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Hawaii Born, Kenya Raised, Spoken Word Artist & Youth Mentor, Imani Woomera, Kickstarts the "Talking Story" Youth Workshop Tour!

Hawaii Born, Kenya Raised, Spoken Word Artist & Youth Mentor, Imani Woomera, Kickstarts the "Talking Story" Youth Workshop Tour! Read More
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Hawaii Born, Kenya Raised, Spoken Word Artist & Youth Mentor, Imani Woomera, Kickstarts the 2012-2013 "Talking Story" Youth Workshop Tour!


Aloha Everyone ,

let me tell you about MY PROJECT....

I will organize and execute The Imani “Talking Story” Youth Workshop Tour throughout the 2012-2013 School Year.

During this tour, I will touch the lives of thousands of young people in PUBLIC schools across the country by engaging them in important issues, and introducing them to the poetic performing art form of Spoken Word. I will back this tour with the theme from my newly released spoken word/world music album entitled, Talking Story (you gotta hear it!).

“Talking Story” is all about creating a connection by sharing our experiences, and expressing who we are. In Hawaii, people engage in informal conversations commonly known as ‘talk story’. Talking Story is a powerful tool for learning – both for students and adults, as collaboration and cooperation are essential. With this theme as the foundation of the tour, respectful connections will instantly be established!!

let me tell you HOW I PLAN TO DO IT....

I have already begun the communication process with select public school teachers and administrators across the country about the project, and have gotten amazing responses when presenting them with the opportunity for their students to take part in the tour. 

Workshops will range from 1-5 days, and will typically be fused into English, Literature, or Drama classes. All summer I will spend my time organizing and planning every last detail to execute the tour. I will continue to developexciting workshop plansthat focus on addressing the most pressing issues youth face today, while aiming to spark a passionate interest in reading, writing, and performing.

I will be setting up interviews with radio & television stations, newspapers, blog writers, and magazines to generate a buzz about the Talking Story Workshop Tour, and its positive impact on the lives of young people across the country. As this Kickstarter is underway, I will be keeping you updated with all of the successes and developments that unfold, like which schools are booked & the feedback of others. 

I invite you to take this journey with me as backers, not only with any monetary resources you may be able to contribute, but with any connections, or ideas you have to take this project to the next level.

I'm offering you sweet rewards...

I am using my work as a performing artist to offer awesome rewards to all of my backers for your generous contributions. Some of these rewards include downloads & autographed copies of my albums Morning Rain and Talking Story, "we ❤ Talking Story” eco bags, stickers, & postcards, exclusive house party performances, works written by the youth themselves, Happy Birthday songs sung from me to you, and even the opportunity to receive poems/songs written and recorded especially for you by me about any theme you desire. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive some of these rewards as they are available only to the amazing backers of this project!


There is currently little to no funding for Art Education in public schools across the country. Opportunities for youth to experience artistic cultural exchanges in classrooms are rare, and there is a massive void in curriculum that engages with youth in a way that excites them.

Today kids are growing up extremely quickly. With constant exposure to negative messages communicated by mainstream media, and the pressures of everyday life, young people need healthy outlets to express themselves, and require more positive role models. The “Talking Story” Youth Workshop Tour will offer them the opportunity to connect, share, express, and grow using a dynamic art from that they can relate to.

Everybody has a life story. Each story has the ability to inspire, empower, or even save the life of another. Spoken word is an accessible art form that has the power to establish an instant connection between listener and speaker.  We all want to be heard, and to feel like our views matter.

In addition to sparking a genuine appreciation for reading and writing, and enhancing ones ability to speak confidently before an audience, Spoken Word poetry, in its very nature, cultivates a sense of respect for oneself and others. The art form, now relevant to their very lives, allows youth to rediscover poetry in a fresh and exciting way, and to redefine the art form for a new generation of writers & performers.


All funds raised will go directly into organizing and executing the youth tour throughout the 2012-2013 school year, and will go to pay for essential tour expenses such as travel, accommodation, and promotional materials. These include press kits, a website, Talking Story eco bags, stickers, & postcards for backers and students involved in the workshops. The more money raised, the more schools we can involve in the tour, so lets aim to back this project beyond it’s stated goal of $20,000. The sky is the limit! 

(The website will serve as a central location for you and all the students to come and connect during and after the tour. All written works and photographs will be found here, as well as a forum for students to share their experiences during the workshops.)




The most important thing I want you to know about me for this project is that I use the diverse experiences of my life to connect with young people.  I have been told many times that my poetic work has saved someone’s life; that they have found inspiration & much needed positive energy through my performances and workshops. Many that I have mentored in the past are now thriving performing artists, and some even youth mentors themselves. 

After all of the workshops I have organized, I know that I need to make this “Talking Story” tour a reality for our young people. If I had the dough, I would do this work out of my own pocket, if I had ALL the money in the world, I would still spend my time on THIS project. It is what I am meant to do, and I ask for your support in making this project a reality together.


Want more information? Contact me directly at

Want your school on the tour list? Email

Visit my website day or night;) 


“Three years down the line and Imani is still my inspiration for writing poetry. Her personality and love for her work have inspired me from the first day she taught me about rhythms and rhyme in high school. She opened my eyes to a new avenue for expression, and I thank her for that. She’s truly talented, passionate, and dedicated to growing and loving life - an infectious attitude worth emulating.”-Blessing Aghaulor, student, Yale University, New Haven, CT

"Imani is like the Sade of Poetry... strong, compelling, inspiring... simply unforgettable."- Jeff Sprinkleman, Owner of Mocha Vida, St. Petersburg, FL

"There's simply no other way to put it:  Imani inspires.  Tough kids who hate poetry learn something and want more.  Frazzled adults are moved to find space in their own lives to tell their stories.  Quiet girls with secret notebooks find courage to open their mouths and let the world know their beauty.  Men in dark sunglasses find words to share what's behind their eyes.  She finds a way to tickle your soul until it wants to come play too.  So beware.  If you watch and listen, you're going to want to be a part of it too." -Jessica Huber, Safety Harbor, FL

“Imani Woomera is an extraordinary fusion of capoeirista, poet, and performer. To see her in action is to be awed by her athletic virtuosity, verbal flexibility, and lyrical passion. Throw in flawless professionalism and uncompromising dedication to her craft, and you have the Imani Machine - unstoppable.”-Shailja Patel, writer/performer, San Francisco, CA

" Imani's words and rhythms stay with me even after her CD has ended and the lights have gone out on the stage after her performance.  Her positive outlook on life and her way with words have made me excited and interested in poetry in a way I haven't felt since I was a young woman, myself.  I want to share her work with my students."  - Barbara Kass Schmidt, high school mathematics teacher, St. Paul, MN

“Passion for poetry and music has led Imani to the slums of Kenya where she has introduced youth to a new form of expression. Her music is complimented by soulful poetic overtures that leave one with the undeniable knowledge that World recognition is but a step away for this extraordinary artist.” - Paul Wambua, United Nations Habitat Youth Devision, Nairobi, Kenya

“Imani is an honest, passionate and warm writer/performer who draws you in wholeheartedly with a love for life, the word, and humanity. To experience her and her work is to experience the positivity and potential for goodness that exists.” - Kojo Bafoe, Magazine Editor, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Imani’s performances never fail to inspire deep thought and reflection. She is a true delight to the eyes, the ears, and the soul.” - Katrin Ender, film director, Hamburg, Germany

“Conscious and enlightening, Imani’s soulful melodic flows invigorate heartfelt messages which make you think, sway, and grow. She offers direction and encouragement to young and old alike on many aspects of life. Her aural offerings are what vocal artistic expression should be about: nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.” - Azikiwe Chandler, writer/ global youth leader, Charleston, SC

“Imani is a rare being - she is someone not afraid to be herself. She is not afraid to speak from her mind, heart, and soul. She is not afraid to reach out to others and listen to the souls of others.” - Nadia Khan, lawyer, Vancouver, Canada

“The fact of the matter is, the spoken word scene in Nairobi wouldn’t be what it is without Imani. She invested herself wholeheartedly, planting a seed and staying to water and nurture it; in the process leading and mentoring many, many, young people into appreciating and practicing spoken word. I am willing to bet that there are very few degrees of separation, if any at all, between her and the ever mushrooming number of poets and poetry event organizers in the city.” -Ngwatilo Mawiyo, writer/performer, Nairobi, Kenya


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