops- garlic, etc.

Perennials - rootstock of berries, asparagus, rhubarb, etc

Chickens, chicken coop upgrade, and materials for chicken tractors

Seeds for the 2014 growing season

Packing boxes

Bee hive and supplies

Market supplies 

Tractor implements  

Fencing and gates

Renovation of horse barn into apprentice quarters

****If we shoot through our goal, there is plenty more we can do to help ensure future farming success....******

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Farming in the midwest comes with inherent risks. Farmers contend with the temperament of the weather, unpredictable and at times, severe. We rely on an understanding food community to weather the storms with the farm.
Establishing perennial systems now is paying the food supply into the future. In other words, what we plant now may not bear fruit for several years.
Despite the storms and delays in harvest, we are relentless farmers. We will continue to plant and cultivate the land, and a diverse farm will be a part of this community for many years to come.


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