The Golden Anvil

by Jason Luthor

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A classic style point and click adventure game for the PC.

A classic style point and click adventure game for the PC. Read More
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Jason Luthor
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Jason Luthor

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The Golden Anvil - A Classic Point and Click Adventure Game

A long time ago, my childhood was defined by fantastic stories told by great storytellers. Disney was about to hit its Golden Age with The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. Don Bluth had produced hits like The Secret of NIMH, All Dogs Go to Heaven and An American Tail. Then you had the game makers, people like Sierra that were producing the King's Quest series, while LucasArts was making Monkey Island or Sam and Max. Books like the Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia and the Chronicles of Prydain helped define what I thought made fantastic tales. Now here I am. 29 years old, a PhD student, but with a desire to tell a story.

The Golden Anvil - A Plot Summary

That story happens in the land of Pelagreen, a peninsula set apart from the rest of the world by the Anuvil Mountains. With nothing but the Great Ocean to its west and the Laedra Sea to its south and east, its only bridge to the Barbarian Lands of the north is protected by the vast mountain ranges that prevent easy entry into Pelagreen. Ruled over by the royal family of the same name, Pelagreen has enjoyed peace and prosperity for a millennium under the reign of humans, though legends contain tales of ancient races far more mysterious than elves and dwarves.

Pelagreen, though, is under assault. The dark sorcerer Azaz has gained a foothold in the southeast corner of the realm, and has begun to wage a daily war to break out against the fertile lands of the west. Confined to the rugged and mountainous lands of the Stillveil, Azaz has been pinned by the imperial forces of the empire, unable to break through their fortifications at the Silver Valley, which forms the only way in and out.

Yet somehow he has placed an agent of his, the Black Lich, into the lands beyond the Stillveil. A black force terrifying the countryside, the Lich seeks an ancient device capable of creating magical weapons - weapons that could be used to defeat Azaz. If the creature finds the device, the only tools that could be used again Azaz will be out of the empire's hands.

But all of this seems far away in the small town of Ocenon, a mining and tool producing community located at the base of the Anuvil Mountains. The young boy Kit will find himself caught up in the events of the war. Unable to use a sword, and definitely not a hero, Kit will have to rely on his wits to solve puzzles and make his way south, away from the Lich and the havoc he wreaks.

But Wait - There's More!

The plot comes across very seriously, but it's really just a background to the tale being told. The plot of the game isn't meant to be too heavy handed - humor comes into play as well. I'm not out to write a dark tale. In fact, the story began as a small children's book I shopped around back when I was writing on a regular basis. So, if adventure games are your thing, why not take a look?

The music is already 100% complete.

The game engine is Wintermute, and the game itself will run on PC (though there is potential for a mobile release).

All the backgrounds are 100% finished being penned.

So where is this money going? The backgrounds need painting, and good work doesn't come cheap, that's for sure. We'll also need money for promotions, for paying vendors, and for potential studio work for voice acting. With all of that mentioned, would you please consider us? In world full of established game studios and developers, this is a true indie development basically being created by two people, which so far has been entirely self funded and developed. If we don't reach our goal, no charges will be made to your credit cards - the project will go on, although it will be that much more difficult. But you can't replace passion for something.Thanks to any of you that choose to support us.

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