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"Erase Away" is a film about love, loss and what emotions sometimes drive us to do. "What if you woke up and it was 8 months later?"

We want to make a great quality independent feature film. We have the right people and most of the resources. All we need is you. No one on this film is getting paid, we are all doing this because of our passion and love for this business of entertainment. We can make a wonderful movie that will entertain.

SYNOPSIS of the film "Erase Away"

- For Joey, life is wonderful, and he goes to sleep with the love of his life, his girlfriend Anna, but when he wakes up, she is no where to be found. He then finds out it is 8 months later, they are broken up, Anna is dating his old friend Zack, and he has a new girlfriend Crystal. But he can’t remember a thing. He has to figure out what led to the unraveling of the life he knew, why he can’t remember anything, and most importantly, how to get Anna back.

Why we need your help:

We have a schedule for shooting this film throughout the summer of 2011 and with your help we can do this. The money we gain from your support will go towards securing locations, food for the cast and crew, equipment rentals, gas to and from locations, help with distribution, and all the little things needed that add up when making a movie.

Anything you can do can help us. Even if it's just a dollar, and spread the word, tell your friends, post this on your facebook or twitter account and become a part of a great movie made in San Antonio, TX by a local cast and crew. 

The Film stars: Laura Evans; Joshua Thomas; Kat Connor; Dru Barcus; Robert Anthony; and Rob Barron.

We truly thank you and appreciate anything you can do to help!

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    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and a Thank You mention on our website.

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    A Thank You mention on the website AND an Outline of Cast Member’s hand for a personal high five.

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    All of the above, plus a Movie Poster and access to exclusive bonus material of footage and outtakes.

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    All of the above, a thank you credit in the film, plus a DVD copy of the movie.

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    All of the above, and you get to slap or give a great big hug to the cast member of your choice! If you cannot make it here, we will film us slapping and/or hugging the cast member for you and send it to you!

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    All of the above, plus homemade treats from our Producer that will be sent to you with a personalized thank you video by the cast and crew! (The video will be of a humorous nature)

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    All of the above and an invitation to the first Private Screening of the film, for you and a guest.

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    All of the above, plus a Day on the Set – You get to visit the set and get credit in the film as Assistant Producer, and be an extra for the scene we are shooting! Also you and a guest will be invited to the wrap party!

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    All of the above, and You will be named Executive Producer in the film and either you or a person of your choice can get a couple lines in the film!

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    All of the above, and You can film the movie. Literally! We will let you hold the cameras as we shoot! Maybe even write a new scene for the movie, you would pretty much be running the show. All that and the entire cast and crew will come to your house and give you a private performance of “So long, farewell” from the “Sound of Music”, followed by dinner provided by us!

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