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New Identical Homes album on wax: A Hydrophelia's video poster

Skip one trip to Costco for that 40oz bottle of coconut scented shampoo and support some nice kids making a record instead. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 5, 2014.

Skip one trip to Costco for that 40oz bottle of coconut scented shampoo and support some nice kids making a record instead.

About this project

Once upon a time

You may or may not remember my previous bands, The Rum Diary and Shuteye Unison. Identical Homes is something that I have always done in between music projects since I got my first 4-track in 1997. This date coincides with the release of Bjork's Homogenic. After that first listen, I have loved and wanted to create electronic music. My band mates, eh, not so much, so it has been more or less a "solo" endeavor. 

But! This time, Jake, Schuyler and Jon have helped me introduce some organic sounds into the songs. This piece of music deserves to be carved into a nice slab of vinyl. I have something very special planned, with help from my childhood friend/amazing artist, Amadeo Bachar

Back in the day, you would find a record label to cover these up front costs of manufacturing. Now, we have our own record label, Parks and Records. The good news: we have the freedom to do what we want, like donate a percentage of sales to organizations that help our parks! The bad news: we don't have a big label budget. That is where Kickstarter comes in.  


Here is a sneak preview of the new album, A Hydrophelia, being released on Parks and Records in early 2014:


This album features a remix from James and Evander, co-written songs with Lia Rose and Sara Melfy (Hello Handsome), and help from my fine friends Jake, Schuyler and Jon whom you know from my previous bands. 10 self-engineered songs, samples, digital blips/bumps/squeaks, ambiance, awkwardly breathy vocals, banjo, and thug beats of course. Everything that you'd expect,  *with many little surprises along the way*.  

Why Vinyl?

Let's face it, a digital download is only so exciting. It can feel like a business card that you have to pay for. I still love records. I buy them, I play them, and I try my best to make them (and use recycled material wherever possible). To me, they make listening to music an activity, an interactive experience, and less of something you just throw on in the background. 

The Specifics

This project will pay for:

  • Mastering 10 songs for digital and vinyl
  • Pressing 100 limited edition vinyl records
  • Materials for packaging
  • Nice soft t-shirts and hoodies (that you will actually wear!) for silk screening 
  • Shipping, boxes, taxes, Kickstarter and Amazon fees, etc. 

Thank you thank you thank you so much!

More links:

Risks and challenges

Real talk: This ain't no hand-out, I have worked my tail off this year finishing these songs, and have a lot more work to do in order to create the packaging and rewards. It's a lot of work, it takes up most of my free time, but luckily, it's the kind of work I love.

In the off chance that manufacturing the record takes longer than I expect, I will send the digital links and other rewards on time, shortly followed by the records.

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    Digital download of the new Identical Homes album, A Hydrophelia AND free download of previous Identical Home releases.

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    Digital downloads PLUS a copy of the limited edition vinyl 12" of the new Identical Homes album, A Hydrophelia, and as a bonus, a copy of Shuteye Unison, Our Future Selves (2010 hand packaged, green 12" vinyl).

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    Don't have a record player? Get the digital download and the T-shirt (below), and leave all of this vinyl business to the music snobs!

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    Everything above PLUS a hand silk screened Identical Homes T-shirt, silver print on dark blue shirt (thin organic cotton, XS, S, M, L or XL) AND limited edition letter press art from Ramble & Ride.

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    Everything above: digital download, A Hydrophelia 12", Our Future Selves 12", hand screened t-shirt

    AND a custom made Hoodie (XS, S, M, L, or XL)

    PLUS a digital library of releases from The Rum Diary, Built for the Sea, Shuteye Unison and Identical Homes (pretty much every project I have ever been involved in *with a few surprises*) PLUS releases from the other artists featured on the record, Hello Handsome, Lia Rose, James and Evander. More free music than you can shake a stick at!

    But honestly, if you give $100 or more, I'll do whatever you want. Just ask.

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