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Drawing, printing, and mailing of Puzzle Set postcards that recreate images of Jerusalem.
Drawing, printing, and mailing of Puzzle Set postcards that recreate images of Jerusalem.
42 backers pledged $1,073 to help bring this project to life.

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Final up date: everybody get everything?

Part of the beauty of mail art is the random factor, the Kafkaesque mystery of the international mail system.  Is it dinged up?  Did it arrive at all?  Is there a piece missing,  and if so, is that the way your version of the piece must be?

However you chose to see this, I am more that happy to send anything you are missing from the reward you expected for helping me out.

Below is a guide to the images below'er.

the first three images are for the peoples who contributed $37 or more for the large triptych.  if you only got none, one, or two, you can see which one you didn't get, and you can tell me which one it is, 1, 2, 3, on the way down.

the next three images are for the folks who contributed $19 or more for the regular triptych. if you only got none, one, or two, you can see which one you didn't get, and you can tell me which one it is, 4, 5, 6, on the way down.

If you pledged for 1 postcard and didn't get it, i think 5 was the one i was sending out, maybe it was 4, pick your pleasure.

now for the Puzzle Set.  It's the one at the very bottom that looks just like a Puzzle Set.  Since it's from Israel, we'll go right to left, as Hebrew goes, opposite of reading English (fyi).  So, upper right hand corner is (A), upper center is (B), upper left is (C).  middle right (D), middle center (E), middle left (F).  you follow?  ok, good,  lower right hand corner (G), lower center (H), lower left hand corner (I).  I guess you could just say "lower left hand corner" too, if you're not into the whole brevity thing. 

Thanks to Mita for the photo of how she framed the Puzzle Set.  

Please, if you've displayed or framed any of the postcards in your abode, send pics of how they look, or post em here:

let me know what you are missing!  

Thanks again for taking part in this project, Leland Leichman

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postcards are in the mail

postcards are in the mail!  they're coming from israel so it's not going to be over night, but stay tuned.  let me know when you get them. i would love to get photos of them on fridges or framed or however you decide to display them.  I'm especially curious about the puzzle sets.  if you want you can post pictures of them on my artist's page:

you might have noticed the theme of prime and square numbers in my project, all the reward amounts were primes.  the final of $1073 is not a prime number, but, thankfully, some sadistic backer tacked on an extra 47 cents to their pledge and so the actual gross of the project is 107347 cents, a prime number.  yippy skippy!

I hope everyone gets everything!  thanks, leland

the final countdown

23 hours left for raising funds, if you haven't yet shared this project and want to or have shared already but it's been a bit and care to again, now would the time.  

One of my favorite proverbs is "it's the open mouth that gets fed" and this project is a way for me to open my mouth wide-open and say, like a horse, you know, when they open up their mouths and their lips are wiggling on their teeth and you can still kinda make out what they're trying to say even though to properly enunciate the words they really should be closing their mouths but if they close their mouths then you can't fed them money, just like that, i'm saying "Awesome, the project is happening, now that I've made the bread, how about some butter. more please, little more, keep going, I really like butter..." So tell your friends, not just that it's about a cool international mail-art project, but also about supporting a cool international male artist.

I'm very happy with how things have gone, and I'm excited to figure out which images to use and for which rewards. I'm off now to the printers to do some scanning and get an idea of how many more days of drawing i have to be able to print and send out postcards while I'm still in Jerusalem.



Showing my in Beth Am in Seattle

Hello everyone, the project almost done, things look good. I'm hoping for a last minute surge in funding to be increase the postcard printing and off-set my pen addiction. We'll see.

You might have noticed that I didn't offer any original works as backer rewards. I did this not just to highlight the experience of mail art, but also I had it in the back of my mind to have a show of my work in a synagogue in Seattle/Tacoma. My first choice was Temple Beth Am, where my parents went in the 60's, and it looks like it's a go. In addition to Postcards From Jerusalem, this will be another closing of a circle for me as a Diaspora Jew, and also further enable my pen addiction. 

Thanks to all of you for the continued support, I'm gonna go draw now, I'll leave with another clip of me sketching at The Wall. Ciao!

Critiqued in Yiddish

Shalom, ya'll!  as promised here is some new footage of me drawing at the Western Wall.  Turns out there was no footage of them surrounding me cuz they asked my friend who was filming not to film them.  As some of you might know, Yiddish was the language of European Jewry and as a result of the Holocaust it lost most of its speakers.  It's spoken now mostly in religious parts of New York City and parts of Israel.  For a Jew who grew up in Washington State, it's pretty amazing to hear it. Lucky for me I'm getting to hear it more and more, but when this was shot, and the moments after, I was really impressed.  Like walking through the jungle and stumbling upon a Siberian Tiger and a Unicorn having a pick-nick. Luckily they had a ripe mango for me. Hmmm, food.

At the current rate, the project should pass the million dollar mark some time around 50 years from now, so things are looking really good!

All the best!