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The world's smartest air monitor meets the most powerful purifier in its class.
The world's smartest air monitor meets the most powerful purifier in its class.
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The vote is in on the Halo's connector!

Posted by Wynd Technologies, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

This update will be a quick one :) We have something exciting to announce for many of you.

In the last update, we put out a survey to ask the Wynd community which connector they would prefer for the Wynd Halo - either USB-C or micro-USB. Nearly 500 people responded, and USB-C won by far! 78% of respondents voted for USB-C, so based on community feedback that’s what we’re going with!

USB-C definitely has its benefits - including higher charging and data rates, stronger physical connectors, and increased adoption especially among the latest gadgets released. Implementing this new port will, however, require us to make some changes on the tooling (the steel, mechanical structure which molds the plastic enclosures) and the PCB electronics a bit. This additional work may add a couple weeks to the timeline but we should still be on track.

Please let us know if you have any other comments, questions, or feedback! As always, we would really appreciate too if you can continue to share our campaign. We’re almost at $500K and want to gift everyone a free wall mount :)

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to continuing our updates to keep you informed!


Wynd team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kerry Coleman on

      If the decision has been made to go with type c why does the information page still say micro b. I really hope the change has been made and that is going with type c just for clarification

    2. conrad on

      it would have been silly to release such a modern product that's designed to last for years with micro usb connectivity in 2019.
      not sure why it needed a vote, but glad to see usb-c will be utilised. great campaign.

    3. nick.does.bags

      Couple of weeks is minor for what will be a future proof / better product.

    4. Nuance-T's on

      If i knew USB-C over Micro would have added weeks of delay, i would have gone with the Micro. I dont really care, its just that everything is going towards C.