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A suspense-filled documentary that investigates the alleged con artist and former film festival director Marie Castaldo.
A suspense-filled documentary that investigates the alleged con artist and former film festival director Marie Castaldo.
603 backers pledged $25,545 to help bring this project to life.

We Need You To Help Us Spread the Word and Solve The Mystery!

Hello supporters of The Mystery of Marie Jocelyne! Thanks again to all of you who have donated.


We are now just over halfway to our Kickstarter deadline, and things are going very well, thanks to you! Since there is only about two and a half weeks left to the campaign, we wanted to take a moment to update you on what has been happening so far and tell you how best to support the project.

1.       We have over 160 supporters! This might be the most important statistic of all, because one of the reasons Kickstarter works as a fundraising tool is that it can help artists to create a community of supporters who can amplify their message. So please, repost our project to Facebook and tweet about us as often as possible—it makes a huge difference when our supporters spread the word about our film to their friends (more on that below).  

2.       Press has been great! We have been working hard to reach out to news outlets and there have been articles written about us in The Daily News (yesterday), The Wall Street Journal, Indiewire, Film Courage, The Movable Fest, ASIFA blog, and many other outlets. Also, This American Life sent out a Facebook post about us on Friday night and helped us raise hundreds of dollars in just a couple of hours. If any of you know of a press outlet, blog, or other network that might be interested in spreading the word about the project, please let us know.

3.       We have raised almost $7,000! That’s not bad at all. We’re over 30% funded with more than 2 weeks left to raise money, and that means that we have a very good chance to make our goal. But we still need your help.


Luckily for us, Kickstarter campaigns always tend to pick up steam as they move along. There are several reasons for this, but most important is that as more people spread the word, our voice is amplified and thousands of people that we aren't directly connected to can find out about the project. 

When people hear about something once, they might not really notice. When they hear about it a second time from a new source, they realize that maybe it is something that they should be paying attention to. But when they hear about it a third time, that is when they really act (which in this case, means donating). So it is important for you to help us to communicate that this is a project that you believe in and that you think other people should believe in, too. You can do that by

a.       Posting to Facebook: More than 50% of our donations to this point have come from people who clicked on a link on Facebook, so this is really important. Please post a link to our page ( and say something like, “I made a donation to this really wild and interesting project, and you should, too.” It only takes a second. Also, please “like” us on FB:

b.      Tweeting: Twitter is really helpful as well, and people tend to follow people that their friends tweet about, so if you are on Twitter, please send out a tweet (or two, or ten) saying “Martha Shane & @dannux have a great new project called @MysteryOfMarie. I support their project and so should you!”. And, of course, please follow us: @MysteryOfMarie

c.       Sending out an email: This takes a little bit more time, but if you have a second to send out a quick email of support to your friends or email list, this can help a lot.

d.      Putting us on your website: Not everyone has a website or blog, of course (and some of you might not have Facebook or Twitter, either), but if you do, we would be tremendously appreciative if you posted something there. If you need some text from us we would be more than happy to send you some more info.

Thanks again to all of you! With a lot of hard work by us, a smidge more generous help from all our supporters, and a little bit of luck, we should be able to make this happen.

More soon and I hope you guys enjoyed the Superbowl (if that is the sort of thing that you are into). 

Dan and Martha


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